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UK based makeup artist, skincare specialist, beauty blogger. She is the founder of the Podcast series

FaceClays Facial Rituals now available at UNTIL

You're invited to join the exclusive waitlist for FaceClays Treatment Room, nestled in the heart of London. As a sanctuary for beauty enthusiasts, skincare aficionados, and those seeking sustainable luxury experiences, we're thrilled to extend this invitation to you.

Indulge in the art of self-care with our luxurious clean beauty products, meticulously crafted to nourish your skin and soul. From the refreshing scent of orange blossom to the soothing essence of Bulgarian Rose, our treatments are designed to instill calmness and radiance, leaving you with a luminous glow.

At FaceClays, we offer a diverse range of treatments tailored to accommodate all budgets, skin types, and tones. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion, getting married, seeking relaxation time, or embarking on a spring detox journey, our skilled team is dedicated to providing personalized experiences that exceed your expectations.

Be among the first to witness our grand launch and embark on a transformative journey towards healthier, rejuvenated skin. Secure your spot on our waitlist today to ensure you don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Join us as we redefine beauty, sustainability, and luxury in the realm of skincare. We can't wait to welcome you to the FaceClays family.

"As the founder of Faceclays skincare I am so proud to announce that I have a private beauty space in London W1 to offer bespoke signature services. with essential natural and sustainable origins".

Faceclays skincare is tailored without fragrance, animal by products, hand batched for purity, the essential Home Spa essentials box, contains no parabens or harsh toxic products. A sustainable cruelty free organic beauty range of hand blended therapies for each personalised client. Gain confidence and  re-charge with products that embrace a more sensitive skin types and those that suit a more natural ritual.. Your Esthetician will take a detailed skin assessment to ensure that all clients are truly indulged results-driven treatments from the moment they arrive. 


A Holistic skincare guide to Glowing skin


"I believe a holistic approach to beauty and skincare within the internal state is reflected in the outer state of the skin system." 

Cheryl Huggins Founder of FaceClays skincare

In the pursuit of radiant healthy skin, a facial detox is a recommended ritual to revitalize your complexion, by enhancing the skin's natural glow and protecting the microbiome from external damage.

This holistic approach to gaining skin confidence, includes using natural and botanical methods to eliminate toxins, dead skin removal, and sheds the active chemicals that accumulate over time from environmental pollution and makeup. The buildup of skin debris comprises of natural sweat, sebum, urea, ammonia and other compounds. These compounds protect the skin barrier, regulate the temperature, and balance the oil production on the skin surface.

Working with cosmetic brands that contain, organic and natural ingredients, allows you to cleanse and exfoliate without skin irritation , assessments would be recommended. 

Micro-organisms are always present, with a balanced skin ritual, the build up of chemical actives, makeup and suncare residue will be minimal. Many people over-cleanse the skin daily, with harsh chemicals and actives. To ensure that the microbiome is not compromised,we need to maintain a value of around 5.5. A slightly acidic surface aids skin renewal and leads to a soft and smooth skin. This is easily achieved by using dual action cleansers, gentle purification, and makeup removers.

Using balanced products to clear impurities, and excess oils, neutralises the skin surface without stripping its natural oils, revealing a fresher, more vibrant, healthy balanced complexion.

The Benefits

Discover the transformative benefits of a facial detox to remove the skin dirt and clear the surface, What is the best routine and what are the benefits?

We must minimise bacterial pollution and refine the skin's surface, a great skincare routine usually starts with a great cleanser, a balancing skin toner and nourishing moisturisers.To avoid skin damage, and scarring, refrain from touching your face, avoiding picking skin, generally understanding your health, diet, sleep. Keep mental stress reduced to a minimum so that your body system promotes a much healthier skin texture. 

Clearing away accumulated toxins through detoxification, aids regulation of oil and sebum production, which in turn balances the natural PH, whilst protecting the skins surface from the harsh elements. For great skin during the harsh winter months, use active gentle exfoliation, extra nourishnent and topical hydration that may include a sun protection factor.

A seasonal update with a skincare professional, regular skin assessments to upgrade products for your skin, home spa treatments and regular rituals will deliver a smoother more radiant skin. Do you know your skin type and skin condition? With additional massage techniques, daily consistency and knowledge of your basics is key to flawless skin. 

Double cleansing, is a cornerstone ritual of skincare, this ritual will leave the skin with a smoother and brighter complexion. Use natural, clays or hydration masks to exfoliate and deep cleanse. The constitution of clay delivers safe absorption of excess oils, cleansing the skin dirt, removing impurities, softening pore congestion,  removing excessive inflammation,  and breaking down bacteria  on acneic skin. 

Suitable for all skin types the resurgance of clay powders in beauty cleansing, has been one of the growing trends on social media in 2024. Clay has properties that enhance the skin's ability to remove skin dirt, oil-build up, gently removes damaging toxins. The most popular being Kaolin, Bentonite, and Rhassoul. 

Throughout history many African and Eastern cultures have been using clay masks for generations to improve skin, hair and digestive ailments. Commercial clay masks still contain added fragrances, or colourings which can have a negative impact on the skin, some may contain hormone disruptors, carcinogens and toxic ingredients. Consider using naturally organically derived clays as a mask, to reset and balance the complexion, naturally.

Environmental protection 

Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental damage, our role is to shield the skin from the powerful, ultra violet rays from the sun. Excessive sun exposure over prolonged periods can increase the damage to the skin. The process causes photoaging, pigmentation and discolouration, many experience changes with darkened age spots, including loss of skin tone. The result of over-exposure to the sun and UV tanning leads numerous clients, to need a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against the damaging UVA and UVB solar radiation.
Limit your exposure and add sunscreen on a daily basis, use great cleansers to remove any product residue on the skin at night.

Natural Skincare Brands and your personal preference

When creating a brand or launching a facial care line, the process of formulating can be difficult, often natural or organic brands use natural preservatives in skincare products, including potassium sorbate. This is often considered a safe and effective way of using harmless botanicals to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin, they are usually created on a smaller basis, sustainable and fresher! Other additives for preservatives will be minimal, some founders may include Salicylic Acids ( BHA's) to regulate, even texture, deliver a balanced regular skin tone. 
Also explore, oils, herbs, plants, botanicals, green or numerous types of clay, to protect and cleanse the skin within a safe holistic option, especially if you are prone to sensitivity, breakouts, why not indulge a cleansing routine to enjoy a treatment menu, whilst including a great match for sensitivity, family and teens.

Fun ways to create and enjoy your daily beauty rituals include, adding facial steaming, hot towels, anti-pollution products and massage.  Source products that give protection from blue light, safeguard your skin from aggressive fine lines and ageing. Vitamin C or retinols can assist the oxidative process. The impact of digital screens, cause the breakdown of collagen, accelerates the aging process and modifies the circadian rhythm. The skin repairs and cells regenerate at night-time so try to avoid or cut down your use of digital products before bed. Research has shown that consistent changes in the skin cells, can trigger a response to the exposure of blue light. 
The build-up of nitric oxide unfortunately makes the skin, more prone to sensitivity and further cell damage. Limit screen time and incorporate anti-oxidants to your skincare ritual stay hydrated and keep the skin nourished.

Free radicals are scavengers in the environment that can cause additional damage when the levels of antioxidants are low. Use the best protection to protect the skin from the most harmful damage that causes skin ageing and cancers. Air pollution has been seen, in research to stimulate skin inflammation and impairs collage again leading to the breakdown of collagen and elastin that supports the structure of the skin.

Mineral sunscreens are great and most do not contain the ingredients titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which are used to block out the sun, however chemical sunscreens absorb the light and may offer more protection from the harmful UV rays. Products that add additional SPF are great options, remember even on days that are not so bright and sunny UV damage may still occur, so protect your skin daily.

Nourishment from within 

Vitamin A, Retinols, Anti-oxidants, Niacinamide or Ferulic acids willgreatly improve and elevate your skincare and beauty routine, also enjoy a nutrient rich diet. Food and health supplements that include magnesium, potassium and calcium, combined with proper hydration and sufficient sleep, may deliver healthy immune support. A balanced diet, excercise regime, and reduction in mental stress will improve the quality skin, hair and nails, working wonders to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and the initial signs of premature ageing. 

Say a huge NO to most or all synthetic sugars, frequently used will cause sensitivity and damage to the skin barrier. Reduce the use of caffeine and alcohol for a balalnced radiant complexion. Vitamins including A+ C with serums and moisturisers are beneficial in skin repair, immunity support and protection.

 A balanced use of supplements, organic vegetables and scale balanced nutrition can aid positive gut health, top tips include staying hydrated. During the Winter months when the temperature is raised or becomes drier, especially when at home or work with additional air conditioning, by lowering the home or office temperature you can support the hydration of the skin. Stop using hot water when washing the face, only use cool water or products that contain nourishing and moisturising ingredients, one of the main favourites include the popular hyaluronic acid molecule is a humectant that retains moisture naturally found in the human body. 

Beauty Essentials for hydration and cleansing 

Drinking water is one of the most effective tool for internal detoxification, incorporate hydration into your daily routine, to flush out the toxins from your liver and kidneys. Rinse your face with cool to cold water to eliminate the beginning of broken capillaries, red veins, rosacea, when attending the Gym, wash away sweat immediately after working workouts. Cleanse your phone from bacteria on a regular basis, AVOID touching your face to minimise exposure to germs and bacteria, clogged pores can look enlarged or bumpy and blackheads or comedones may appear once the pore becomes clogged with skin dirt and natural oils.

To reduce sensitivity use naturally or organically derived botanicals, source ingredients that are fragrance free. There are many brands that contain botanicals, science with natural plant based goodness that seal in moisture, keep the skin protected with SPF, and dont add unnecessary products to your skincare ritual. 

Targeted and effective skincare Rituals 

Protect the skin equilibrium by incorporating nourishing serums, treatment oils and vitamin boosters. Vitamin C is recognised for its brightening properties and rich antioxidants, can protect your skin from free radicals, fine lines and loss of brightness. Tailor your skin routine with the best active ingredients for your budget, address specific concerns immediately and  boost overall skin health. Invest with a steam treatment, additionally add organically sourced herbs. aiding blocked pores and refining rough texture.

FaceClays skincare aim to provide an effective holistic range of 'Spa at Home' collection that harnesses the power of nature to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise your skin leaving it fresh nourished and energized. Use products that protect your skin daily, exfoliate weekly and learn how to avoid the build up of skin debris by aiding blocked pores and refining rough texture.Using organic skincare daily, alongside holistic therapy rituals provide a framework of traditional cleansing, hydration and nourishment for radiant glowing refreshed skin every day without the outlay of expensive formulations. 

Enjoy a balances skincare routine using balanced products that deliver results, safe and sustainable for the planet and beautifully radiant skin health.


Rosewater Organic Spray with FaceClays


                                  NEW PRODUCT Launch Organic Rose Water                                          

The beauty and scent of roses has always been recognised as a timeless symbol of beauty, transience and love.
This gentle organic plant is renowned for its aromatherapeutic skin soothing plant and has been used as a powerful multi tasking product for many centuries around the globe.
Traditionally used to reduce anxiety, rosewater is suitable for all skin types, and all ages.
The use of roses within beauty and cosmetics, dates back to ancient Egypt, and historically links to the Middle ages with traditional forms of skin beautification, Queens enjoyed the natural benefits of rosewater in their beauty ritual to maintain a youthful complexion. 

Our skin radiance and enhances skin confidence at the beginning of the day or preparing for a nights rest 

  • Certified cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Balancing and uplifting fragrance  rose water from the finest Damask roses,
  • Can be used as a gentle cleanser/toner to refresh skin before and after makeup application
  • Particularly suited to most skin types
  • Rose Water has been a popular choice in cosmetics for thousands of years. 
  • Floral waters are produced during the process of steam distilling plant material in the extraction of essential oils  
History of Roses 
Queens who loved roses, the feeling of well-being, attracted many ancient royals as evidenced by tomb paintings and documents.
Queen Cleopatra, Nefertiti of Ancient Ethiopia, celebrated royalty during the Persian Empire explored the benefits of roses and even had elaborate gardens built, and beauty regimes to utilise the skincare benefits. Wisdom from India helps you to improve health and well-being by cleansing and nourishing your energy and balancing harmony, filled their baths, bedrooms with rose petals and rose oils.
                                                     How to use: 
Lightly spray on as a face mist  after washing and or cleansing the skin,helps to balance the skin health enhancing the application of skincare. An elegant and soothing addition to the skin helps to maintain PH balance and is an amazing addition to your daily routine. 

                                            Contains no artificial additives
                                      Cruelty free No sulphates or Parabens  
                               No synthetic dyes or fragrances Ethically sourced 
Shelf Life
6 months after opening Size 100ml 
Rosa Damascena 

This can be used as an excellent skin cleanser and toner. It helps to retain moisture and is mildly astringent, which helps to even skin tone and improve its appearanc is particularly useful for  sensitive and most skin types. Rose Water helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin, stimulate skin cell renewal, even out pigmentation & skin texture, reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and has a calming effect on many skin irritations such as Sunburn, Acne and Rosacea

Hydrosol Floral ater should be kept in a cool dark place, with a shorter shelf life to retain potency and quality.

Rose Otto Facial Mist 

How is the Rose Otto hydrosol created?
Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, some of the aromatic and healing components are absorbed by the steam or water that is used to extract the essential oil.
This steam will contain the benefits of the essential oil and can include the water-soluble parts of the plant, and is a safe and therapeutic way to enjoy a wider range of cosmetic uses.Rose is also commonly used to encourage relaxation, relieve and aid with headaches, and inflammation 

Rose Damascena
 A 100% natural product which is vegan friendly, plant-based, free from preservatives, parabens and chemical additives, and cruelty free. This soothing, Certified Organic, Rose Water Hydrolat, smells divine and naturally aids in calming red and inflamed skin.

Use with Your Pure Radiance or Detox clay mask, to increase purity to the skin use your Rosewater instead of water to blend your face mask.
Suitable solution for sensitive and most skin types 

Can be used additionally on hair and body, before or after makeup 
Contains no alcohol or additives 

Rosewater is a natural toner and cleanser that revitalises skin and hair, whilst balancing the PH and provides additional before and after makeup application.
Rose water contains strong anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and nourishes, calm and soothe ailments, numerous antioxidants can protect the skin against external damage. 

Order your Rose Otto facial spritz today: Organic Rosewater

Use Mist daily for hydration 

Makeup Masterclass at the Mansion

Makeup Masterclass

24 MAY @ 18:00 - 19:30

Beckenham Place Mansion

 Beckenham BR3 1SY

Makeup artist Cheryl Huggins shares her professional expertise, makeup tips and beauty tricks, in a fun step by step class. This class is for to those who wish to update, their look and learn the basic techniques used to create a flawless makeup.

Watch and learn with a live ‘tutorial’ style demonstration, including how to choose the correct foundation, frame those brows, and create a simple smokey eye.

This masterclass is suitable for daytime makeup, radiant glam, business headshots, video calls or for those special occasions.
Learn how you can create, that wow factor for every event, creating your confident look, just for you.

Learn he best kept skincare and makeup secrets, with one of London’s popular makeup artist, whose signature makeup is suitable for everyone with an added touch of Glam!

Beginners, all ages, non-makeup wearers and all skin tones are welcome.

Makeup Artist Cheryl Huggins

Class information visit the links below:

Book your Tickets  Makeup Masterclass at the Beckenham Palace Mansion

Be Inspired Woman Health Wealth and Beauty Event


For the Woman You Want To BE, Follow Your Dream...

Passion & Lifestyle Events & Workshops To Inspire, To Encourage, and Empower You 
BE Inspired Woman, Invites you to a Health, Wellness and Beauty Event with Inspirational Key Speakers within the Industry.

DJ Elayne Smith Host Co Host Cecilia Marquis

Sharon Thompson Marketing and Haircare Systems 
Cheryl Huggins Beauty and Makeup specialist 
Christine Giscombe Inspirational speaker 

JB Rose Wellness and Healthy Eating

Sophie Bisset is the Founder and Creator of BE Inspired Woman.

"Be the Woman you want to be, We encourage and motivate you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations"

Musical Entertainment @djkathy

Deneez Peters Singer Vocalist


Sunday 2nd April 2023

Drinks Reception
Finger Food
Goody Bags - 360 Photo Booth



Time 2 30pm Sharp

Ticket Sale £49 00 @sophiebisset5248


BossWoman Podcast In Conversation Bayo Igoh


"They say never judge a book by its cover, people do, 

so you must always look the part..

After they get over that... BE THE PART"

Mallam Michael E. IGOH

"My aim is to work with helping people attain their professional business goals through specific  techniques that are carefully structured, two-way dialogue, which encourages self-awareness and self-empowerment, enabling people to uncover their own solutions to whatever obstacles are holding them back in moving forward with their business."

In April 2020 Bigohcoaching, was launched initially with a focus to provide content services, communication guidance, coaching and mentoring services. These services were aimed specifically at smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

With a determined style and work ethic, Bayo Igoh Founder of Bigohcoaching encourages effective communication, whilst supporting and inspiring clients to respond effectively to changing environments during his infamous coaching sessions.

In addition to these practical benefits, he also provides emotional support, motivation, and a sense of community for many small business owners. Take a look at the reviews and presentations this coach delivers and you will immediately feel, the drive and passion for his Industry and business community.

When starting and operating a small business it can be socially isolating, wearing many hats running the operations whilst juggling public relations, marketing, employees and finance.
As business coach, Bayo offers a comphrehensive sounding board for business owners, that helps them to stay focused, motivated, and inspired during the initial stages.
"To unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and build a thriving,successful business."

As an extremely active member of the Federation of Small Businesses, a multiple FSB volunteer awards winner, his role within the organisation has evolved. Leading and hosting monthly on-line and in-person networking events across LB Lewisham, Bayo is also the Borough Lead for the London Borough of Lewisham and able to assist many businesses across the community.

My proudest moments

During my career I have always enjoyed providing assistance and working with many businesses within the local community.  volunteering role or providing supporting members at the Lewisham Business Task Force, Local Strategic Partnership. 

I was honoured to be a part of the team that won the COVID-19 Support and Recovery category of the Federation of Small Businesses at the Local Government awards. The awards were aimed at high-lighting those that had made the biggest impact on local SME's during the Covid crisis and beyond. I was actively working with a variety of organisations including local government, voluntary and private housing management organisations.

BayOhCoaching at BossWoman Studios

"It is so important within my role as an executive coach and mentor, to be seen reflecting a variety of communities, at senior and at board level. I have led multi-faceted teams to be successful in delivering services, that are in line with the required, legal and regulatory requirements, this includes networking events, Masterclasses,Training and Development Programmes".

Bayo Igoh 

Bayo was recently selected to be a guest speaker at the award winning TEDxPCL London in February 2023. This is an amazing accolade, and testament to the work and daily commitment Bayohcoaching provides, to support people in business. During his talk, Bayo shares details of his childhood experiences, his passion and dedication to detail, role models and the specific good and bad influences within his life journey.

With an emphasis on collaboration and communication, visit for coaching and mentoring, to take your ideas and business to the next level whilst learning to improve your strategies, productivity and production.

It has been a privilege and honour to return to the studio and introduce the first recording of the podcast for 2023, with more inspirational business changemakers, motivational people.
We will also be joined by Wellness and Lifestyle experts from London and the UK, by popular request in the coming Podcast series. 

Thank you to Bayohcoaching for your time, we are truly proud to record your story and vison today.

TUNE IN HERE to Listen to Episode 10 at  BossWoman Podcast 

Stay tuned and Join us  to listen to Bayo Igoh, sharing his motivational and heartfelt life journey, with his..'bosslady' wife and beautiful children. 

Enjoy listening to his personal goals, business focus, Vision for education and business owners in the UK, alongside his passion for his beloved football team Arsenal as a lifelong 'Gooner'

Take a look at the link below to see Bayo's journey and his awesome oratory delivery on stage at TedxPCL London on YouTube.

YouTube talks  
Bayo Igoh Tedx PCL London " You don't pick your role models they pick you..."

Thank you Mr.Bayo Igoh
Stay tuned, join or follow us on Instagram bosswomanpodcast



Cheryl Huggins Makeup Masterclass

Makeup Artist Cheryl Huggins

Cheryl Huggins is a Professional Makeupartist and Skincare specialist who provides licensed bespoke Cosmetic services, with a proven track record of over 2 decades of Industry experience.

Having worked previously with the Japanese cosmetic, skincare innovator Shiseido, the exclusive luxury beauty rooms in Harrods, trained in outstanding anti-age facial techniques with Guerlain, Fashion week for MacCosmetics, Launch of Huda Beauty in Selfridges and many inspirational premium brands. 

Most recently at the Launch of Rose Inc. by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Decree skin care, including the Mirror Water Founder and YouTube beauty entrepreneur, Estee Lalond

Her Glam sessions deliver the key elements that are needed for marketing your Small Business, attending those special occasion, HD Website images, Professional corporate headshots and that surprise Red Carpet Event.

Nominated for a Global Blogger award in November 2022, and one of 6 finalists at Start up Bromley Business Competition in 2021, when she delivered her work to the judging panel in Bromley. Her attention to detail with honesty and passion sets her apart on social media. 

 As a licensed Aromatherapist, and a member at one of the UK largest awarding Beauty platform, she is dedicated to delivering the most amazing Cosmetic services her personal platform is independent of sponsorship.

Makeup Masterclass + Faceclays 
Business Pitch event
 Start up Bromley 2021

Known for her signature glamour bridal work, Cheryl uses her expert  experience, tricks and techniques to create a natural glowing radiance or flawless glam look, for every event, balanced with your chosen complexion finish. 

Wether working on your website headshot images, attending a business seminar or a red carpet event, you will look and feel your very best, glowing with confidence in front of the camera and comfortable knowing that you are HD ready with your makeup application. 

Michelle Richards Photography
Client BiddisLifestyleDesigner 

With a growing number of followers on all social media platforms including TIK Tok, her eclectic style, creative and original professional tips, blending techniques and product recommendations are trending. 

Simply take a look at some of the mazing 5* reviews on Google. 

Makeup Masterclass and skincare application will be available for all skin types, and teens, from March 2023. Her work extends to male grooming, for those important events. Teens are a high priority, especially as they love skincare and makeup too! and so interested to receive their very first makeup and skincare lesson.

Makeup Artist Emily 

If you have a special event this year or organising your Wedding, we highly recommend that you catch Cheryl at one of the popular Makeup Masterclass Events in London. Her expert advice and recommendations will stay with you for life. 
Indulge and enjoy learning 'real' professional tips to update your skills, whilst using the best application techniques, in just 2 hours.

Mr + Mrs Barratt 

MasterClasses by Cheryl Huggins are a guide to gaining great industry knowledge whilst uncovering the best kept insider secrets.

Manju and family

 #makeupmasterclass #skinschool

FaceClays Skincare


All makeup by Cheryl Huggins 

Business + Headshot Makeup
Special Occasion + Red Carpet Glamour makeup

Makeup MasterClasses 24th May 2023

Bridal Beauty £POA

My first Teen 'Makeup and Skincare' classes Launching soon for young girls aged 13 - 18 

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