Rihanna New Generation of Fashion + Beauty

Rihanna’s Launches her high-fashion brand

The long awaited and much anticipated debut collection for Fenty.com is expected to show in Paris shortly.  

A tweet on her social media to her 91M followers 11 hours ago has everyone hyped for her Luxury clothing line..

"Make room in your closets. We Coming @FENTYofficial" 

A FAB video dropped with images of her new luxury line, not only did she drop her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line in the UK Boots stores, this month but this Mogul shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Rihanna's Fenty Brand being was the first contemporary brand that LVMH signed, and mogul Bernard Arnault saw the vision, the concept of the diverse beauty range at Fenty Beauty has proved to be a winning combination. The fashion industry is currently witnessing exciting times, with several innovative and talented black artists and musicians launching successful brands within the umbrella of global corporations we are now witnessing a fashion and beauty revolution.

In Conversation with Rihanna: 


Rihanna shares her excitement in many interviews, to be working alongside the Luxury group LVMH, who choose to collaborate with her vision and creative fashion output as a unique artist, women of colour and innovator.  Currently social media rumours and speculation, is rife with sightings of the Bajan beauty in the UK.  We believe that Ms Fenty is living in London during the preparing for the Launch of her Luxury collection in Paris this month. Rihanna has hinted that she loves 'Jamaican market food' sending fan's crazy and her followers are on the search for this iconic singer in our London town...

I cannot wait to see the luxury fashion line along with her millions of followers .. 
Good luck and well done Rihanna 

Cheryl xoxo

Makeup Masterclass with Cheryl Huggins

Professional Makeup Artist Cheryl Huggins

Makeup Masterclass Summer 19 


Makeup Artist Cheryl Huggins invites us to visit her pop up sessions in Bromley to learn and share her exclusive makeover class. This Summer showcase brings together demonstration and personal tuition in an intimate group setting.
This popular and experienced makeup artist and educator is comfortable delivering her hands on workshop, from this glamorous professional studio. Cheryl will demonstrate how to create a flawless makeup look that is suitable for any special occasion, business event or for those social media images. This passionate and talented London Makeup Artist has developed a series of artistry sessions for everyone, aspiring MUA artists, friends and has included teens for their first Beauty and Makeup classes.

I am so excited to invite you to join me at my Makeup Masterclass on the 9th June in a beautiful Studio in Bromley.
All classes are interactive so you can watch a demonstration and work to achieve your desired look with my personal direction.
Bring your makeup bag, your bestie, sister, daughters anyone you think would love this class and spend a morning of fun..you will also receive a special discount code for one of London's specialist makeup brands, and be the very first to see my range of makeup brushes.
All ages All skin tones
Makeup Masterclasses in Bromley studio 

To share and subscribe hit the link below to register for TICKETS and book your Makeup chair...

 email for further events, dates and class details: makeup@cherylhuggins.com 
Tickets are now available on the link below #eventbrite #masterclass

Networking Cupper Business Expo 2019

 What is the Networking Cupper ?
Networking Cupper helps people and businesses based in Bromley to grow. Through networking events, activities and support, they hold regular meeting and actively encourage members to create friendships and help each other in setting up and growing their business.
At Networking Cupper, a warm welcome is extended to all self-employed people from start ups to established businesses. Professional recognition and support is available from Virtual PA's, Travel Agents to Social Media and Recruitment managers,all working together to give a helping hand to those who are at the early stages of running small or medium-sized businesses, (SMEs) to connect with each other with mentoring, tutorials, and breakfast meetings.
Having started my business with the initial support from Successful Mum's Start up Business Course  I have taken part in the Cupper Expo and have seen the amazing growth, the expertise and dedication of the team of people who host the Business event for over 30 companies, within the local area of Bromley. 
I was able to showcase my Makeup Masterclass, that will be arriving in June 2019 and was able to offer the visitors to my stand, a full complimentary  makeover with advice. I  was delighted to offer a makeover competition run by Family Grapevine including the invitation to join the classes that commence in Beauty Studio. 
The offer extended to  invaluable information on foundation color swatches, courtesy of MAC COSMETICS, and wonderful hand massages from the luxurious Jo Malone store in the Glades shopping Centre.

Brow powder and measuring of the Brows to ensure a lift to the eye area.

How it started

Helen Freeman of Fitness Rate started the Networking Cupper in 2011, in Costa Coffee, Bromley Market Square. She wanted it to be an informal way for local businesses to meet each other and discuss business topics over a cuppa. The original meetings were monthly on a Friday between 9.30-11.30am, with many local businesses attending.
Over the next couple of years, the Networking Cupper grew steadily with new businesses joining and social media playing a huge part in helping to spread the word about us. All those who attended meetings automatically became members.

Networking Cupper Business Expo 2017 - 2019

The Glades in Bromley hosted the 2019 Exhibition on the Lower Mall, Central Atrium on the 29th and 30th March. I was invited to join the business seminar in the Glades Bromley this year and to showcase my teaching and training sessions for all things makeup and beauty for personal and business, this would include showing the client how to apply a natural look to the eyes with simple step by step techniques.

Next month look out for the V.I.P registration dates, as I am launching my Makeup Masterclass to teach all the best tips and tricks to achieve the best looks for you, all ages and skin tones, for friends, family, teens and business women in Bromley and surrounding areas.

Networking Cupper @glades Bromley
Model Lorraine Gill 

The Central Atrium is a prestigious business area within The Glades, offering a large footfall of shoppers, Business hub and we were welcomed on both days over the Mothers Day weekend.

#Jomalone #maccosmetics 

Next month I am launching  my professional Makeup Masterclass to teach all the best tips and tricks to achieve the best looks for you from beginners and those who wish to update their skills,

I look forward to bringing you more news from the Networking Cupper and my makeup classes.
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Cheryl xoxo

Thank you Helen Freeman. Ken Tait.  David Bowers. Thackery Williams sponsors.
Photo credit: MichelleRichards.co.uk 

Weddings and Bridal BEAUTY Packages

Let your true beauty shine.

We will create your look together
You will look and feel beautiful and confident 
Ready for your special moment.

Congratulations Kate and her handsome Groom. OXFORD 

A wedding consultation is usually held around two to three months before your wedding day. You can visit me in the studio or I can come to your home, whichever is more convenient. The consultation lasts approximately two hours you can decide your chosen look for the day in a relaxed atmosphere

 It is important to create a timeless look that will last all day and evening. Once we have chosen your makeup, we will ensure the skin is primed to create your natural radiant look. Bespoke beauty packages are available for all you needs and that of the Bridal party.

Thank you Kate for trusting me with your Beauty Treatments, using my signature techniques. I’m so pleased you are going to continue using the exclusively created luxury facials.
 You look stunning!

Luxury Bespoke Beauty by Cheryl Huggins April 19 
For all Consultations and Bookings contact me on 07947 821 991 

Beauty treatments are the perfect way to relax and take some time out, which is much needed when your whole life is working and wedding planning.
Bridal Packages for Beauty + Makeup are available upon request.

Best Buys Summer 2019


I am so in love with this product and use it for all my massage clients, the oil delivers amazing moisture to revive muscles and joints after a workout, sport or general overexertion, I'm using the Tisserand Muscle Ease Massage And Body Oil and highly recommend to all my clients. It is light and easy to use for massage. The aroma is amazing is blended with beautiful Organic essential oils of spicy Ginger, refreshing Lemongrass and toning Rosemary to ease and melt away fatigue.

 Expertly chosen to boost circulation and relieve muscular aches and pains, and delivers soothing power in a nourishing base of Jojoba and Moringa, rich in nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Essential oils Fortifying organic Ginger oil, Refreshing organic Lemongrass oil, Toning organic Rosemary oil. An oil to nourish and calm the skin.
Another great brand I  have recently used for my face is the 100% Organic Cold Pressed Borage Seed Oil 30ml from the Ordinary Ideal for dry or irritated skin types. if mixed with your skin care routine it can work alongside or on its own to maintain a healthy complexion. Soothing and healing, this organic oil can also be used to diminish acne, plump the skin and reduce inflammation, vegan friendly and cruelty free. 
My super hero facial oil at the moment, is the Elemis Superfood facial oil, immediately hydrates, my skin, I cannot live without the feeling of oil on my skin, and those that suffer from sensitivities, and irritation will understand how great this oil is once you have tried it .. the texture is lightweight, highly concentrated plant-based superfoods deeply nourishes and hydrates.

Anti-oxidant and omega-rich Broccoli, Flax Seed and Daikon Radish feeds the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Ideal for most skin types as it is non-greasy and easily absorbed. Deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin i also will use this oils as a treatment on freshly cleansed skin. Creates a healthy, radiance, rich in omegas to strengthen and anti-oxidants to feed the skin, ensuring maximum skin health LOVE LOVE this oil, small bottle but worth its weight..when you see the results! Use a few drops prior to moisturizer like a serum or additionally as a treatment. 

The consistency and texture of Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer, it glides on leaves the skin dewy and looks radiant and natural for all skin tones and comes in 12 shades gives a good brightness under the eyes.
it looks great on lids, top lip and to contour the nose and above brows!  

2019 Lets Glow with the flow: killer radiance for face and eyes @fentybeauty
model INSTA _o.kx

Images from Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer


                    A Beauty must for 2019 as a pick me up or intensive therapy for the skin.

Wow Refine and revive your skin with the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask at Body Shop. I was given this as a present and have been using it once a week especially wh Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask at Body shop. I was given this as a present and have been using it once a week especially when I  en I am in London with all the transport tubes and pollution. Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, this 100% vegan tingling clay mask is infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil the best thing is that it’s been formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil all the 'toxic nasties' have been removed. When you have sensitive skin this is vital ingredient listing and information... This invigorating charcoal face mask draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores for healthy-looking skin with a glow that shows rinse off with a natural sponge or organic face cloth for best results. 

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque by Kiehls

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque by Kiehls is another of my Summer favourite's that is great for most skin types, easy to use and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean without dryness. T
his mask also helps clear blackheads with its deep cleansing action, formulated with mineral-rich Amazonian White Clay, which gently draws out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores. Again use once or twice a week depending on your skin type and condition. The addition of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera helps to soothe and calm irritated skin, as a hay fever sufferer my skin can be easily irritated. Kiehls makes this product best for normal to oily skin types. Enjoy great pore cleansing and skin purifying results with this perfecting face masque. 

Bridal Beauty

Wedding Beauty 
Kate April 2019 

My beautiful Bride spent her pre-wedding days organizing and planning and included getting her skin fully prepped and pampered.
As a professional Beauty specialist and having the privilege of working in Paris salons I would highly recommend working with your Beauty specialist to create a bespoke programme that would ideally fit around the Bride's busy work and wedding planning schedule. Together Kate and I created an in-depth skin consultation and beauty plan that would allow me to improve her current beauty routine and take care of any sensitivities that may effect the skin adversely during the months leading up to the wedding.

A great way to start your bridal beauty routine is to book regular facials before the wedding and ask your facialist to recommend the best products based on your skin type and condition. If your budget also allows choose a natural, range or organic brands including cleanser, toner, nourishing moisturiser, and exfoliation products, your facialist will recommend the best usage for your complexion.

Consistency will be a key factor to achieving great skinWe commenced Kate's beauty programme in November 2018 and completed, with brows and lash tints, and an express rejuvenating cleanse on the week of her wedding in April 2019.

Kate's bespoke beauty programme included my signature facial that relied on Rose oils, clay masks, repair balancing lotions and deeply relaxing massages with 'Gua Sha' to lift and tone, essentially focusing on areas of dehydration. This is one of the most special days of your life and taking the time to look after yourself and your skin, treating yourself to feeling fabulous and looking radiant will give your bride the best results on her amazing Wedding day 

I think she looks fantastic don't you agree..
Thank you Kate for trusting me

Cheryl xoxo

"In the months leading up to my wedding I had monthly express facials and brow lash tints.
After the facials my skin felt very soft and looked healthy and clear which was perfect base for the on-the-day make-up.
The brow and lash tints were great for darkening, sharpening and accentuating to the extent that I didn’t need anything else doing to my brows. I’m definitely planning to keep these up!"


Bride and Groom


Join us for our TEEN MakeUp MasterClass, with a professionally recognized makeup artist, and qualified Lecturer. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques, get creative with personalized teaching in a group session or with friends for a special makeup party.
You will need an interest in all things beauty whilst following step by step segments, your class is mentored by a London based Professional makeup artist and beauty specialist.

Your Makeup Masterclass for Teens will begin with a mini skincare journey, then followed by a glamour or natural makeup application. The session is 2 hours for ages 14 – 18 years old, you will learn how to look after your skin before your apply makeup, including night-time makeup removal.
This session is aimed at the beginner, and those who would like to dive into the fun world of makeup and fashionable styles.
This class would also appeal to those who are interested in becoming Professional  Makeup Artists or a career in Beauty and those teens, who are lovers of all things makeup and especially fan's of You Tube, Social media Beauty Gurus and Instagram Beauty. 

Who is this course for
This class is designed to help you take the first steps into the Beauty Industry with a professional specialist. The class is also a great session for those teens or students who are keen to improve their image, Prom, special family occasions, important interviews and for social media. If you are ready to start wearing makeup, my signature step by step guide, will outline the importance of a great skincare routine. 

The Teen class includes blending, how to choose the correct colour's and products for your skin type and condition.Learn how to blend pigments and textures for fab foundation bases. How to conceal dark circles, create natural arched brows and so much more....

For 14 years - 18

Teen Classes 
Cheryl Huggins will start you on your Beauty and Makeup journey, showing you how to apply your newly acquired makeup skills. Cheryl has a vast number of years as an Industry expert, providing beauty guidance every step of the way.
This class will begin with practical skills whilst applying creative and fashion makeup. you will be able to apply your makeup with added confidence and camera ready for all your celebrations and events. 

 Makeup Focus 

All Makeup tutorials include a full-complexion class with sessions ranging from quickie everyday essential tips to full-face tutorials, learn to to create a smokey eye, apply amazing lips, cheek contour, or even how to apply lashes... or how to achieve the latest beauty trends. 

This workshop is ideal for teenagers aged 14 – 18 years old.

Learn new techniques through LIVE workshops or Beauty Birthday Parties with friends.

Learn How to Apply
* Foundation
* Concealer
* Powder
* Eye shadow application
* Mascara
* Eyeliner
* Blusher

* Lipsticks + Lip Liner

Teenage makeup lessons make a wonderful gift, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions and all my services are available as gift vouchers

BOOKING: makeup@cherylhuggins.com
Venue : Hayes + Chiselhurst and surrounding areas.

Kindly provide your email and mobile contact details including student name, age and any allergies when making your booking.
All details are private and confidential and comply with current GDPR legislation.
© Cheryl Huggins

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