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Great Self - CareTips during Covid 19

 Are you ready to indulge with some much needed self-care 

Take control, beautiful Ladies 

Schedule personal blocks of time to relax and unwind, however if you are at home or sharing space in accommodation or even have children in University digs, living with extended family. You may need to step up and speak up using the powers of compromise to balance the specific time you wish to be alone to totally de-stress. Book the family space, your bedroom, for your personal chill time. Self love is accepting your total self, faults and all without comparing your coping mechanisms to other friends and family members.

Use this time to disconnect from the world, media, business, politics..

There are so many methods available, try and protect your mental health during this COVID 19 Pandemic. This can be such a scary unsettling time, unfortunately can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It is important to make time to reflect, gather thoughts, including fresh air, daily exercise and healthy eating. 

Learning or adapting our way of planning or setting some sort of routine is vital, and to have the ability to change or accept failures by lowering goals and expectations will be paramount in moving through this new normal, specially for those who are in isolation or live on their own.

I try to switch off all my devices at the weekend, its a great idea to maybe include a set time where you take a break, without the stress of the news, world stress within your headspace for a few hours. leave those emails, stop checking the social media its all too much...

For health and wellness safety, be mindful to inhale and breathe, from the stomach slowly and deeply, especially whilst sitting in a comfortable chair, or on your bed. This will work to make more carbon dioxide, which in turn also helps synchronize your heartbeat and breathing. 

Make use of hydrating facial mists to begin your day, to tone and refresh the skin, breathe in Lavender, jasmine or roses, your olfactory system and senses love fragrances. Why not use the time to try something new or give yourself extra time to practice mindfulness or begin writing a novel and the popular gratitude journal.
Now you are nearly set to begin your small adaptations to your life whilst taking your mind off the stress of the world. Putting in place these small steps, can help you overcome those 'deep dive' anxious and stressful panicky moments.

Use music, reading, escapism, dive into a warm bath with safe organic body oils, book a relaxation massage or self-care facial, keep the pressure off with great small things to look forward to. I have been super busy with clients for headache, back massages, relaxation  facials to bring back the natural senses and alleviate the constant noise of LIFE.
Treat yourself and your home to scented candles and incense, pop on your headphones and join the millions of people who tune in to find really informative podcasts.
lose yourself with great chat shows on your favourite hobbies, and don't forget to join in, the local community chat.

I find walking and download a selection of fun exercise apps, and brutal boot camp group classes, check them out daily online!
Dedicate the same time, each day to get that boost to your immune system. I try to walk very early in the morning to take in the beautiful parks and green space in my local area, keeping in mind social distancing. The best way is to stick to a daily routine you will enjoy the health and skin benefits and look forward to the new adventures during this unprecedented time. 

Doing much needed housework, include walking up and down the stairs, even skipping is another great way to aid your mobility and to get moving. Always look for new ways to get your groove on, I enjoyed learning a new dance routine, great trainer led workouts on YouTube, I had so much fun doing this recently on the weekend.

Combat any feelings of stress, spend time catching up with friends, enjoy a long girly chat or go live for extra entertainment value. During the lockdown why not host a Halloween Costume competition for your mum friends, or a popup girls Zoom night that could include Wine o'clock.. this is great fun, a few ladies in my social network group have created their own regular themed drinks night!

Networking groups or community creative platforms are a great way to make new friends, keeping your mind off the challenges facing us all. Visit  Art, Poetry, Cooking, Languages, Sewing and so popular right now the growing boom in homemade crafts, check out ETSY you will become obsessed!
Maybe create and develop beauty fashion and family scrapbooks, start drawing and maybe include experimenting water colour's a true artist. Makeup and skincare play with selfie time is a MUST.

I am totally addicted to both Etsy and Pintrest are you?

Establish a morning and evening routine that includes self care. 
  • Dedicate time to be thankful with meditation or verbal gratitude for your personal achievements, every day no matter how small your goal or achievement.

  • Schedule days off and relaxation moments without feeling guilty!
  • Get plenty of sleep and cut down on alcohol.
  • Reflect on two of the best things daily that happened to you in your life and plan your next move.
  • Use positive, language and lots of self-talk to stay motivated.

During the first 4 months of lockdown in the UK, I painted all the old garden fences at my home, what do you think...check out the image below.
DIY and decorating was my saving grace during lockdown in the UK, take a look at Pintrest
I am totally addicted are you?

So proud of my DIY achievements, I found it so relaxing painting my fences, I included in my daily ritual of hand painting, a breakfast herbal tea.  
Transformation time from my dull brown garden fence, to this high impact black fence that I love... #gardengoals  

Self love is accepting your total self with praise!

There is a whole new world to explore, get your phones take photos and look for the beauty in the world around you, and let your creativity flow for a restful and beneficial well deserved self-care session lets keep active emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Love you guys 

Cheryl xx


Natural Clay Masks the benefits

During the day grime and bacteria can be left unseen on the skin and unless they are sloughed off, the congested dirt and pollution can leave your skin feeling dull and may cause irritation and sensitivity. It maybe tempting to slack off your regular skin care routine during this unprecedented time but let me share a secret, that has been used by professionals for many years...

Clay masks have been at the forefront of many ancient beauty regimes for Centuries in Greece, the Egyptians, China and traditionally Africa.

Further studies from leading Dermatologists also recommend that with additional home treatments of 10-15 minutes, using natural skin cleansing substance is not only healing but can eliminate many of the additional skin problems now prevalent today.  This wave of super charged natural formulas can assist with many of our concerns, using natural composition and anti-bacterial properties.  

Natural pure clay's contain nourishing minerals, when used with vitamin packed serums and  oils, they quickly harden to protect against breakouts, deep cleansing blocked pores, dryness, acne, sun damage, minor irritations and greatly improving the texture of dull, tired complexions. 

In many salons, and within private spa's during the last 6 months we have witnessed a huge increase in skin sensitivity, breakouts, fine lines and excessive dryness, which maybe caused by wearing face coverings for long periods of time, stress and over-use of additional chemically driven products.

Ask yourself the following questions: 
On average how long do you spend caring for your skin daily?
How many products do you use in a day, are you confident that you are using the best products for your skin type, skin condition?
Does your skin care contain, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, dyes or are they tested on animals?

A professional consultation is key to understanding how to achieve great results using a basic skincare routine that is effective, whilst maximizing the ability to create a natural radiance with beautiful glowing skin. 
Today clay masks are one of the easiest ways to give your skin a treatment, and one of the best kept secret therapies. Masks remove some of the current sensitivities, including those unfortunate breakouts that can occur at times of stress and heightened anxiety. The earth provides properties that are extremely powerful, and I would highly recommend you experiment with the original mask formulas in your routine. The versatility is amazing and many can be used for the body, hair and nails, including as a localized spot treatment for those troubled areas, or all over for a full face and body deeper cleanse. These organic healers are 100% natural, vegan, containing essential phyto-nutrients, that protect and nourish the skin, add to the list cruelty-free, and highly prized item known for its high grade. Personally I adore using ultra pure and clean facial products, which is so important today if you have sensitive skin,  any skin ailments, allergies or if you are a teenager. 

Take a brief look at the traditional history of clay beauty and cleanses, and how they are essential in many cultures. We are fortunate, that today we can enjoy the researched and tested ingredients in our brand driven skincare, hair care, toiletries, medicines and even skin calming products for adults and children. 

Top Tips to apply your perfect facial mask
Natural Face masks are inexpensive and an easy way to pamper your skin, clean blocked pores, whilst gently removing skin debris. Due to its ancient origins clay's most important feature, it naturally adheres to the skin, removing toxins and build up that cause dullness, fine lines and ageing skin. 
When you use your mask as a regular weekly ritual, you will see immediate results, due to the absorption benefits from the minerals. 

Recommendations and guidelines for usage  
Oily/breakouts, congested, excess shine, pimples, acne, combination Use twice a week

If your skin, is normal, sensitive, or mature use once a week

If you wish to seek additional advice a FREE Virtual Consultation is available with Cheryl Huggins 

Benefits of Clay Face Mask
Relaxation of the face, and facial muscles, help to relieve the skin from day to day stress, pollution and irritation, balance natural ph, improve complexion, nourish and maintain skin health.
Delivers deeper cleansing than your daily skincare routine by removing excess oil, balancing skin PH, aiding a brighter clearer more even complexion due to its absorption properties

Natural compounds with medical grade clay's to protect, remove toxins, detoxify, and hydrate your complexion naturally.

Men and Teens are able to use clay masks to control the build up of excess oil and unclog the pores, whilst deeply cleansing the skins surface avoiding breakout, pimples and uneven texture.

The mask can be applied once a week after shaving and before toning the skin.

How To Use 
Apply the mask to a clean face, as using on a unclean skin (makeup buildup) is a trap for dead skin cells, pollution, dirt, bacteria and excess oils, which will need to be removed first, prior to mask application. Cleanse with warm water and your usual face cleanser removing all residue and all traces of makeup.
Apply your Mask with a brush or with clean hands, mix 1 tablespoon of clay into a paste with water or any organic scented water ..rosewater is my favourite. Create a smooth application, the thickness of toothpaste, spread evenly over the face. Take care to avoid the eyes, hairline, brows and lip line. Pay attention to areas that may have more congestion i.e nose, chin, jawline and forehead, the consistency can be the thickness of a banana skin, if thinner, a second application can be applied, ensure the neck is included to receive the best results.

The mask can be removed after 10 - 15 minutes dependent upon your skin type and skin condition, take into consideration recommendations from a professional skin care specialist. During this time I usually rub the mask gently with my index fingers gently around the congested areas, this will help to remove the extra build up of skin debris, absorb oils, and act as a mild exfoliation treatment sucking out all the impurities .. BLISS  

The mask removal is completed with warm water, and can be completed with sponges, warm towels or hands, do not scrub the face, rinse off gently taking care not to damage the delicate skin, pat dry and lightly spritz with a balancing mist or rosewater, orange blossom, or another favourite of mine, calming lavender to complete the experience and normalize the skins natural PH balance without drying out the skin. 

Use your moisturizer to complete the nourishment, I love to use natural oils to deliver a boost of additional essential vitamins and enhance the benefits even further.

Nothing beats a great clay mask, and with over 25 years experience in the Beauty industry, I have taken great care of my skin,  and will always use a clay mask in my skincare regime for myself and also my wonderful clients 

If you wish to seek additional advice a FREE Virtual Consultation is available with Cheryl Huggins on a one to one or group consultation. 

Thank you @shoeconsultant (insta) for your fun review!

I have seen many of the A list Celebrity clients enjoying a fabulous pamper sessions that includes a luxurious natural clay mask to enhance that dreamy radiant glow, days before hitting many Red Carpet events and even using great brands that have clay ingredients in them! 

Get onto the VIP List today for the Pre-launch of my secret Clay Mask Treatment! 

Cheryl xx 

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FREE Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

LIVE Natural Massage Tutorial

When Wellness Wednesdays 
Time 7pm -7.30pm Facebook  8pm - 8.30pm Instagram 

Facial Massage Relaxation virtual classes from 5th August 20

The art of massage, is to improve the blood and energy circulation, and to promote the elimination of toxins by releasing tension in the face, neck, shoulders and the back. This ancient ritual is an essential indulgence for your skin, soothing pressure and firm touch provides anti-aging and relaxation techniques to consistently energize and visibly smooth dull looking, skin.

Enjoy that extended summer glow!

A truly amazing facial massage, can transport you to another place of comfort, increase the feeling of well-being using 'finger pressure' to relax, calm the mind and detox the stressors in the body.  providing instant relaxation to release muscles, tension and stress maximizing the use of your skincare products. 
the better the skin the more radiant your makeup will be, enjoy that extended summer glow.

With over 40 muscles in the face, applying firm pressure on the surface of the skin, using specific warming techniques at the start of the day, you can immediately feel the effect on the skin's system. Working with great oils is key, the natural balance and harmony to the nervous system is restored.


Organic oils are great to use, as we age the skin loses moisture and fine lines and wrinkles appear, we need oils, creams and serums that provide hydration, by using an anti-aging oil you will be slowing down natural oil production and balancing the skin. . There are numerous brands whose ingredients are derived from the best plant extracts, barks, flowers or even stems, not tested on animals or contain any toxic chemicals. As a professional I will always recommend this type of oil first however use what you have in your bathroom to start. 

The more blood that is pumped to the surface of the skin by the action of the massage, increases 
A light self massage is a great way to relax increase your mind and body in times of anxiety and stress, whilst having those regular visits to the salon or therapist should not be missed.

The top celebrity facialists recommend Marula, Rosehip oil, Chamomile, and Argan oil all have essential vitamins and minerals for the skin and can be added with the application of your moisturizer, or cleanser, especially at nighttime. 

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How often should I massage? 

A light 2-5 minute massage daily is a wonderful way to relax, after a stressful day use the oils in the evening and mix with a few drops of a nourishing vitamin enriched oil, 


If you are concerned at ALL for any health or skin conditions check with your medical practitioner,  watch the LIVE massage session and you can join the massage at a later date as it will be saved on a social media platforms.

Who is it for 
Massage is for everyone without any pre-exsisting conditions, any age, men, women all family members. providing all health and safety guidelines are adhered to.

Prepare to massage for health and safety
Wash your hands and pay particular attention to nails, especially acrylic shellac and any other covering of the natural nail plate. Use the COVID 19 rules and method leaving no soap product on the surface of the skin, any residue will be transferred and the chemicals could be too harsh for the skin on the face. Keep natural nails to a short smooth length so avoid scratches. 
Once you are ready I will guide you, to use the traditional massage techniques to help with application of serums and oils on a daily basis.It is an amazing holistic practise, with a small amount of pressure you can feel that tension and stress slipping away. Keep the hair off the face, with a hairband or turban keeping the forehead and ears free. 

What are the best oils to use 
Choose a natural oil, or Serum that will provide slip and not drag the skin, or you can use your face moisturizer, softening those fine lines and smoothing out those memorable expression lines of dehydration.

A strappy top,vest or off the shoulder teeshirt will be fabulous for your session, ensure that you drink plenty of water after your therapy to rehydrate the body and aid the flushing of toxins, waste and congestion.

This therapeutic massage class can be very relaxing, so find a comfy seat, warm room for your on your own or with family and group of friends!  
Enjoy 40 minutes of gentle fun and essential anti-age skin pampering with natural oils, creams and love. 

Massage with me will be launched on Facebook Live Wednesdays  

IGTV on Instagram on Wellness Wednesdays  

Cheryl Huggins is a professional and licensed Esthetician, Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist and noted Educator with over 30 years in the Beauty Fashion and Media  Industry.
Cheryl does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

National LIPSTICK Day

Kiss Kiss...Pucker up  

National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July 29th 

During the 19th Century the first ever commercial lipstick was made of castor oil, beeswax, and deer tallow. This high impact fashion look was considered to be one the most widely used makeup products invented with early creators using fried and crushed beetles, cochineal, beeswax, strawberries and olive oil.

In 1880 with the modern advances of chemical technology Guerlain, the French Cosmetic house was one of the first to create a lipstick pomade that stained the cheeks and the lips. 

I was very fortunate as a therapist to be trained in the Guerlain exclusive Salons in Paris and during the time I spent there I was able to visit the historic manufacturing factories and saw first hand how the lipsticks and colour cosmetics were made, a life changing experience.
Up until the 1920's lipsticks were sold in a pot with the swivel tubes arriving in 1923, and were patented by Mr.James Mason Junior who named them the 'Mason tube'.

Fast forward to 1990 and more natural ingredients were used to create a sensual look including jojoba, coconut and rose hip, many more oils were used giving rise to plant based products which proved popular as the pigments were much softer in texture and colour making it more appealing to women of all ages, and skin tones.

Today additional patents include sunscreens, vitamins, and collagen are added to improve the health of the lip, more durability, less transferring to clothes, with longer lasting formulas.

I cannot leave home without my lipstick and even during the pandemic, whilst working from home I can still be found wearing my favourite lipstick, just as I remember my Mum always wore her Revlon or Avon Pink lipstick..through any crisis.

What are your favourite lipsticks by colour and brand, join me on Instagram and share your 'must have' lippy colour mine are shared in the image below..


Fun Facts

Lipstick Day was actually foundered by beauty blogger, entrepreneur and businesswoman Huda Kattan aka @hudabeauty) whose blog posts feature international makeup artists and enthusiasts or 'influencers' slaying some highly creative and fierce beauty looks, tips and tricks.

The first commercial lipstick was introduced in 1930 by Max Factor and the House of Westmore

Lipstick was one of the first beauty and makeup items to use its packaging for advertisement of the product with pretty images.

Clear lip balm is one of the most popular lip products of modern culture.

In 18th century Japan the exquisite red lips. pale faces and beautifully designed kimono's, were an integral part of the traditional symbols of devotion, elegance and etiquette. Only the bottom lip is painted until they qualify after extensive and dedicated training.

Red Lip colours and lipstick shades, reached the handbags of millions of women around the world and included, Mac Cosmetics Iconic Ruby Woo, Rouge Dior in 999, NYX Kitten Heels, Nars pencil Dragon Girl, Pat McGrath's Obsessed, and Kryolan

Hollywood Actresses Clara Bow full cupids Bow and Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo, and Joan Crawford's amazing full mouth were, amongst the famous A list Celebrities who popularized wearing lipsticks.


With so many brands offering deals, product launches it was hard to consider which was the best offer! 
When you are at home its dangerous, lockdown has taken affect and the lippy sales were booming great news when you want to spark joy, with some additional retail therapy, during this unprecedented time.

Mac Cosmetics had a fantastic offer on, with the purchase of Chile lipstick, just the thing for your purse.
Huda Beauty launched her Demi-Matte range, Charlotte Tilbury and Morphe Mega matte, range were on sale at ridiculously low price!

My clients are loving the deals in Selfridges, which maybe on for a very limited time, rewarded fans with a huge offer on Pat McGrath's Uber trendy beautifully packaged lipsticks, if you haven't tried them know is the best time.  

Your Favourite 

What are your favourite lipstick? Do you use a pencil liner, and finally are you wearing lipstick under your Face Mask? 

Why not Join me on Instagram, and share your 'must have' Lippy colours, I have shared mine  from my dressing table below.
 I would love to see what lipsticks you wear..for day or night.

My personal favourites are Stunna at Fenty Beauty, Iman Cosmetics Classic Red, and Rouge Allure Reds at Chanel, I also love Tom Ford, Sam Fine and Danessa Myricks.

Drop your LIPSTICK LOVES on this link: 

See you all soon beautiful friends 
Cheryl xx

Mums in Business

Successful Mums. Supporting Women Back to Work 

Facebook 18th June 2020 

Meet Cheryl, this weeks #TBT... A true Ambassador for Successful Mums. An amazing lady I met nearly 5 years ago when she attended our course and we have enjoyed watching her confidence and business fly! 

Jane Knight 

Cheryl says;

"I truly cannot believe It was 4 years ago.. I had been a full time carer for over 8 years and had several health scares, but after seeing a Successful Mums flyer, I finally made a decision that has changed my life!

I joined the their 6 week Business Start-up Course, gained additional business knowledge, strategies, marketing and with fantastic support, was able to create my first ever business plan.

I remember I specifically wanted to be able to use my Beauty Industry expertise, to work part-time, whilst being a devoted Mother to my son and Carer for my amazing Mum.

I started my small business using my new found confidence, no money, but lots of ambition.

I was particularly interested in understanding how to harness my creativity and HUGE passion for the Beauty, Media and Makeup Industry. With the guidance Successful Mum's had given me, I was able to deliver a professional business focus that suited my life and my family commitments.

I am proud to say that today, I am a Brand Ambassador working in 4 of the UK most prestigious stores, a Professional Makeup and Skincare Specialist for Private + Corporate clients, and humbled to have recently Launched 'The BossWomanPodcast' on Social Media,
Join Me for my Live Beauty Workshops...on Facebook

My Mum is doing ok healthwise at 86, and we are awaiting University announcements..

Find your WHY, wear your CROWN, believe in yourself, have NO regrets. Take that first step, book the course and GO FOR IT!

I look forward to seeing you all soon,
You can follow my Business journey on Instagram

and join me at my Beauty Blog

Love Cheryl xoxo

Mums Supporting Mums 💞
cherylhugginsmua Cheryl Huggins

Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

Are you missing your monthly facial? Create fabulous skin tone, glowing health with a virtual massage class in the comfort of your own home. Discover exclusive beauty tips from a  professional facialist and skincare specialist that works alongside your current skincare routine.

Watch or join an online class where you can learn targetted treatments delivering skin may need, uncover beneficial therapies with one of London's popular licensed esthetician's for that well rested glow!

Day to Night System

My vision after over 25 years in the Cosmetic Industry is to deliver Skincare and Holistic Beauty therapies as an integral part of your daily pampering, health and well-being routine. By using massage and natural products to openly share knowledge of the benefits of detoxifying, exfoliating oils that encourage brightening during the ultimate bespoke circulation massage.

Having delivered my signature complimentary Virtual skin consultation lessons recently, my clients loved the simple massage techniques, and requested recorded lessons for them to use my services with their products at home. 

Using a selection of Ancient Wellness rituals from my extensive training, culture, and remedial massage movements, you will begin to experience the benefits of refined texture, smoother complexion. The customer will receive a total service that allows a deeper level of commitment, consultation and connection evoking a wonderful experience for both the client and their personal skin specialist and practitioner. 

Physical touch cannot be replaced, applying the correct amount of pressure to the skin, with guided massage technique during this time of increased anxiety and stress, can be essential to calm the mind, body and spirit anywhere or anytime. These signature massage techniques are perfect when you are not able to take a well deserved break, visit the Salon or Spa, bringing aromatics, and nature together especially when travelling, or simply missing your luxury ritual treatment.

Introducing the latest Beauty Secret to your Skincare Routine

Benefits of Massage
Your experience starts with abdominal breathing, beautiful natural oils, face clay masks, aromatic bespoke serums, combined with daily Massage. The treatment works to increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and supports oxygen detoxification. 

Massage therapy is beneficial to decrease tension in the neck, forehead, (including headaches) and aid muscle relaxation. This boost increases the circulation of the lymph, promotes smoother skin, a reduction in fine lines and dryness and ultimately increases energy levels aiding relaxation. There are different movements that can be used to alleviate a variety of symptoms, with simple techniques from a licensed professional you can bring fun, relaxation and home beauty at home cost effectively. 

During your private home sessions, you will enjoy the hands on techniques, capture and understand the full benefits of massage, all of which can be easily incorporated into your morning or night time routine.

Think of Massage like a shot of extra vitamins applied to your skin!
Spa massage is here to stay ...Working together we will introduce gentle massage steps, for face and body, view new cleansing and beauty products that can help to 'revolutionize' dull skin for all family members. 

Virtual Beauty has arrived with fun, home facial massage techniques for all ages, with friends, Girls Night, Hen parties, Birthdays, Corporate, Zoom sessions, even 1:1,  all available in your home or office comfortably.

Use Beauty and Massage #withmecherylhuggins to see improvements in skin tone and reduction of face and body muscle tension.  At the beginning of each LIVE session you will have a list of items and products to help the movements glide smoothly across the skin.

For dates and online classes follow me here on my Blogger or on my Insta link below

Virtual Beauty has arrived with fun home facial massages for all ages that encourage you to perform treatments on your own, with friends, Girls Night, Hen nights, Birthdays, Zoom sessions, even 1:1,  all available in your home comfortably.

For more details You can always contact me

Sun Protection Are you Covered?

When natural sunlight hits the skin, the damage can be detrimental, some of the best advice offered to me by a Dermatologist is to minimize the dangers of UV to the skin.  It would be wise to guarantee no over exposure to the sun and provide daily protection for face and full body.  Enjoy the warmth of the sun in moderation to avoid painful rash, skin sensitivity and harmful skin burn. 

We all have to be careful, regardless of skin age, skin tone and sensitivity. Whilst we can enjoy the vital elements of the sun and Vitamin D including its widely publicized health benefits for well-being. Getting far too much sun exposure can also have disastrous results, if you do not protect the skin carefully from harmful aggressors.

PLEASE Protect your skin from burning! 


A Chemical sunblock absorbs into the skin and absorbs the UV rays, it then converts the rays into heat and releases them from the body, with active chemical ingredients that can include oxybenzone, avobenzone and other substances. 
Mineral sunscreens are a safer bet and may contain zinc oxides and titanium dioxide which is considered safe and effective. More tolerated by those with sensitive skins, as the creams are not absorbed into the skin and sit on the surface and act as a screen that deflects the UV radiation.
Always use a cream, lotion and even protective makeup with a SPF Sun protection factor daily when exposed to ultraviolet risks, layering of the cosmetic products is also important.
For extra benefits apply 30 minutes prior to exposure re-applying every 2 hours or more especially when swimming. The basis for most sun induced skin protection is to provide  the skin from sun damage which is caused by sunlight and free radicals.


Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are not absorbed by the earth's ozone layer and can penetrate deeply onto the surface of the skin, and are always associated with wrinkles, fine lines and development of skin aging. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays damage the DNA in skin cells, and are the main causes of sunburn and skin cancers. 

There are no safe rays and they can, if not treated immediately cause serious damage to the skin, producing skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure is a significant factor in the development and further damage to our connective tissue which includes collagen and elastin fibres, If no protection is available, it may cause premature aging on the skin's surface.


When natural sunlight is present it triggers the body's natural production of vitamin D, which helps to support the immune system during the height of winter cold and flu seasons. Then the absorption helps with the production of calcium and bone growth which is a vital element of skin health. It also assists the body functions by reducing inflammation, can aid with the lowering of high blood pressure, known to improve brain function, by releasing the chemical messenger serotonin. Not to mention healing of wounds and supporting your immune systems well-being. 

Exposure to sunlight can also reduce depression, this is one of the reasons why during COVID 19 it was so important to spend time outdoors to alleviate your mood, calm sleep disorders and benefit difficult sleep patterns. 
Reduces stress by walking and getting out in the fresh air. 


Protection off most surfaces, UV Rays can bounce off most surfaces, including, water, sand, sea, snow or even pavements. 

The UV Index
Consider all other factors that may be affecting UV exposure
Seek shade between 11am and 3pm 
Protect your skin with suitable clothing, hats and sunglasses that block UV rays 
Use sunscreen at least a factor 30 
Protect ALL children from the sun take extra care especially babies.
Seek help if you burn, blister, feel dizzy or have headaches.

Keep your skin safe while you have fun in the sun, I have tried and love the Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle SPF50 Face Suncare Cream its Lightweight and non-sticky. This fabulous formula defends your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays with an amazing SPF50 protection, the added bonus is that the lotion doesn’t leave white marks on most skin tones or even show beneath makeup, keeping you safe with an invisible shield.

The lotion has a special reef-friendly formula that is non-toxic to marine life, letting you swim safely without harming the environment.

Make an informed choice for your Sun Care products, read and ensure the focus is on the active ingredients contained, to enable to sun protection you need for you and your family. 
Decide what is suitable for your individual needs, specific skin concerns and your ethical choice, would you prefer Chemical or Mineral protection.

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