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Urban Garden My Allotment Journey

                                     Beginners Allotment Journey 

I am so excited two weeks ago I was given the opportunity  to have a small plot on my local allotment, after waiting 2 years!
I'm learning it's all in the planning, and crop rotation. With all the excitement that comes with getting your new plot, the planning stages of a new journey can be so stressful and organising is the most important aspect. There were cabbages, potatoes, brussel sprouts, leeks on my patch, today i decided to cleanse and start from scratch. 
Making my plot organic as possible, here we go ... 

Day 1 

I have no idea where to start, what to plant, and grow, I have joined a few gardening and allotment groups and overwhelmed with the information and support they have supplied, and cannot wait to start this journey and share it with you all.

My Allotment garden toilet 

Digging and turning the soil in preparation for the herbs, vegetables and flowers that I want to grow.

Are you a keen gardener? Do you have an allotment or grow vegetables drop me a message or join me on Instagram on the link below with your messages!


Covid 19 One Year On

One year on 23rd March 2020

Let us Remember and Reflect on the past year, with Prayer.

Take precious time, on this memorable day to reflect on the past year. This Pandemic has affected every human being on the planet. We need to fill our hearts with empathy for all of the families that have lost loved ones.

We have been, and are still going through everyday, this has been one of the most difficult times this generation, has ever had to face. It has been difficult to endure the year long solitude and isolation from our families and close friends.

In the UK over 126,000 people have lost their lives, it is such a sad time. 
I am personally sending prayers to all my followers, and people of this Earth, all the families who have lost their loved ones during this devastating and unprecedented time.

Let's look forward, bringing a new beginning to life, lets make those who have transitioned, to another realm, make them proud of our continued efforts.
Live with kindness, courage and compassion for all. 
Take a few moments to show gratitude for all the services, congratulate staff who have been working unselfishly, to ensure our wellbeing everyday.
From the clerk in the store, nurses, teachers, hospital workers, to the garbage removal workers, they are working diligently in difficult circumstances to provide assistance for your needs.. We need these teams of special front line people to do their best and we must do the same.

Take a moment to think of those behind the scenes, who have kept our Countries up and running, ensuring we can eat, stay safe and well protected throughout this pandemic. These are ordinary people,  working special front line people, doing their best and we must do the same. 

This Pandemic has left many lonely, with lives on pause. 

Let's look to the International future of this planet, with hope, and reverence. 
I pray we can work together without predjudice or malice, in these challenging times. 
Be kind and forever generous to those who come from different background, cultures, and religious beliefs, here at home in the UK and globally.

With the possibility of a new 4th surge of the Covid19 virus, the UK Prime Minister is delivering news daily...with the possibility of further lockdowns.

Look after your mental health, check in on neighbours, family and friends with a call, live feed or a text. 

Please stay strong, stay safe.

#bekind #oneyearon #Covid19 #pandemic 

Sharing Peace and Love 

Cheryl xx

How To Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

This year why not indulge in the minimalist lifestyle, and  totally indulge in the perfect opportunity to purchase a multi-functioning luxury beauty product, whilst choosing new ranges of masks, exfoliation creams, and serums. 
Whilst the real intention is to replenishing your old or out of date beauty items. why not have a deep clean cleansing spree clearing those closets in one big swoop. 
Top Tips for Beauty De-clutter 

If its out of date, smells or looks separated,  a strange colour, or even a thick or runny texture BIN IT!
Be harsh, share, sell or gift unwanted items that have perfect packaging and still in date, purchase pretty or new storage boxes to vamp a tired bathroom. Do you have too many of one item? Why not swap with friends, checking for dates, texture and usability.

GET RID, old mascaras, lipsticks, creams, body lotions, makeup brushes, and those foundation filled makeup sponges, include any item that you have not used in the last 6- 9 months, smell them check dates then yes BIN THEM!

 Spring Clean your Makeup and Skin care 

By seriously revamping our beauty game, and researching the growing brands of ethically friendly skincare, enjoy the benefits of deeply nourishing organic lavender spritzers, fabulous lotions, and potions lockdown is the perfect time to replace and update our closets. 
Now is the time to seize the opportunity to achieve the best texture EVER  by making great choices for your uncluttered beauty space ! 

Have you tried Vegan or Organically friendly brands, or do you prefer Premium anti-age peels and serums? Body oils are a must, for softening feet, legs and arms whilst banishing pimples, and flaky dryness. 
Congratulations you are now on your way to preparing the skin for much warmer Spring weather. 
During the harsh winter months, we are all guilty of stripping the skin of essential moisture, with excessive amounts of daily exfoliation, with over cleansing. The skin is sensitive, and can age terribly in frighteningly hot bath and shower temperatures, but also permanent damage to the blood vessels can occur. Avoid this practice at all costs, and ensure that whilst in the shower you use lukewarm water on the face, to retain the essential moisture and to avoid early signs of ageing skin. 
Benefits of Natural Clay Masks

Clay and Charcoal masks in particular, contain elements that have been used by Queens for centuries, because of the power to gently remove skin dirt, nourish and rejuvenate naturally. When using Retinols or Active Skin Peels, take advice from specialists.  You can easily rob the skin of its natural plumped healthy look, if not used effectively or overused, this can lead to the removing of vital amounts of natural oil and moisture. Treat the skin to exfoliation masks, but also ensure sure that you pack those super invigorating essences, mists, serums and oils, they smell simply fabulous too!!

Over cleansing and daily removal of the skins natural PH balance, can leave the skin with fine lines of dehydration, flaky patches of dryness, and over stimulated oily blemished, super sensitive skin. Clay Masking could be introduced alongside your routine once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, skin condition, and product ingredients.
Image by Felix Wolf 
Professional Guidance 

The best option is to use a professional dermatologist if you have a skin concern, skin specialist for treatments, or purchase richer, more vitamin enriched moisturizers to create the best skin care routine that is bespoke and tailored just for you. There are wonderful products in the Beauty Industry, that deliver highly active encapsulated formulas, within a luxurious texture. By adding a few essential anti-oxidants, super seed products you will see the results immediately. Protecting the skin from environmental damage, harsh elements, and sun damage you can roll back the year's and enjoy a radiant glow, with a softer more balanced skin texture. 

You will see a huge boost in the skin health and condition, if you also add to your routine recommended Sun protection on a daily basis. There are many fabulous  SPF30 products that will block or absorb the harmful rays. This is available in Chemical sunscreens and also Organic.  The sun whilst great for a feel good factor is also, so detrimental to the condition of the skin. 
In addition, a few drops of facial elixirs, or serums applied at night will re-hydrate the skin, I also love to include a few blends of plant based essences to calm and relax for my night-time routine.

A Spring ready detox is the perfect way to start the year, ensure that your daily self care supplements include the best mineral and vitamin products you can afford, to boost your circulation, and allow your health, mind, body and skin to maintain a healthy system. 

Natural skincare 

Leading skincare specialists believe as the the milder weather approaches external factors wind, rain and sun can cause more sensitivity on the surface of the skin, which may lead to seasonal 'break outs'. Our bodies produce oils known as sebum to naturally protect the acid mantle or PH balance to regulate the levels of water and oil on the surface however as we age, the production of this vital oil is slowing down. 
Begin to use recommended Sun protection on a daily basis, find SPF products that will block or absorb the harmful rays, that are so detrimental to the condition of the skin. In addition, a few drops of facial elixirs, or include a few blends of plant based essences to calm and relax.
A Spring ready detox is the perfect way to start 2020, ensure that your daily self care supplements include the best mineral and vitamin products you can afford, to boost your circulation, and allow your health, mind, body and skin to maintain a healthy system. 

Read all product labels, try banish all or most chemical toxicity from your skincare routine for the safest results. The Industry has so many amazing organic plant based skincare brands that do not endorse the use of unsafe methods, begin by experimenting with natural fragrances and explore products that are 'clean' or Vegan with no animal testing.( look out for the bunny or ECO-CERT labelling.

Lets all try to be more aware and educate ourselves, by adjusting what we are putting on our skin and in our bodies. 

The best spring clean for the skin is now available to everyone thanks to the power of increased blood circulation with massage, a great balanced diet, plenty of exercise and carefully sourced beauty products, that are proudly placed in our clean and beautifully adorned shelves! 

Join me on this skincare journey, to achieve an inspiring new moon detox for the best can possible have this year!

Contact me on social media or leave a message with your contact details to book a FREE skin analysis, that includes a consultation to start your Beauty De-tox with a licensed Professional.
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Cheryl xoxo

Natural skincare 

FaceClays Natural Beauty Mask

FACECLAYS a system that delivers optimal skin radiance naturally and gently with beautiful results for all skin types and all ages!

 I was excited to discover that with the new health and COVID 19 safety guidelines globally, many women also shared my core beauty values, and were also looking to explore traditions of natural, ethically balanced beauty, for their busy and hectic lifestyles. 
The way forward with skincare showed an embracing of minimalist, results driven beauty.

A more bespoke specialist treatment that involved customers, clients and you tailoring your beauty rituals to suit your lifestyle.

SHOP and buy your exclusive Beauty Mask HERE  faceclays

 I am proud to share my affordable premium pure system for all skin types, tones and all ages.

FaceClays Natural Pure clay

Beauty, Makeup and skincare has been my passion and life for more than 30 years.
I have been fortunate within my Career, to have had the opportunity to work and learn, from best educators in Makeup and Cosmetic Industry London. 

Whilst learning traditional holistic facials from Japan, exploring luxury face and body techniques in Paris. This effortless, multi-action skincare product, is considered one of the world's most powerful facial cleanser, from the natural power of the Earth.  

I dedicated my amazing skincare journey, to deliver a beautiful fine clay that is perfect for all skin types. Clay masks deliver superior skin renewal, with gentle exfoliation, and may be used once a week to draw out toxins and impurities if used weekly. This clay is a high grade clay that is ultra pure and clean, I have sourced a non-ionized clay without preservatives, that comes from isolated quarries in a wild environment. The excellent mineral content offers far superior properties than most clay products. 

After months of independent testing and research, I am so excited to announce that in March 2021, I will be launching my first ever natural and cruelty-free facial product.  


The Benefits of FaceClays 

I have studied many of the original concepts of healing beauty rituals, and now embrace the use of Clay Masks within my prescriptive bespoke beauty therapies.
 A mild white clay that is 100% naturally sourced and works ethically alongside organic beauty, that promotes healthy skin, with Ayurveda Beauty, Aromatherapy and Holistic therapies.

 It is amazing to see and work with skin, that is becoming free from allergies, redness, and irritation. Additionally, during Covid 19 many people experienced breakouts, pimples, redness, acne or Mask acne from the continual wearing of facemask coverings.

What is Ayurveda Beauty?

The very first skincare products in ancient history, were made from CLAY, they had face masks, hair and body treatments, including heated poultices and herbal medicines. The term Ayurveda in holistic beauty means 'balancing life'  bringing about a connection with Wellness, that will nourish the mind, body and cares for the protection of the planet.

  In Ancient history it is documented that Queens and Royal families across many continents, used clays for traditional ceremonial rituals, always harnessing its power to heal the mind and body on a daily basis.
 Using natural clay products has been a joy, especially when providing clients with the first steps to minimal beauty, a clean eco-conscious skin care system. This clay is called china clay or white clay, and is one of the oldest Earth's clays, providing the most gentle, cleansing and soothing protection for everyone. 

Key Benefits of Pure Radiance FaceClay Mask 

  • Helps to reduce congestion, calming, deep cleanse impurities, anti-bacterial properties, effective treatment against pollutants and forms of acne.
  • Good for normal, sensitive, allergy prone, men, mature, congested dull and youthful blemish prone skin.
  • Tones, brightens, freshens, reduces redness and repairs the skin, helping to redefine natural contours.
  • Made with natural pure, fine quality grade, 100% cruelty-free kaolin clay, is vegan friendly. Its healing powers were adored by many Queens including Nefertiti, Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba used some of the worlds best and natural clays  for their miracle skincare routines.

How to make your Mask 

FaceClays Radiance Mask makes it perfect addition to your beauty routine, especially for calming and soothing the most sensitive, or irritated of skins in one product. Apply and leave on clean skin, rinse off and apply your favourite moisturizer.

The consistency of your clay mask on application, should resemble that of  toothpaste, with a lump-free smooth texture. Use a small amount of spring water, a pure balancing herbal or pure water to mix and make your clay mask.
 Make a wonderful paste texture that is easily applied with a brush or your hands to your face and neck.

The results... radiant skin working in harmony to achieve a natural glow

HOW to USE your Mask 

Apply your mask to clean skin.

Wash or rinse off the mask BEFORE it is completely hard for best results.

Regular weekly use of your mask will keep the skin healthy, calm and soothed, 

Makeup application will be easier, skin will be less irritated, redness calmed and fine lines of dehydration smoothed.

 Congested pores refined, the detox action will balancing the skins natural ritual of repair if used, on a weekly basis.

15 minutes or less for oily, congested skin

10 minutes or less for normal and combination skin

5 minutes or less for dry and mature skin

Small amounts of clay can be mixed and used as a spot or blemish treatment

 (back acne included)

If you have allergies or sensitivities Patch test behind the ear 48 hours before use.

Please contact your doctor should any irritation arise wash off product do not use any creams or medicated product. 

FaceClays and Cheryl Huggins take no responsibility or liability for irritation or rashes please contact for discussion or consultation.

How to PRE_ORDER your Clay 


FaceClays £10.00 not including £2.95 post + packing

Available March 2021

This exclusive Radiance Face Mask is now for purchase TODAY 

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SHOP order your faceclays HERE

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KISSES 💖Cheryl xx

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How to Do a Facial at Home


Facials are simply one of the most relaxing things you can do to alleviate stress.
By relaxing the facial muscles, you are working the systems to alleviate shoulder tension, and even begin to soothe headaches. Now is the time to enjoy a luxurious pamper. During this period of isolation and self-protection I will show you how to give yourself a spa-quality facial in the privacy of your home.
C L A S S   C O N T E N T

1.You will learn simple tricks that add value to your current skincare routine
 How to prepare for a Home Beauty luxurious self-care pamper session

2.Facial Beauty Routine 

3. Learn how Natural Radiance FaceClay masks, reveal a calmer, smoother, brighter complexion

B E N E F I T S 

To spread a little relaxation Joy and Fun for all the family 

Cleanse face and skin thoroughly 

Improve skin condition

What tools do I need?


bowl of warm water + face cloth 

facemask or oats + water 

natural face mist or toner 

Apply your favourite face oil or moisturizer or serum    

Join me on Facebook LIVE Wednesday 13th 11am GMT UK

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For your Virtual 30 minute Beauty class 

 'How to create a Facial Spa' like a Pro!

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Cheryl Huggins is fully Certificated and licensed professional for over 30 years 

Skincare specialist trained with 



 Guerlain Ecole Institute  Paris advanced therapist (facials+body )

La Sultane de Saba (Facial + Body) 

Neals Yard 

Organic Pharmacy Skincare Specialist 

Rodial ( 2020 Retail specialist winner ) 

Mac Cosmetics retail artist 

Eve Taylor   


Lycon Advanced precision Waxing 

Fake Bake Spray Tanning

Lash perfect Eyelash extensions 

Massage Specialist

2021 January Cheryl Huggins is Not affiliated with any MLM or receives any renumeration for any sponsorship 

All recommendations are my own.

FREE Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

LIVE Natural Massage Tutorial

When Wellness Wednesdays 
Time 7pm -7.30pm Facebook  8pm - 8.30pm Instagram 

Facial Massage Relaxation virtual classes from 5th August 20

The art of massage, is to improve the blood and energy circulation, and to promote the elimination of toxins by releasing tension in the face, neck, shoulders and the back. This ancient ritual is an essential indulgence for your skin, soothing pressure and firm touch provides anti-aging and relaxation techniques to consistently energize and visibly smooth dull looking, skin.

Enjoy that extended summer glow!

A truly amazing facial massage, can transport you to another place of comfort, increase the feeling of well-being using 'finger pressure' to relax, calm the mind and detox the stressors in the body.  providing instant relaxation to release muscles, tension and stress maximizing the use of your skincare products. 
the better the skin the more radiant your makeup will be, enjoy that extended summer glow.

With over 40 muscles in the face, applying firm pressure on the surface of the skin, using specific warming techniques at the start of the day, you can immediately feel the effect on the skin's system. Working with great oils is key, the natural balance and harmony to the nervous system is restored.


Organic oils are great to use, as we age the skin loses moisture and fine lines and wrinkles appear, we need oils, creams and serums that provide hydration, by using an anti-aging oil you will be slowing down natural oil production and balancing the skin. . There are numerous brands whose ingredients are derived from the best plant extracts, barks, flowers or even stems, not tested on animals or contain any toxic chemicals. As a professional I will always recommend this type of oil first however use what you have in your bathroom to start. 

The more blood that is pumped to the surface of the skin by the action of the massage, increases 
A light self massage is a great way to relax increase your mind and body in times of anxiety and stress, whilst having those regular visits to the salon or therapist should not be missed.

The top celebrity facialists recommend Marula, Rosehip oil, Chamomile, and Argan oil all have essential vitamins and minerals for the skin and can be added with the application of your moisturizer, or cleanser, especially at nighttime. 

Add caption

How often should I massage? 

A light 2-5 minute massage daily is a wonderful way to relax, after a stressful day use the oils in the evening and mix with a few drops of a nourishing vitamin enriched oil, 


If you are concerned at ALL for any health or skin conditions check with your medical practitioner,  watch the LIVE massage session and you can join the massage at a later date as it will be saved on a social media platforms.

Who is it for 
Massage is for everyone without any pre-exsisting conditions, any age, men, women all family members. providing all health and safety guidelines are adhered to.

Prepare to massage for health and safety
Wash your hands and pay particular attention to nails, especially acrylic shellac and any other covering of the natural nail plate. Use the COVID 19 rules and method leaving no soap product on the surface of the skin, any residue will be transferred and the chemicals could be too harsh for the skin on the face. Keep natural nails to a short smooth length so avoid scratches. 
Once you are ready I will guide you, to use the traditional massage techniques to help with application of serums and oils on a daily basis. It is an amazing holistic practice, with a small amount of pressure you can feel that tension and stress slipping away. Keep the hair off the face, with a hairband or turban keeping the forehead and ears free. 

What are the best oils to use 
Choose a natural oil, or Serum that will provide slip and not drag the skin, or you can use your face moisturizer, softening those fine lines and smoothing out those memorable expression lines of dehydration.

A strappy top,vest or off the shoulder teeshirt will be fabulous for your session, ensure that you drink plenty of water after your therapy to rehydrate the body and aid the flushing of toxins, waste and congestion.

This therapeutic massage class can be very relaxing, so find a comfy seat, warm room for your on your own or with family and group of friends!  
Enjoy 40 minutes of gentle fun and essential anti-age skin pampering with natural oils, creams and love. 

Massage with me will be launched on Facebook Live Wednesdays  

IGTV on Instagram on Wellness Wednesdays  

Cheryl Huggins is a professional and licensed Esthetician, Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist and noted Educator with over 30 years in the Beauty Fashion and Media  Industry.
Cheryl does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

Valentines Day Beauty Special offer

                                     Valentines Beauty and Makeup 

If you are tired and run-down, or truly in need of a skin treat, a good home spa facial is the perfect way to make yourself look and feel more beautiful. 

Using hand blended products, organic and sleep inducing techniques, this bespoke facial therapy will leave your skin, brighter, smoother and radiant. 

Give a loved one a Gift of Beauty this Valentines with one of London’s experienced facialist private services in the comfort of your home. 

Book your virtual gift and receive your beauty certificate for 1 hour of Luxury.


Professional Make-up Artist Beauty classes
Cheryl Huggins is one of London's most popular, and highly recommended make-up artist and skincare specialists. During her extensive career she has worked for some of the biggest names in the beauty industry. including Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder Group, Guerlain Cosmetics in London and Paris, Mac Cosmetics , Shiseido, Lancome, Huda Beauty and one of the favourite brands of Kylie Jenner 'Rodial'. 
With a career spanning more than 20 years, working with celebrity clients, Music, Modelling, Fashion, TV, Media across the genres of Music, Cheryl Huggins brings you private makeup lessons. Creating a bespoke look that enhances your own unique features, delivering your natural beauty.
All services available for everyone all ages from teens to adults, all skin tones and genders welcome.

Valentines Gift Voucher offer price of from £55

                         makeup application for Zoom + special events

How to look your best for all Business and Corporate Images

                "Most of us are happy to Zoom or conference call, in sweats its time for that to change and bring back Glamour" 

Cheryl Huggins MUA

The power of a well posed, confident image should never be underestimated. A great company business head-shot should last . All of your images should be well lit, with a great welcoming smile that will still capture your clients social media platforms and if you are using Zooms or conference calls.
You must decide if your corporate image will be used for still or moving images. Will they be head-shots only. Will  you require a full length photo, for example if you are a service business, think gardener, personal fitness trainer, chef, or florist.
The best looks for photographic purposes especially corporate and small businesses would be that of a newsreader, weatherman or TV host or anchor woman. The image on screen is then classic, and easily available to be posted on any platform at a moments notice. Wrinkles, or ill fitting and damaged clothing can be a distraction to your online image. Always keep everything groomed and classic according to your industry, website, and the social media platform you will be featured on. 
Men take a look at Barack Obama, and David Beckham.. for stylish corporate business looks! Maybe a dressed down approach would be more suited to your services. A valuable and easy objective for you to achieve, would be to ensure your photographic session captures images, that share your company ethos and brand style. This will emphasize the great service your provide for your company and your customers on a daily basis.
In today's fast paced society and most people hosting zoom and LIVE tutorials in many different setting most corporate businesses have moved online and financial pressure will insist on having that perfectly organized online presence. 

Just look at the television, most hosts are recording from home and will portray a version of their TV persona. If you are a small business owner, now is the perfect time to remove Homer Simpson and your family holiday sunbathing photos, from your corporate profile and create a online image for you and your brand.

Each platform will have specific audiences, be aware and check that you are sending the correct images and presence to all of your social media audience.  

Your personal choices for style and image should be flattering, plan ahead to ensure you look great for every online business meeting from head to toe, I still insist clients do this even if they are working from home.
This rule also applies to looking happy, successful and positive, exuding a high level of confidence on camera will greatly improve your business. Why not create an album of well poised corporate photographs that can be used at a moments notice.

Lorraine Gill Holistic Therapist IIHHT/MFHT

Make contact with a recommended photographer, look at their work and book your session, to ensure great industry related images.  Another important area would be to enlist the assistance of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. This option can be expensive however, in this ever changing competitive world image  is everything, this will be one of the best investments for your career and business.
Book a telephone consultation with your team prior to your shoot, complete with a follow up email for confirmation to ensure your feel confident and have they have answered all of your questions.
Here are some questions they should be able to answer for a great session!
How many outfits? What colour's should I avoid wearing?
What type of lighting, are you using? 
Venue? or home?  The predicted weather for the day?
How long will be needed for the shoot, what time should I book makeup and hair? 

I never wear makeup will it be ok to go natural on camera?

I will be taking the photos on my phone, how can I look professional?


A professional photographer, makeup artist or stylist can answer these questions before your session giving you complete confidence for your day. 
If you decide to shoot your photo-session with your own camera or phone, the same questions will apply. Don't forget to work as near as possible to the natural light and check the stand and height of your camera placement, so that you are in clear vision. Always check your background, which will be visible on camera.  
Makeup + Beauty on camera
When it comes to makeup, it would be best to speak with a pro-makeup artist to understand the effects of lighting on your skin, lighting can create shadows this can age or hi-light areas be wish to disguise. Learn how will it effect the colour's, tones and look of your makeup application and hair style.
A light application is always best! This will help to reduce the natural shine on the skin, delivering a radiant and flawless look. This also applies to men, clean shaven or groomed beard, just look clean and fresh. Organize your hair make sure that it’s clean and tidy, regular Spa or home facials will keep the skin clear, treat any blemishes, ensure you keep yourself hydrated daily for natural beauty.

I provide a full consultation free prior to any booking to discuss your needs, clients can then have a clear vision and achievable outcomes for the session. Makeup lessons are the best way to have complete understanding on appearing on camera with additional guidance on flattering colour's and lighting. If you are applying the makeup for your professional 'selfie' a trial run is always recommended.

Fashion Influencer Bubrrece


Most photographers will use a flash or include additional digital lighting, this is to ensure that they can get the most flattering image of you when transferring the images to a high resolution digital format. However one of the disadvantages of harsh studio and digital photography lighting, is that it will emphasize every imperfection. 
You may find that you naturally have a shiny forehead or cheek area, especially in summer or warmer climates, so I would recommend that your face is beautifully cleansed and lightly moisturized with oil-free products.  Men should try and deep cleanse the skin, a day before. Use a Clay mask to remove dark pores, groom brows, trim nose hairs and treat dry hands with moisturizer at night if your hands are in close up for your photographs. 
Spending long hours in front of a PC, late nights and poor diet, can lead to looking tired, especially those who are prone to dark circles. Increase your liquid intake, and get some fresh air and rest to achieve the best images. If you have darker under eye area then applying a light concealer under the eyes (blending patting a small amount) that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, will help to diminish those dark shadows.

Business Headshot. Beauty Image Makeup Services 


A fantastic tip, for wearers of glasses, when you’re having your photo taken, make sure you push your glasses back as far as they will go. Often glasses just slip slightly down the nose and tend to cover your eyes slightly. In profile photos, it’s really important to see your eyes, once the glasses are pushed back it will show off your eyes perfectly. 

Ruth Clark from Oasis Accountants  


Don't wear white as your main block colour, you can easily wear white under a suit but ask advice from your photographer. Try a mixture of contrast colour's or flattering muted tones, as an extra precaution, take a couple of images in natural light, photograph yourself in the mirror on your phone, and see what looks good for you. Patterns that are too busy can be distracting, however, pastels and soft muted patterns look fabulous. If you are not confident enlist an accredited fashion stylist to achieve your desired look my favourite is clarisciagillcouture who always ensures her clients look amazing on camera, live or for any corporate or private event.
Allison Halliday from Halliday Communications 

Naturally groom your eyebrows, tweeze or wax as you would on a daily basis, prepare your skin with nourishing moisturizers and hydrating sprays.
Makeup looks much better when your skin is healthy and clear. Use professional makeup products, ethically these are better for your skin, but with additional long lasting makeup, you can easily maintain your look to stay in place perfectly.
Keep it simple Keep it natural – less product is so much more flattering, especially when it comes to a business makeup.   
Your face is your best canvas, apply a sheer dusting of loose powder, to set your makeup and make it last. Matte finish is always more appropriate for that business headshot, as it removes that shine. Finish your look with a pop of peach toned blush to the apples of your cheeks, lashings of mascara, natural lipstick or balm for the lip and you already look more confident, fresh and ready for Camera action. 

I offer a virtual makeup service, this specialized service is available for any skin tone, all ages. The benefits to using a makeup artist is that you will
 look radiant, in every photo or online giving you the confidence to wear makeup, or use natural makeup techniques without overpowering your business look.
Working my magic with clients!

Take a deep breath and relax, feel confident in the knowledge that you have practiced, booked professional guidance and looking your best. 

Business Headshots 
Photography Courtesy 
All Makeup by Cheryl Huggins Subscribe Like or Comment

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