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Bargin Brits Reality TV Recording

Being able to provide your personal life journey for a reality television show, is something that we all think we would be equipped to do,within a moments notice, especially if you have a voice or story to tell to world... but would I be able to do this within 48 hours.

Last week, my life changed for 2 days, with the arrival of a television crew and hours of really intense filming with a fantastic Director and production team.

How does Reality TV work? Did you watch or do you remember The Osbournes show that was hosted by Sharon Osbourne and her family, with her famous Rocker husband Ozzie Osbourne. We lived with them shared the highs and lows.  Most recently, the success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, have, over the last seventeen years, transformed our view of celebrity life and how we view the microvision of the amazing lifestyle that they live.

Setting up camera locations in my lounge 

The camera and edits will capture all the footage that the show Director wants the audience to see. 
We understand the role of these great TV shows, they dig deep and make the unbelievable, believable allowing the platform and audience to see the persona everyone can relate to. This is a huge part of the platforms that hosts a great reality TV show. Every person has a life story, cause or journey that they wish to share with the world. 
By allowing people into your home is the weirdest and bravest thing I have EVER done, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic with social distancing.
My journey during this time is one that I hope many people will relate to.

Being a makeup artist on set at fashion shows, filming TV campaigns, private clients and working backstage was my life. By taking part in this documentary with my life as part of the focus allowed me to share my story. 
Filming changes the strategy, being front and centre for a TV reality show, brings the focus to YOU personally, and if my story touches one person I will be very happy.

Bargain Brits coming February 2021

For most small businesses,  reality TV is one of the most inclusive touch points and directly links all of your followers from multiple platforms. These two days were fun, intense, and very professional. Keeping to the Government social distancing guidelines, the crew followed my every move, during the day for 48 hours.

Finding that personal connection and sharing with a fantastic audience, and your wonderful followers. This fly on the wall connection, is always great to watch, needing a little drama and personal stories, hosted by a great crew and professionally capturing your story and exclusive footage.

Today, reality television has played an integral part by launching the careers of many household names including Cardi B who rose to fame from her awesome 2 episodes from Love and Hip Hop. Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel who sold her Skinny Girl Liquor for an estimated 100 million dollars, she founded the company after her appearance on the popular Housewives Television show by creator Ryan Seacrest.

Skincare MasterClass How to look after your skin
Thank you, Clariscia Gill of CG Couture, Ella and Leonora of Leonor Macramaker 
I love hosting socially distanced Master Classes to show women and men how to use your skincare effectively, on a budget. How to make skincare products, making your own body organic oils. 
In addition I am so excited to fully launch my facial self massage classes that will be Live Streamed weekly from November 2020.

During the lockdown I was in the process of launching my first skincare for you, it contains has no chemicals, not tested on animals and delivers a deep cleanse to purify and nourish all skin types. I am so proud of my product and its creation was directed by the information that my followers have requested.
Thank you all so much for your support, I was constantly working to find a tried and tested product that would be loved by many clients, who wish to achieve great clean skin, in a  in London and across the United Kingdom. I am so excited to bring to you this, clean toxic-free  product during 2020. I have suffered some financial setbacks during the Covid19 lockdown and had to shift my employment structure as a temporary measure.
Keep tuning into this blog to be able to purchase exclusively at the VIP pre-launch next month just for you guys. 

Pro Tip 
If you are starting a small company telling your story or journey on reality TV, YouTube or film, it is truly one of the best ways to shine a light on your brand. Take a leap of faith if the opportunity arises.. do your homework, collaborate and ensure you are legally covered and that the production team are delivering your content to your audience in the best way possible..

I hope that you love my appearance on the 10 week reality show, let me know if there are any skincare or beauty concerns you may have and don't forget to keep showing some love.. and I promise to send out all the dates and programming details very soon. 

I had a fantastic 2 days working with the Director Simon and technical assistant Dan, who were so amazing, they both totally put me at ease so we were able to complete the documentary. 

Love to you all

Cheryl xx

#Staysafe #BeKind 

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Clariscia Gill of CG Couture

Leonor Macramaker

Great Self - CareTips during Covid 19

 Are you ready to indulge with some much needed self-care 

Take control, beautiful Ladies 

Schedule personal blocks of time to relax and unwind, however if you are at home or sharing space in accommodation or even have children in University digs, living with extended family. You may need to step up and speak up using the powers of compromise to balance the specific time you wish to be alone to totally de-stress. Book the family space, your bedroom, for your personal chill time. Self love is accepting your total self, faults and all without comparing your coping mechanisms to other friends and family members.

Use this time to disconnect from the world, media, business, politics..

There are so many methods available, try and protect your mental health during this COVID 19 Pandemic. This can be such a scary unsettling time, unfortunately can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It is important to make time to reflect, gather thoughts, including fresh air, daily exercise and healthy eating. 

Learning or adapting our way of planning or setting some sort of routine is vital, and to have the ability to change or accept failures by lowering goals and expectations will be paramount in moving through this new normal, specially for those who are in isolation or live on their own.

I try to switch off all my devices at the weekend, its a great idea to maybe include a set time where you take a break, without the stress of the news, world stress within your headspace for a few hours. leave those emails, stop checking the social media its all too much...

For health and wellness safety, be mindful to inhale and breathe, from the stomach slowly and deeply, especially whilst sitting in a comfortable chair, or on your bed. This will work to make more carbon dioxide, which in turn also helps synchronize your heartbeat and breathing. 

Make use of hydrating facial mists to begin your day, to tone and refresh the skin, breathe in Lavender, jasmine or roses, your olfactory system and senses love fragrances. Why not use the time to try something new or give yourself extra time to practice mindfulness or begin writing a novel and the popular gratitude journal.
Now you are nearly set to begin your small adaptations to your life whilst taking your mind off the stress of the world. Putting in place these small steps, can help you overcome those 'deep dive' anxious and stressful panicky moments.

Use music, reading, escapism, dive into a warm bath with safe organic body oils, book a relaxation massage or self-care facial, keep the pressure off with great small things to look forward to. I have been super busy with clients for headache, back massages, relaxation  facials to bring back the natural senses and alleviate the constant noise of LIFE.
Treat yourself and your home to scented candles and incense, pop on your headphones and join the millions of people who tune in to find really informative podcasts.
lose yourself with great chat shows on your favourite hobbies, and don't forget to join in, the local community chat.

I find walking and download a selection of fun exercise apps, and brutal boot camp group classes, check them out daily online!
Dedicate the same time, each day to get that boost to your immune system. I try to walk very early in the morning to take in the beautiful parks and green space in my local area, keeping in mind social distancing. The best way is to stick to a daily routine you will enjoy the health and skin benefits and look forward to the new adventures during this unprecedented time. 

Doing much needed housework, include walking up and down the stairs, even skipping is another great way to aid your mobility and to get moving. Always look for new ways to get your groove on, I enjoyed learning a new dance routine, great trainer led workouts on YouTube, I had so much fun doing this recently on the weekend.

Combat any feelings of stress, spend time catching up with friends, enjoy a long girly chat or go live for extra entertainment value. During the lockdown why not host a Halloween Costume competition for your mum friends, or a popup girls Zoom night that could include Wine o'clock.. this is great fun, a few ladies in my social network group have created their own regular themed drinks night!

Networking groups or community creative platforms are a great way to make new friends, keeping your mind off the challenges facing us all. Visit  Art, Poetry, Cooking, Languages, Sewing and so popular right now the growing boom in homemade crafts, check out ETSY you will become obsessed!
Maybe create and develop beauty fashion and family scrapbooks, start drawing and maybe include experimenting water colour's a true artist. Makeup and skincare play with selfie time is a MUST.

I am totally addicted to both Etsy and Pintrest are you?

Establish a morning and evening routine that includes self care. 
  • Dedicate time to be thankful with meditation or verbal gratitude for your personal achievements, every day no matter how small your goal or achievement.

  • Schedule days off and relaxation moments without feeling guilty!
  • Get plenty of sleep and cut down on alcohol.
  • Reflect on two of the best things daily that happened to you in your life and plan your next move.
  • Use positive, language and lots of self-talk to stay motivated.

During the first 4 months of lockdown in the UK, I painted all the old garden fences at my home, what do you think...check out the image below.
DIY and decorating was my saving grace during lockdown in the UK, take a look at Pintrest
I am totally addicted are you?

So proud of my DIY achievements, I found it so relaxing painting my fences, I included in my daily ritual of hand painting, a breakfast herbal tea.  
Transformation time from my dull brown garden fence, to this high impact black fence that I love... #gardengoals  

Self love is accepting your total self with praise!

There is a whole new world to explore, get your phones take photos and look for the beauty in the world around you, and let your creativity flow for a restful and beneficial well deserved self-care session lets keep active emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Love you guys 

Cheryl xx


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