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Sun Protection for the family

Sun protection is needed for all family members...When natural sunlight hits the skin, the damage can be detrimental, some of the best advice offered to me by a Dermatologist is to minimize the dangers of UV to the skin.  It would be wise to guarantee no over exposure to the sun and provide daily protection for face and full body.  Enjoy the warmth of the sun in moderation to avoid painful rash, skin sensitivity and harmful skin burn. 

We all have to be careful, regardless of skin age, skin tone and sensitivity. Whilst we can enjoy the vital elements of the sun and Vitamin D including its widely publicized health benefits for well-being. Getting far too much sun exposure can also have disastrous results, if you do not protect the skin carefully from harmful aggressors.

PLEASE Protect your skin from burning! 


A Chemical sunblock absorbs into the skin and absorbs the UV rays, it then converts the rays into heat and releases them from the body, with active chemical ingredients that can include oxybenzone, avobenzone and other substances. 
Mineral sunscreens are a safer bet and may contain zinc oxides and titanium dioxide which is considered safe and effective. More tolerated by those with sensitive skins, as the creams are not absorbed into the skin and sit on the surface and act as a screen that deflects the UV radiation.
Always use a cream, lotion and even protective makeup with a SPF Sun protection factor daily when exposed to ultraviolet risks, layering of the cosmetic products is also important.
For extra benefits apply 30 minutes prior to exposure re-applying every 2 hours or more especially when swimming. The basis for most sun induced skin protection is to provide  the skin from sun damage which is caused by sunlight and free radicals.


Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are not absorbed by the earth's ozone layer and can penetrate deeply onto the surface of the skin, and are always associated with wrinkles, fine lines and development of skin aging. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays damage the DNA in skin cells, and are the main causes of sunburn and skin cancers. 

There are no safe rays and they can, if not treated immediately cause serious damage to the skin, producing skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure is a significant factor in the development and further damage to our connective tissue which includes collagen and elastin fibres, If no protection is available, it may cause premature aging on the skin's surface.


When natural sunlight is present it triggers the body's natural production of vitamin D, which helps to support the immune system during the height of winter cold and flu seasons. Then the absorption helps with the production of calcium and bone growth which is a vital element of skin health. It also assists the body functions by reducing inflammation, can aid with the lowering of high blood pressure, known to improve brain function, by releasing the chemical messenger serotonin. Not to mention healing of wounds and supporting your immune systems well-being. 

Exposure to sunlight can also reduce depression, this is one of the reasons why during COVID 19 it was so important to spend time outdoors to alleviate your mood, calm sleep disorders and benefit difficult sleep patterns. 
Reduces stress by walking and getting out in the fresh air. 


Protection off most surfaces, UV Rays can bounce off most surfaces, including, water, sand, sea, snow or even pavements

The UV Index
Consider all other factors that may be affecting UV exposure
Seek shade between 11am and 3pm 
Protect your skin with suitable clothing, hats and sunglasses that block UV rays 
Use sunscreen at least a factor 30 
Protect ALL children from the sun take extra care especially babies.
Seek help if you burn, blister, feel dizzy or have headaches.

Keep your skin safe while you have fun in the sun, I have tried and love the Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle SPF50 Face Suncare Cream its Lightweight and non-sticky. This fabulous formula defends your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays with an amazing SPF50 protection, the added bonus is that the lotion doesn’t leave white marks on most skin tones or even show beneath makeup, keeping you safe with an invisible shield.

The lotion has a special reef-friendly formula that is non-toxic to marine life, letting you swim safely without harming the environment.

Make an informed choice for your Sun Care products, read and ensure the focus is on the active ingredients contained, to enable to sun protection you need for you and your family. 
Decide what is suitable for your individual needs, specific skin concerns and your ethical choice, would you prefer Chemical or Mineral protection.

Huda Beauty Just launched LEGIT

New product Launch by the makeup guru Huda Beauty.

Huda Kattan, has just launched a new new product .. wait for it  MASCARA!
Lashes will look fuller, longer and thicker will a gentle curl. A great buy for those like me who are sensitive to lash glues and love the fuller and longer look. 

The revolutionary makeup Guru has said its unlike any other mascara thanks to its technology and innovative formulas of wax and pigments, and the blackest of black colour which will work wonders for all skin tones, product is easy to use on a unique two sided brush. 

We love that Huda Beauty wants us to all look spectacular,  her eye shadow pallets, and strip lashes are great, I am sure her mascara will not disappoint. 

Hit the link below to hear the full tea from Huda in her launch video.
Her dream mascara is finally here..

Registration BE the first in line by adding your name to sign up for notification of the product launch

Thank you Huda Beauty for keeping it 100%  L E G I T 

Happy Birthday to Stevie Wonder

Cheryl Huggins MUA Backstage 02 Arena 2013 London UK  with Michelle Collins 

Stevie Wonder is one of the most revered music makers of our time, Stevland Hardaway Morris, known professionally as Stevie Wonder, singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. He is one of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the history of music. His outstanding lyrics on relationships and social issues has won him many accolades and prestigious awards. He’s performed for Presidents, Kings and Queens; many of the Music Industries biggest artists have been honoured to record with him.

Join his Facebook page StevieWonder What's your favourite Stevie Wonder song? 

I would like to thank Stevie Wonder for his Inspirational Music sending prayers and love for his 70th birthday celebrations today.

On a personal note, blessings to you for being such a wonderful gentleman on the occasions that I have met him, and his wonderful team, in LA and on his UK tours.

(Thank you Jane Eugene Greg, and June Lewis)
Backstage 02 Arena 2013 London UK with Michelle Collins
Enjoy this  amazing man's greatest Hits today 

Thank You Stevie Wonder for the Music and the Vision 

What's your favourite Stevie Wonder song? 

How to Book your Virtual Digital Facial

Bring the Clinic to your home with a Virtual Digital Facial 

 We have been keeping ourselves active, during these difficult times uploading to Tic Toc,  breaking boundaries on Zoom, regular gym burn with IGTV  Guru's on Instagram.

"I miss my facial" texts have been sent to me, with heart emojis sent to my phone, from many of my clients.
I am so proud of the recommendations to bring my unique Spa skincare techniques  virtually, for all the family to enjoy during this pandemic.
This is possibly one of the safest and best way to continue enjoying the benefits of radiant, hydrated nourished skin and also to detox, your system and bathrooms whilst in isolation.

Love for your skin health is so important during these unprecedented times, especially with so many drastic measures that have been put in place. We said goodbye to professional hair cuts, smooth silky legs and unfortunately those delicious relaxation shoulder massages, with your favourite massage therapist.. all a distant dream for a while longer!

Facial therapies / Natural 

What's next?
Here is your personal invitation to experience the ultimate bespoke beauty appointment to turnaround your skin in just a few consultation sessions.
As a qualified Esthetician we are aware of the difficulties managing to take care of your skin during this time? What routine have you been following, are you giving your skin a  cleanse to balance and nourish the surface daily?

Have you noticed more surface dehydration, small breakouts? Is your skin in need of a deeper cleaning, Do you notice your home is awash with an abundance of beauty products in your beauty closet that you do not use or know the order of use.?

You will be relieved to know that across the globe an army of recognised Hollywood Dermatologists, UK Skin Specialists, and Esthetician's are now offering virtual services to advise without any judgement. Improvement to the skin aging process is gained using ongoing education, coupled with your therapists advice on advanced homecare techniques. 

The results show holistic balance,  rejuvenation and improvement of the ageing process due to better understanding of product knowledge. By improving your daily routine you stay on track, even upgrading to include new recommendations and ditching those that have no benefit.

We can show you how to get the best from of your current skincare routine and purchases? 

Help is at hand ....

As an advanced Skin Consultant and Certified Beauty Trainer, I am now available by Virtual appointment to offer you and your family a personalized 30-minute consultation online.
When booking your Virtual Skin Consultation I will look at your skin, listen to your desired outcome, and  create a workable plan. 

Using simple assessment questions, great products ideas, we can work together in synergy to keep your skin, in the best condition possible. This advice will work alongside your lifestyle, with brands that are sometimes luxurious and also affordable, but always  providing you with great skin results.

My 1:1 Skin Consultations will also soon be available as Webinars or constructed Courses for those who wish to have Makeup or Beauty lessons. 

All Genders, Skin tone, ages, bridal parties are welcome.

Together In simple steps we can create a workable skincare plan, that is designed to bring your skin to its optimal level of beauty for your natural skin

Skin Health with Cheryl Huggins 
Professional + Licensed Esthetician 
Skincare Specialist 

 Virtual Therapies 

Follow the following steps below to BOOK  your FREE Virtual Skin Consultation

1. Email me, sending your contact detail.
Please tell me what products if any you are using, how often and what changes you would like to see?

 2.I will ensure your personal details are safe and only available for my eyes on will not be displayed online. I am GDPR registered and guide you choose a time for your 30 minute session. 

3. Your 1:1 session 

Through an online bespoke skin analysis, and current routine, we will discuss and include a home routine and weekly treatment routine. This service will bring your skin to its core health alongside any virtual classes you may wish to view.
Let's help you to save money, take stock of what items you really need in your routine, and remove what isn’t working so well for you anymore.

Facial Assessments 

Make sure your send a registration email containing a) Your name, contact telephone details, availability for your LIVE call and b) state your skin care concerns. 

I will contact you to discuss your skin with the initial consultation FREE of charge on Face Time, Whats App, Zoom or Skype according to your preference.

Thank you and let me assist you to get your skin looking and feeling FABULOUS on a daily basis and plan for any upcoming event 


I look forward to reaching you virtually and sharing my expertise by showing you how to understand the benefits of looking after your skin correctly during this time.

To book a tutorial session or to ask questions about skincare products, skin services contact 

Professional License Cheryl Huggins 

The Virtual Skincare Service is delivered professionally as a FREE consultation service for your personal use only. The techniques and Consultation processes of Cheryl Huggins are NOT to be shared, used or copied as a business model including all formats of consultation service or use of questions or answers that were given to you on the understanding that all responses are for your use only. 
The tips and information are given in confidence, that none or any part of the session was filmed or for the benefit of others under any circumstances. 

My professional indemnity and teaching license, covers and includes ALL of the Following beauty information from your Personalized  consultation : 

How to use products 
Choosing Skin Type 
Product knowledge 
Massage Techniques
Order of usage & choosing safe ingredients 
The consultation method, format techniques,  specific Q & A questions are tailored for your private session only and cannot be copied, shared or used for any business model or services as stated here on 5th April 2020

Cheryl xoxo


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