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Celebrating The Gele at Majestique International Magazine

Majestique Magazine Photosession

I was fortunate to work alongside the founders of the recently launched Lifestyle magazine namely 'Majestique International', showcasing the global news within Current affairs, Entertainment and exclusive coverage of the Fashion Industry in Nigeria and global trends.

Celebrating the in-depth coverage and diverse culture in the community, the magazine has its fashion focus rooted in the developing and fast emerging African fashion scene. A collaboration of talented writers, and experienced journalists depict a heritage steeped in rich fashion trends.

I created a natural makeup look to enhance the beautiful, and resplendent bone structure with finely tuned contouring. I hi-lighted the flawless skin of these dedicated Media entrepreneurs using my current makeup range of choice by L.O.G Cosmetics. 

Celebrating The Gele with Natural Bold Makeup Trends

I was honored to spend the afternoon working on this fashion shoot with the regal Founders of Majestique International magazine, capturing the diversity and elegance of the traditional ornamental 'Gele' for their photo session. The 'Gele' pronounced (Gay_Lay) is the traditional Nigerian and African cultural headdress (head wrap) that can be worn everyday or as elaborate as the wearer would wish, Gele bling is the latest trend. The is usually made up of a stiff cotton or silk fabric. 
This is the regal crowning glory for many Nigerian women, embracing her status and social importance, the ultimate expression of femininity. 

This traditional fashionista headdress is usually worn by female members of the community for Church, Ceremonial events, milestone birthday celebrations, Weddings, and many special occasions. with the ever-changing fashion looks across many regions the stylish 'Gele' is evolving and emerging as the fashion accessory must have across the Globe! With A List celebrity stars donning the traditional style, the Majestique Ladies looked stunning...

Thank you Rebecca, Theresa, and Onome for an Inspirational afternoon.
Congratulations on a successful photo session, I wish you every success with your Majestique International Magazine.

Majestique Magazine Photosession
Session Photographer: Rudy Atwell 
Makeup: L.O.G Cosmetics, Daniel Sandler, M.A.C Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Kryolan. 
Image Credit: Cheryl Huggins iphone 6


A Day in the Life of a Makeup Artist


Working around the clock, does not always allow for the best dietary choices, and can lead to a multitude of health issues.

I am learning to indulge in a modified balance of fruit, vegetables, and proteins in my diet and cutting down on the dreaded carbs.. which I adore! I find it difficult to cut out the Junk Food especially when working late.

I recently purchased weighing scales, something which I have said I would never do! I hope to achieve and maintain a natural and effective food menu, whilst I am out and about with Brides and Makeup clients and My Makeup masterclass lessons. I know that portion size is my issue, and look forward to my healthier lifestyle by eating nutritious snacks and on the go.

My food intake this week has been varied as I have juggled, with appointments, intense heat in the car, and arriving immaculate for my clients. Freelance makeup artistes, beauty therapists, hairdressers need to make the best choices to keep us alert, creative and energized to deliver the best services for our makeup clients.

Always choosing an organic option is really the best decision for me, and I am making a consious effort to include lots of fresh fruit, a box of healthy snacks and re-organise my meals by pre-cooking them in the morning for later in the evening. 

I have taken the first step, and look forward to my healthy and new improved lifestyle with some good home cooking ..and dropping a dress size in the process!

Thank you all for your continued support!

 Cheryl x


Breakfast Cup-cheryl-huggins-mua


Tips to Create Glamorous BROW!

BROW Solutions in Kent

Brows have truly played their role in defining one’s personality and beauty regime, groomed and coiffured to perfection the Makeup Masters are sending a "bigger is better" bold statement to the cosmetic world.
Gone are the over-sized bold and stenciled brows that needed a science degree to master the art of achievement. No more over-painted exaggerated and bold, Nefertiti  ‘Queen of the Nile’ brows, this stylish over drawn trend is gracefully leaving the catwalks and high streets, leaving us glistening with under brow hi-lighter.

Previously on the Catwalks of London, New York, Milan and Paris, we saw a progression to a dark yet, skinny brow shape, straighter, and leaner, decorated with ornate jewelry, bright colour's including diamante cut rhinestones.
The new brash and bold BROW statement, delivers a youthful signature beauty 'must have', the 'BROW GURU's have unveiled the fuller natural arched brow. Most high street chemists and department stores sell, step by step brow palettes containing, water resistant powders, brushes and styling waxes to keep your perfectly manicured brow in it's youthful looking place.

Pencil's, gels can define and lift your arch and ensure your brows standout. Look for a more modest, sensual and softer shape befitting an 80's ‘supermodel’. Taper the brow shape at the ends, creating a natural high arch, delivering a lift to the face, giving a youthful appearance. If your brows are thin and sparse, there are fantastic brow extensions readily available for application, with proficient and qualified therapists ready to indulge your desired shape, colour and fullness.


Why not take a visit and have your brows magically transformed at the Benefit Counters latest gizmo's, Brow Mapping, and popular 3 step products, their staff are ready to tackle the most unruly, sparse, mis-shapen and unkempt brows, they are transforming and providing brow solutions for all.... one Eyebrow at a time!

With their Goof Proof brow pencils, Ka-Brow creme gel colour and the infamous Brow-zings shaping kit, you can tweeze, sculpt, tint and go creating the most perfect arch in a short space of time. If you are truly proud of your Brows, you can even upload a perfect brow selfie to show all the Benefit beauties your fantastic Benefit Brow solutions at #WowBrows.

The natural brow look has arrived and with the fantastic array of products, leave no stray hair standing, ensuring that you are in step with the current signature BROW beauty trend.



 BROWZINGS at Benefit in Kent


If you have tried any of the Benefit Instant BROW solutions, please let us know...Drop me a line we would love to hear about your experience in store or at home.

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