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FaceClays Beauty Mask Mothers Day


FaceClays Ultimate Spring Spa Beauty

FACECLAYS a system that delivers optimal skin radiance naturally and gently with beautiful results for all skin types and all ages, whilst keeping the skin, balanced and glowing.

100% Natural 
Not tested on animals 
Gluten Free

This Clay mask is bespoke specialist facial treatment, that allows you to tailoring your beauty rituals. By using natural ingredients they can work together, to suit your lifestyle and your skin health.

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 that delivers superior skin renewal, with gentle exfoliation. May be used once or twice a week to draw out toxins and remove environmental impurities from the surface of the skin.

Full size 100g £12.00

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Why do we use Clay, and how do we know if the clay is pure?
 Clay is a popular beauty ingredient that's used in many luxury skincare products to cleanse, smooth, brighten skin and hair.

Great results are easily achieved with regular use, especially for those concerned with normal, sensitive skin, and those suffering from hormonal breakouts. The benefits are vast for teenage acne-prone,  oily and blemish types. A more refreshed, hydrated skin can be seen with dry and dull more mature types notice a smoother texture immediately after use. This premium quality clay, delivers a great cleanse whilst being cost effective.

What are the Benefits of FaceClays Pure Radiance Face Mask?

  • Helps to reduce congestion, calming, deep cleanse impurities, anti-bacterial properties, effective treatment against pollutants and forms of acne, with the very best mineral content.
  • Great  for normal, sensitive, allergy prone, men, mature, congested dull and youthful blemish prone skin, by delivering clean minerals the clays absorb the skin dirt and oils revealing refined looking pores and smoother texture.
  • Made from natural premium 100% cruelty free kaolin, this clay is also vegan friendly and cruelty free with no additives. Leaves skin feeling fresh, looking brighter and more refreshed without the tightness and dryness of most clays available.
  • Draws out the excess build up of toxins and congestion on the skins surface, protecting the microbiome, balancing the natural protection provided. Suitable all ages and skin types. (Teens and Men)
  • Helps to restore and repair the skins natural balance, removing dead skin cells, offering superior properties for your weekly cleanse.

HOW to Apply your Clay Mask 

Apply your mask to clean skin.

For best results wash or rinse off the mask with warm water, BEFORE it is completely dry for Remove with a natural sponge, cotton or bamboo face cloth.

Regular weekly use of your faceclays beauty mask will keep the skin healthy, calm and soothe skin leaving a comfortable feel and a smoother looking texture. 

Rose or herbal waters are best, including spring waters and try to use natural utensils to remove product, no metal spoons. 

Makeup application will look more radiant, skin will feel less irritated, redness is also calmed and fine lines of dehydration softened.

 Congested pores are deeply cleansed, the natural detox action of the clay helps to balance the skins natural state. Results are visible immediately when used on a weekly basis, with a balanced diet, rest and healthy lifestyle.


How often and how long do I apply the clay on my face?

Recommendations are made as general guideline consultation is always preferred.

10 - 15 minutes or less for oily, congested skin

10 minutes for normal and combination skin

5 - 10 minutes or less for dry and mature skin

Small amounts of clay can be mixed and used as an immediate spot or blemish treatment

 (back acne included)

If you have allergies or sensitivities do a small Patch test of the clay once mixed, behind the ear before use.


 24-48 hours prior to use depending on your skin type, especially if allergy prone.

Please contact your doctor should any irritation arise, wash off clay and do not use any creams or medicated product.

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