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Hello 2021 Affirmations

 Hi Everyone

What a year, I would like so send love to those families who have lost loved ones. I'm so grateful that I am here, to be able to welcome the New Year.
I send a prayer to those across the globe who have been affected by this Pandemic. x

These are my Inspiration and motivational personal aspirational goals for 2021
I wish to share them with you.

2021 Affirmations

If you leave your time to distraction and randomness, you are stealing from your personal achievement and spiritual growth. Ensure your free time does not exceed your working time..
Show gratitude and deliver generosity with a selfless act of kindness daily.
Research, prepare, plan, execute, and stay positive with your choices, make decisions, safe in the knowledge you have done your very best.
Listen, reflect, meditate allow your core belief, gut feeling, spiritual well-being, to stay morally, and ethically guided in life, health, finances and human compassion.

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From my bubble, with FAB bubbles to your family bubble,
Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay strong, Stay safe.
Here's to 2021 my beautiful friends thank you for your support.

Love Cheryl xx

Massage Relaxation Therapy

Massage Relaxation Ritual

Massage is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's ability to heal and protect itself. I love using relaxing rose oil, which provides a deep sensory touch, for each of my customers. This added luxury heightens the senses and prepares you for my luxury massage experience. Being trained in Eastern and Western cultures I have understood that the first touch to a clients skin is very important. We start with abdominal deep breathing to calm, slow down the heart rate, relax the mind and disconnect with the world.

Your olfactory and senses are awakened with beautiful natural aroma oils, FaceClay masks, aromatic bespoke serums, that are all personally blended by me to ensure effectiveness and to tailor the ritual according to the clients needs. C
ombined with a head to toe, full body massage, the treatment works to increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system.
I always aim to deliver a spiritually nourished mind and body, head to toe, full body massage that leaves you awakened and calm.

Benefits of Massage

Reduced and soothed muscle tension
  • Improved Circulation 
  • Increased stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduction and decreased levels of stress hormones 
  • Induces relaxation, aids insomnia promotes deep sleep in some clients
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improvement of skin tone 
  • Improvement of soft tissue strains or injuries

Massage therapy is beneficial to decrease tension in the neck, forehead, (including headaches) and aid muscle relaxation. This boost increases the circulation of the lymph, promotes smoother skin, a reduction in fine lines, dead skin, dryness and ultimately increases energy levels.  All dedicated to aiding natural relaxation. Always choose a licensed, recommended and experienced therapist. 

There are 4 main groups of massage movements that are linked together to alleviate a variety of aching muscles and symptoms, with simple techniques from a licensed professional you can bring fun, relaxation and home beauty at home cost effectively.

Think of Massage like a shot of powerful vitamins applied to your skin, mind and body!
Spa massage is truly here to stay, with the benefits that include improvement of sleep, stress and anxiety levels, how could you refuse. Therapist recommend starting with just 15 minutes of massage, on a regular basis you will immediately see and feel the benefits.

Take care of you, self care and mental health is so important!

Cheryl x 

For Massage bookings and dates of the new 2021 virtual massage classes, follow my Instagram link below or email the link in the biography. 

Jade Roller facial beauty routine


Over recent years we have seen a rise in cutting edge Beauty tools, whilst most of the population are at home, there has been a much welcomed return to Natural Facial Beauty. 
 At the top of the skincare Christmas wish list is the Jade roller or Rose Quartz roller. Simply put it comes in many different stones, shapes and sizes to fit comfortably in smaller areas of the face.
 Harnessing the ancient art of self-massage, face rolling, delivers the healing powers of the cool jade or the  'Stone of Heaven' incorporating the art of traditional Chinese medicine, they are known as the Imperial beauty tool 'Yushi Gunlun'. 
Using my roller after drinking my lemon water is a great way to start my day! 
This is one of the best part of my morning motivation, the serene jade stone stays naturally cool, and holds a special place in Chinese culture and in their historic dynasty museums.
Why not make skin rolling session part of your day or evening routine, the jade tool was used to draw out  'Chi' and balance your health, longevity and wealth.
   This precious beauty tool dates back to the 7th Century to sweep away toxins, instantly relieving muscle tension. 
In the evenings, when I have time to relax, I like to use my Jade roller, whilst using my FaceClays beauty mask penetrating the clay further increasing healing to gain softer, smoother skin texture.

The purity and power of the jade stone, are said to block bad energy, boost self -esteem, soothe the mind and remove negative thoughts.
Leave your roller in the fridge overnight to add to your treatment when you have special events to attend. 

Skincare, and self-care come together with positive energies for this perfect therapy, blending the traditional benefits of hands on massage with the action of drainage detoxification.
With healthy skin rolling, boosting the blood circulation, it works beneath the surface of the skin, whilst the roller gently massages the surface layer. Pressure is a key factor in encouraging the lymphatic system to get rid of waste and toxins, releasing congested puffy areas of inflammation. When using your roller, ensure your movements are directed upwards, and out towards the hairline in one direction, only. 
Some of the rollers may have one or two ends, the smaller end is for around the eye area, ears and nose wings. 

  You can easily re-create manual massage movements that aid skin cleansing. For best results start the movements at the base of the neck, to further maximize the drainage process to de-stress and de-puff. 
This ancient facial treatment can be used with your favourite beauty elixir, or nourishing serum.
I have created a bespoke blend of vitamin enriched oils to use daily with my jade roller, to release tension, relax tightened muscles, and overall improve the texture of my skin and clients and friends have remarked on my skin's glowing texture. 
The Xiuyan Jade is one of the best qualities and will be more expensive, however it delivers a gentle and smooth facial massage, and has been very popular with many beauty editors, and therapists for its toning, lifting and sculpting action.

Complete your therapy with natural herbal waters or balancing toner. 
Everyone has different skin care concerns during their beauty journey from teens blemished skin, anti-age concerns, to sensitive skin prone to allergies and breakouts.
  Regular beauty lovers are embracing Vegan and clean Beauty, to achieve an overall glowing radiance. 
 Beauty without cruelty delivers additional additives that may compromise their skin health

Do not use your face roller over facial areas, that have open blemishes. You may need to seek professional advice, if you have any skin concerns that may contraindicate or stop you having a this remedy as a regular facial. If you have any doubt always  ask your skin specialist or Esthetician prior to any service. 
This ancient remedy delivers an instant glow to the skin and is growing in popularity in the West.

Keep your beauty simple clean + eco-friendly

Minimal Beauty Guidelines 

  • Take time to rebuild and protect the skin during the day with an SPF sunscreen.
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Skin preparation Cleanser twice to double cleanse 
  • Use Moisturizer or Nourishing cream, organic based oil or vitamin packed serum daily especially in winter and whilst we are wearing face coverings.
  • Always Include a specialist treatment product such as hydration mist, be prepared with a blemish cream for breakouts, and a highly recommended weekly clay mask.
  • Monthly facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage, and support the natural detoxification process.
  • Natural supplements for hair, nails and skin, work from the inside out
Use your roller 2-3 times a week you will be hooked and love the results of your mini healing facial!
             Have you tried or love using a Jade roller let us know in the                                                                     comments below?

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How to De-clutter Your Beauty and Makeup


All things need a space or an area to live, don't start tidying in a space that's too big or too small, work to get your Beauty and Makeup clutter free, in a workable space that you have always wished for. 
Are you in denial, or putting things off.. bathroom cabinets filled to bursting, with beauty, skincare, makeup and toiletries? Do you find that your make-up bag won’t actually zip shut any more? What should you do? I have some great de-cluttering tips just for you.
Using methods and strategies that are the staples of the minimalist lifestyle can give you the perfect opportunity to purchase multi-functioning products, and storage systems. Sit back and enjoy a more orderly lifestyle that also saves you time and money. Choose ranges of multi-tasking products, luxury items that are results driven, creams, serums and toiletries that accomplish the task in minimum time. Develop the intention of replenishing your old or out of date items by clearing those closets in one big swoop especially as we get closer to 2021. 
Working Summer 2020 Bridal makeup mess 
If its out of date, smells or oils have separated, if it looks looks a strange colour, or even an unusual runny or clogged texture then BIN IT!
Read the product instructions including understanding the shelf life of your products, is it in date? Any items that are going onto face or hands must always be within the manufacturers date. This will ensure that you avoid any irritation, or skin sensitivities so be very strict. Did you know that bacteria can grow in any of these beauty or skincare items, so be careful about your personal care and hygiene products and store them safely away from sunlight or heat. Educate yourself on the safety and manufacture batch codes to be completely safe, these will be a row of numbers or letters to indicate where and when the product was made and can even indicate, in some brands, the processes that were used to create them.    
Be harsh, aim for a fearless clean-out! Why not share, sell, gift or donate unwanted, overflowing items that have perfect packaging and still in date. Choose and purchase fabulous new storage boxes to vamp a tired bathroom and forget the typical 'last time I used it' rule, especially if its been a few months. Remember you are de-cluttering because things are damaged, replace lids, clean and wipe bottles, tubes, check for leakage, throw damaged items into recycle bags to dispose of, avoiding further mess and spillage before throwing them in the bin. Any opened item that you have not used in the last 6- 9 months, smell them check dates then... yes if it smells funky BIN THEM!
GET RID, old mascaras, lipsticks, creams, body lotions, stained and smelly makeup blenders, makeup brushes.
Do NOT hoard lots of free samples, use them for friends, add to gifts, scent closets and linen cupboards, we usually never get around to using them, and they just take up valuable space. Sell any good quality, unopened items online, always ensuring that they are clean and saleable. Do you have too many of one item? Why not swap with friends, always check texture and usability.

Line them up 
Let it go bless it with love and say goodbye!
Liquid products have a gathering dust in a drawer, foundations can sometimes have a short lifespan so check everything, does the colour still suit your skin tone or look. et rid of them if they are separating or changing colour. Do not keep any makeup, skin care, sprays, toiletries or perfumes in direct sunlight on windowsills or near heaters as this can easily cause separation of the liquids and chemicals. Old and stale makeup sponges can hide a multitude of unseen germs and bacteria, surprise including nail polishes, just ditch them.
Eyeshadows and palettes, pencils, lip liners, that we loved the look of in store, especially limited editions, are not always the best for skin tone, sometimes not the most flattering for your look, why not trade online or again swap with friends, host and evening and Give to local Charity.
CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES! Get rid of dirty powder puffs and sponges!!
Cleanse those brushes 

Love your Organised Beauty

By seriously revamping our beauty game, and educating ourselves on the growing brands of ethically friendly skincare, and anti-ageing products we can evoke joy, by just looking at effortless beauty. Using beautifully stored fabulous lotions, luxury potions easily transport us to the land of ultimate satisfaction.
Simply positioning pots of eyeshadow palettes, and pots in drawers with beautiful see-through or coloured dividers are another fantastic way of keeping your purchases safe, easy to view and use. There are so many fabulous storage containers everywhere.. I love to purchase, with the help of my experience and product selection skills, you can create a system, that works for you or check out my Pintrest board for home storage linked below.
Line up all your lipsticks, according to the colour selection, nudes, winter, reds, then choose texture, separating glossies, mattes, creams or long lasting brands. Work your way thorough all of your items, I really love to have my stunning lipstick cases on display even when they are empty. 
One of the main problems of gaining clutter, is that we are not sure of what to do with items once they opened. A great idea is to donate, unwanted, clean and safe items to homeless, refugee hostels, or even charity housing, for women and teens.
When was the last time I used it?
Does it fit my current fashion or beauty style?
Skincare can be easily arranged by brands, colour or sizes, clean and wipe down all areas with surgical spirits or antibacterial cleansing products to ensure the best hygiene for your area. Continue to throw out damaged boxes, cracked or broken bottles, keep everything in a tidy pretty streamlined home. 

Begin a 'No purchase' challenge with friends, allowing No makeup or skincare purchases, until you have used all of your current stash of beauty items, set a time limitation when it is safe for you to spend and see how much money you have saved! 
Try before you buy is great when re-purchasing and or need to replenish with handy size samples for specific items.
Read all product labels, try to banish or use all or most toxicity from your skincare routine for the safest results. The Cosmetic Industry has so many amazing, safe  vegan and organic plant based skincare brands that do not endorse the use of unsafe methods, allergens, including products or testing on animals. 
Look out for known toxins and eliminate them from your Life for good.
A great balanced diet, immune support, cleanliness alongside our carefully sourced beauty products, can now be proudly placed on our clean and beautifully adorned shelves! 
Experiment with natural fragrances and explore recommended products that are 'clean' or vegan and contain no animal testing, do also look out for the Bunny or ECO-CERT labelling. Use safe packaging, begin your toxin free journey to use recommended sun protection on a daily basis, find great SPF products that will block or absorb the harmful rays if they are out of date, the potency may be not as great as when you purchased them.  

Fearless Clearout 
A Winter detox is the perfect way to jump start 2021, check your medicine cabinet, only store your personalized daily self care supplements.  
By saving money you must ensure that you include the best mineral and vitamin products you can afford,  boost your circulation, and allow your health, peace of mind, to sustain a realistic system. 
By simply adjusting what we are putting on our skin and in our bodies, learning how they are stored all help to curate and downsize. Take time when purchasing new products, to check that you are not buying duplicate products, or the latest trends that you may hate in a few weeks.

Store your oils safely

Work in categories, then locations de-clutter your sections, lay all items out on a towel, for those like me who can become overwhelmed this is an easy method that will assist in the organization of storage placement. Take a look at all the makeup on the towel, see what is damaged, what to keep,  this gives you time, to work out your de-clutter goals. Start your de-clutter system by putting the most used items at the forefront of your recently cleared space, with pretty or functional storage boxes and drawer dividers.

Join me on this skincare journey, to achieve an inspiring space for the best skincare system you can possible have this year! 
Remember less is more.. with this in mind you can enjoy a more effective cosmetics routine, have more space in the home and less chaotic Cosmetic spending.

Cheryl Huggins offers video and phone consultations to help get you get organized with your essential beauty and makeup and love your new space.

Book your FREE Beauty 
De-Clutter personalized consultation email to register your interest 

Lets get started! You will be amazed what can be achieved in a short amount of time Send an image of your beauty closet, kit or area, together we can get your beauty and makeup area, get rid of things that no longer serve you, refreshed clean and organized for the start of the New Year!

Services can be delivered in your home, online or by Zoom with regular updates.


Virtual De-Clutter £30 per hour £18 for 30 minutes
Sundays £45 per hour 
In person by appointment only 

In Conversation with Successful Mums Academy

"Successful Mums Academy has taken me on a hugely rewarding journey" 

Jane Knight Founder 

Successful Mums Academy

 Jane Knight Founder Successful Mums Academy 

Successful Mums Academy was created in 2014, and has become a leading name in business, training and coaching. Founder of this thriving business Jane Knight is committed to working hard in the local community, and to creating professional connections with high street names, local entrepreneurs, including a brilliant growing network of flexible employers, mentors and amazing opportunities for attendees. 

Jane and her team are proud to deliver achievable goals to women and men, whilst they are learning more effective skills to kick-start a return to work, create a small business, or open the door to a new chapter in their lives.    

How did you notice there was a need for Successful Mums Academy, did you believe that something was missing from the employment market ?

When I had my son I struggled to go back to work part-time and had lost my mojo. This drove me to start Successful Mums Academy to help other women in the same situation to find work, start a business and get their Mojo back through our training courses, created for mums.

                                      Successful Mums Academy

Have you always worked in this field, tell us your story?

I've always worked in the skills and careers industry across corporate, Government and not for profit organizations.. I'm a qualified trainer, career advisor and coach delivering employability enterprise and digital skills to thousands of individuals.

What's your most amazing business achievement to date?

It's been amazing to win a number of awards over the years, that truly acknowledge the work we do, along with recently winning funding to support 500 mums in 2021 to find work, or be self-employed through our online courses.

When setting up the Successful Mum's Academy what was the one thing you wish you had known when you began your incredible journey?

The sheer work involved, despite working flexibly I don't work part-time, so the reality is that running a business is full on. I work very early in the mornings and some evenings so I can spend time with my children.

What do you believe is you biggest business mistake and what did you learn from it?

Taking on too much myself, if I had my time again, I would have brought someone into my team a lot earlier than I did. I now have a fantastic team who are also committed to the values and purpose of the business.

There are lots of mums who want to invest in professional training and coaching that guides them to gain confidence, by achieving a positive work and family life balance. How many Mums have been through your courses and achieved that goal?

We have supported over 6000 through our taster sessions, coaching and digital courses. Some of the women that have been through our Business Start up Courses include Regan from the Cooking Shed, your good self and Harriet Buckingham Photography. We have also helped thousands of women to find work through our Career Advice, training courses and employer links too. We work with our local employers along with high street names including food retailers Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer and Ikea, who take our Successful Mums Graduates.

Jane Knight with Successful Mum Graduate
Cheryl Huggins Makeup artist 

How and where can mum's find you, and are men invited to attend your classes?

We are active on social media platforms, sharing the amazing stories of our Successful Mum Graduates, around 70% of our mums are from word of mouth so we are very lucky. The majority of our clients are mums, however we have helped and do welcome dad's, non-parents and Carers too!

Can you share with us how the Covid 19 Pandemic and subsequent second lockdown, affected your business and how did you enable the Successful Mum's Academy, to continue assisting your mums that had hoped to get their MOJO back?

Initially we took a step back and ensured everyone was able to work from home and felt as safe as they could. Our priority was to those mums already signed onto our existing courses. My team were exceptional, we then worked together to transfer all our training courses on line.. This took a lot of hard work however, we completed it in a matter of weeks. Out of the 50 mums that were on our course at the very start of March 2020, all of them went onto complete their course and some found found work too, despite the early days and shock of COVID 19.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to pursue a career path  similar to yours?

Understand as many Industries as you can. I was lucky that in my previous role as an Enterprise and Career Advisor, I had worked across a broad range of Industries so had a huge network and set of resources about different jobs. I also had the insight at Policy and Government level about the skills needed, employment in the UK markets, in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Who are the three most important people in your life, that have been the most inspirational to you?

My parents have influenced me to have a good work ethic.

My husband who keeps things real and my children who I learn so much from.

An elegant lady author called Lucia Van der Post who has such a zest for life.


Family Time together

What has been one of the best motivational resource, that has helped you along your business and life journey?

I love lifelong learning, and currently listening to a Master Class on leadership by Dame Anna Wintour Editor in Chief of American Vogue and Global Content Advisor of Conde Nast, who is widely regarded as the most influential figure in Fashion.

Share one thing that people don't know about you?

Hats are a big part of me, and I'm fascinated by the skill of Milliners. Occasionally I make my own too!

Behind the Scenes
 BossWoman Studios

Where can our BossWoman Podcast listeners, and social media followers connect with you online, for more information on your Business and back to work Training Courses?

Successful Mums Career Academy have funding to support 100 London and Kent mums in 2021 in response to COVID 19.

Why not register your interest today and one of the Successful Mums team will be in touch…

Successful Mums 

Founder Jane Knight in Conversation Boss Woman Podcast

Successful Mums Graduates

The Cooking Shed

Harriett Buckingham Photography 

Cheryl Huggins

This Podcast recording  is sponsored by Sticksology 

Infusion Tea Sticks

Bargin Brits Reality TV Recording

Being able to provide your personal life journey for a reality television show, is something that we all think we would be equipped to do,within a moments notice, especially if you have a voice or story to tell to world... but would I be able to do this within 48 hours.

Last week, my life changed for 2 days, with the arrival of a television crew and hours of really intense filming with a fantastic Director and production team.

How does Reality TV work? Did you watch or do you remember The Osbournes show that was hosted by Sharon Osbourne and her family, with her famous Rocker husband Ozzie Osbourne. We lived with them shared the highs and lows.  Most recently, the success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, have, over the last seventeen years, transformed our view of celebrity life and how we view the microvision of the amazing lifestyle that they live.

Setting up camera locations in my lounge 

The camera and edits will capture all the footage that the show Director wants the audience to see. 
We understand the role of these great TV shows, they dig deep and make the unbelievable, believable allowing the platform and audience to see the persona everyone can relate to. This is a huge part of the platforms that hosts a great reality TV show. Every person has a life story, cause or journey that they wish to share with the world. 
By allowing people into your home is the weirdest and bravest thing I have EVER done, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic with social distancing.
My journey during this time is one that I hope many people will relate to.

Being a makeup artist on set at fashion shows, filming TV campaigns, private clients and working backstage was my life. By taking part in this documentary with my life as part of the focus allowed me to share my story. 
Filming changes the strategy, being front and centre for a TV reality show, brings the focus to YOU personally, and if my story touches one person I will be very happy.

Bargain Brits coming February 2021

For most small businesses,  reality TV is one of the most inclusive touch points and directly links all of your followers from multiple platforms. These two days were fun, intense, and very professional. Keeping to the Government social distancing guidelines, the crew followed my every move, during the day for 48 hours.

Finding that personal connection and sharing with a fantastic audience, and your wonderful followers. This fly on the wall connection, is always great to watch, needing a little drama and personal stories, hosted by a great crew and professionally capturing your story and exclusive footage.

Today, reality television has played an integral part by launching the careers of many household names including Cardi B who rose to fame from her awesome 2 episodes from Love and Hip Hop. Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel who sold her Skinny Girl Liquor for an estimated 100 million dollars, she founded the company after her appearance on the popular Housewives Television show by creator Ryan Seacrest.

Skincare MasterClass How to look after your skin
Thank you, Clariscia Gill of CG Couture, Ella and Leonora of Leonor Macramaker 
I love hosting socially distanced Master Classes to show women and men how to use your skincare effectively, on a budget. How to make skincare products, making your own body organic oils. 
In addition I am so excited to fully launch my facial self massage classes that will be Live Streamed weekly from November 2020.

During the lockdown I was in the process of launching my first skincare for you, it contains has no chemicals, not tested on animals and delivers a deep cleanse to purify and nourish all skin types. I am so proud of my product and its creation was directed by the information that my followers have requested.
Thank you all so much for your support, I was constantly working to find a tried and tested product that would be loved by many clients, who wish to achieve great clean skin, in a  in London and across the United Kingdom. I am so excited to bring to you this, clean toxic-free  product during 2020. I have suffered some financial setbacks during the Covid19 lockdown and had to shift my employment structure as a temporary measure.
Keep tuning into this blog to be able to purchase exclusively at the VIP pre-launch next month just for you guys. 

Pro Tip 
If you are starting a small company telling your story or journey on reality TV, YouTube or film, it is truly one of the best ways to shine a light on your brand. Take a leap of faith if the opportunity arises.. do your homework, collaborate and ensure you are legally covered and that the production team are delivering your content to your audience in the best way possible..

I hope that you love my appearance on the 10 week reality show, let me know if there are any skincare or beauty concerns you may have and don't forget to keep showing some love.. and I promise to send out all the dates and programming details very soon. 

I had a fantastic 2 days working with the Director Simon and technical assistant Dan, who were so amazing, they both totally put me at ease so we were able to complete the documentary. 

Love to you all

Cheryl xx

#Staysafe #BeKind 

Join me at for more reality and beauty news. 

Clariscia Gill of CG Couture

Leonor Macramaker

Great Self - CareTips during Covid 19

 Are you ready to indulge with some much needed self-care 

Take control, beautiful Ladies 

Schedule personal blocks of time to relax and unwind, however if you are at home or sharing space in accommodation or even have children in University digs, living with extended family. You may need to step up and speak up using the powers of compromise to balance the specific time you wish to be alone to totally de-stress. Book the family space, your bedroom, for your personal chill time. Self love is accepting your total self, faults and all without comparing your coping mechanisms to other friends and family members.

Use this time to disconnect from the world, media, business, politics..

There are so many methods available, try and protect your mental health during this COVID 19 Pandemic. This can be such a scary unsettling time, unfortunately can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It is important to make time to reflect, gather thoughts, including fresh air, daily exercise and healthy eating. 

Learning or adapting our way of planning or setting some sort of routine is vital, and to have the ability to change or accept failures by lowering goals and expectations will be paramount in moving through this new normal, specially for those who are in isolation or live on their own.

I try to switch off all my devices at the weekend, its a great idea to maybe include a set time where you take a break, without the stress of the news, world stress within your headspace for a few hours. leave those emails, stop checking the social media its all too much...

For health and wellness safety, be mindful to inhale and breathe, from the stomach slowly and deeply, especially whilst sitting in a comfortable chair, or on your bed. This will work to make more carbon dioxide, which in turn also helps synchronize your heartbeat and breathing. 

Make use of hydrating facial mists to begin your day, to tone and refresh the skin, breathe in Lavender, jasmine or roses, your olfactory system and senses love fragrances. Why not use the time to try something new or give yourself extra time to practice mindfulness or begin writing a novel and the popular gratitude journal.
Now you are nearly set to begin your small adaptations to your life whilst taking your mind off the stress of the world. Putting in place these small steps, can help you overcome those 'deep dive' anxious and stressful panicky moments.

Use music, reading, escapism, dive into a warm bath with safe organic body oils, book a relaxation massage or self-care facial, keep the pressure off with great small things to look forward to. I have been super busy with clients for headache, back massages, relaxation  facials to bring back the natural senses and alleviate the constant noise of LIFE.
Treat yourself and your home to scented candles and incense, pop on your headphones and join the millions of people who tune in to find really informative podcasts.
lose yourself with great chat shows on your favourite hobbies, and don't forget to join in, the local community chat.

I find walking and download a selection of fun exercise apps, and brutal boot camp group classes, check them out daily online!
Dedicate the same time, each day to get that boost to your immune system. I try to walk very early in the morning to take in the beautiful parks and green space in my local area, keeping in mind social distancing. The best way is to stick to a daily routine you will enjoy the health and skin benefits and look forward to the new adventures during this unprecedented time. 

Doing much needed housework, include walking up and down the stairs, even skipping is another great way to aid your mobility and to get moving. Always look for new ways to get your groove on, I enjoyed learning a new dance routine, great trainer led workouts on YouTube, I had so much fun doing this recently on the weekend.

Combat any feelings of stress, spend time catching up with friends, enjoy a long girly chat or go live for extra entertainment value. During the lockdown why not host a Halloween Costume competition for your mum friends, or a popup girls Zoom night that could include Wine o'clock.. this is great fun, a few ladies in my social network group have created their own regular themed drinks night!

Networking groups or community creative platforms are a great way to make new friends, keeping your mind off the challenges facing us all. Visit  Art, Poetry, Cooking, Languages, Sewing and so popular right now the growing boom in homemade crafts, check out ETSY you will become obsessed!
Maybe create and develop beauty fashion and family scrapbooks, start drawing and maybe include experimenting water colour's a true artist. Makeup and skincare play with selfie time is a MUST.

I am totally addicted to both Etsy and Pintrest are you?

Establish a morning and evening routine that includes self care. 
  • Dedicate time to be thankful with meditation or verbal gratitude for your personal achievements, every day no matter how small your goal or achievement.

  • Schedule days off and relaxation moments without feeling guilty!
  • Get plenty of sleep and cut down on alcohol.
  • Reflect on two of the best things daily that happened to you in your life and plan your next move.
  • Use positive, language and lots of self-talk to stay motivated.

During the first 4 months of lockdown in the UK, I painted all the old garden fences at my home, what do you think...check out the image below.
DIY and decorating was my saving grace during lockdown in the UK, take a look at Pintrest
I am totally addicted are you?

So proud of my DIY achievements, I found it so relaxing painting my fences, I included in my daily ritual of hand painting, a breakfast herbal tea.  
Transformation time from my dull brown garden fence, to this high impact black fence that I love... #gardengoals  

Self love is accepting your total self with praise!

There is a whole new world to explore, get your phones take photos and look for the beauty in the world around you, and let your creativity flow for a restful and beneficial well deserved self-care session lets keep active emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Love you guys 

Cheryl xx


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