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"They say never judge a book by its cover, people do, 

so you must always look the part..

After they get over that... BE THE PART"

Mallam Michael E. IGOH

"My aim is to work with helping people attain their professional business goals through specific  techniques that are carefully structured, two-way dialogue, which encourages self-awareness and self-empowerment, enabling people to uncover their own solutions to whatever obstacles are holding them back in moving forward with their business."

In April 2020 Bigohcoaching, was launched initially with a focus to provide content services, communication guidance, coaching and mentoring services. These services were aimed specifically at smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

With a determined style and work ethic, Bayo Igoh Founder of Bigohcoaching encourages effective communication, whilst supporting and inspiring clients to respond effectively to changing environments during his infamous coaching sessions.

In addition to these practical benefits, he also provides emotional support, motivation, and a sense of community for many small business owners. Take a look at the reviews and presentations this coach delivers and you will immediately feel, the drive and passion for his Industry and business community.

When starting and operating a small business it can be socially isolating, wearing many hats running the operations whilst juggling public relations, marketing, employees and finance.
As business coach, Bayo offers a comphrehensive sounding board for business owners, that helps them to stay focused, motivated, and inspired during the initial stages.
"To unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and build a thriving,successful business."

As an extremely active member of the Federation of Small Businesses, a multiple FSB volunteer awards winner, his role within the organisation has evolved. Leading and hosting monthly on-line and in-person networking events across LB Lewisham, Bayo is also the Borough Lead for the London Borough of Lewisham and able to assist many businesses across the community.

My proudest moments

During my career I have always enjoyed providing assistance and working with many businesses within the local community.  volunteering role or providing supporting members at the Lewisham Business Task Force, Local Strategic Partnership. 

I was honoured to be a part of the team that won the COVID-19 Support and Recovery category of the Federation of Small Businesses at the Local Government awards. The awards were aimed at high-lighting those that had made the biggest impact on local SME's during the Covid crisis and beyond. I was actively working with a variety of organisations including local government, voluntary and private housing management organisations.

BayOhCoaching at BossWoman Studios

"It is so important within my role as an executive coach and mentor, to be seen reflecting a variety of communities, at senior and at board level. I have led multi-faceted teams to be successful in delivering services, that are in line with the required, legal and regulatory requirements, this includes networking events, Masterclasses,Training and Development Programmes".

Bayo Igoh 

Bayo was recently selected to be a guest speaker at the award winning TEDxPCL London in February 2023. This is an amazing accolade, and testament to the work and daily commitment Bayohcoaching provides, to support people in business. During his talk, Bayo shares details of his childhood experiences, his passion and dedication to detail, role models and the specific good and bad influences within his life journey.

With an emphasis on collaboration and communication, visit for coaching and mentoring, to take your ideas and business to the next level whilst learning to improve your strategies, productivity and production.

It has been a privilege and honour to return to the studio and introduce the first recording of the podcast for 2023, with more inspirational business changemakers, motivational people.
We will also be joined by Wellness and Lifestyle experts from London and the UK, by popular request in the coming Podcast series. 

Thank you to Bayohcoaching for your time, we are truly proud to record your story and vison today.

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Stay tuned and Join us  to listen to Bayo Igoh, sharing his motivational and heartfelt life journey, with his..'bosslady' wife and beautiful children. 

Enjoy listening to his personal goals, business focus, Vision for education and business owners in the UK, alongside his passion for his beloved football team Arsenal as a lifelong 'Gooner'

Take a look at the link below to see Bayo's journey and his awesome oratory delivery on stage at TedxPCL London on YouTube.

YouTube talks  
Bayo Igoh Tedx PCL London " You don't pick your role models they pick you..."

Thank you Mr.Bayo Igoh
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