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Makeup Masterclass London Artist

Makeup Masterclass London Artist 

10.30am -12.40 26th March 2022

Central Library 

High St. Bromley 

BR1 1EX 

This Masterclass is for anyone who wishes to update their skills and makeup look, to achieve a glam or natural makeup routine at home.

Welcome to makeup Masterclass, where you will be learning techniques, tricks and behind the scenes artistry secrets. This class has been specifically designed for you to take your makeup skills to the next level of 'flawless radiance' with ease.

During this 90 minute live demonstration, you can easily follow the step by step process of full face application for all ages and skin tones. The aim of the session, for you to leave the class understanding how to create a fabulous makeup look, to shop for cosmetic products and current beauty trends. 

Practise and wear your updated look, with confidence for those special events, work presentations or simply take it one step further by adding a pop of shimmer or lashes for extra night-time glamour. 

Makeup for special occasion

Cheryl Huggins is a licensed professional makeup artist, with a career of more than 25 years working in Fashion, Media and  the Cosmetic Industry in London and Paris. With guided steps, you will have the opportunity to view a LIVE model transformation demo. Using your free workout sheet, follow the guidelines and secret steps to creating your makeup look. Your artist is committed to delivering a fun, educational class to answer your makeup and skincare concerns. You are also invited to have a personal session with Cheryl in a private setting or online.

'EXCLUSIVE PRE-Launch FaceClays Glow drops' 

Available to all attendees of the class only! 

HOST Cheryl Huggins MUA 

Join one of London's popular makeup artist, whose signature makeup looks are flawless for each person. This class is designed to teach you the items that should be used and how to choose the best products. Learn the fundamental makeup techniques, that you can use again and again, with the confidence that you will look great on camera, with makeup that lasts!


Bridal makeup

Who is the class for?

This class is for those who wish to create a professional and sophisticated look for business, job interviews, networking, special occasions, bridal, corporate headshots model portfolios and online live presentations.

I look forward to starting your beautiful makeup and skincare journey with you, ensuring you feel confident and look great for every occasion!


Beginners and all levels welcome.

For more information and Ticket registration INFO: Tickets Eventbrite

Social Media instagram /cherylhugginsmua/

How to DeClutter your Makeup Bag




Licensed Makeup Artist and Skincare specialist Cheryl Huggins is inviting you to JOIN her at A LIVE Makeup Class. At this Live Professional class she is going to show you, how to set makeup goals, makeup de-clutter and organise your makeup bag. 

You will have a better chance of finding the makeup items you love, on a daily basis, and when you are getting ready to go out. You will enjoy looking great and feeling fabulous when using your newly organised bag. I do find joy in doing this with my collection every year.

I am sure you will also find, that starting your day with a streamlined makeup bag, for day or night time use, is so calming, and you are ready in minutes.

Who is this class for can any one join is it FREE?

WHO: This class is for anyone who loves makeup and has too many items, beginners who wish to get ideas to start a makeup collection, Teens who wish to clean and recycle their makeup stash with a Pro Artist.

All ages, All genders, All skin tones are welcome

WHEN: FRIDAYS during 2022 at 7pm London UK 30 minutes 

WHERE: Facebook @meta Facebook ONLINE LIVE CLASS 

HOW: Join Like DM and follow cherylhugginsmua on Instagram


HOW: Join Like DM and follow CherylHuggins MakeupArtist on Facebook

What do I need to take part in the class?

Pen and Paper to make notes



 Professional Makeup tips that will help you keep your makeup bag functional and clean, ready for any event or special occasion.

Empty it all out, and choose a makeup bag to place your new choices 

Go through one category at a time

Ask yourself, am I keeping it because it was expensive?

Check and see the if they are out of date, get rid of broken or damaged products

Go through to see if they are used and unused, check the expiry dates

Think! Do I love using this item? Does the colour suit my skin tone and will I use it!

Does it serve any purpose in my collection, have I worn it over the last 6 months?

Remember Bin, Donate, Recycle or Keep!!

From Cheryl's favourite makeup items, to a brief Facebook LIVE Q+A, 

JOIN to see how this Pro-Makeup artist can help you to organise your favourite makeup products!

 Let's get those makeup bags ready for 2022.

It's  a New Year Let's get Organised.

Let me know your favourite makeup product that you loved in 2021

DONATION : If you have any unused, toiletries, deodorants, shower gels, shampoos, soap and would like to donate them to a worthy cause please contact: 

Bromley Homeless Shelter 


Kent BR1 1RY 

0208 460 0042 

bromleyhomeless shelter

See you on FRIDAY 21.1.22 at 6.30pm ON FACEBOOK LIVE drop any questions in the comments below that you would love me to answer.

Love Cheryl 

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