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How To Create a Natural Soft Glam Makeup

Finding a Natural makeup look that is just perfect for you can seem a daunting task, trying to find a foundation that looks like your skin, or light in texture to give that completely natural flawless look. Applying a colour that is too light or too is dark will detract from your makeup features, and skin and can even cause your face to look completely unnatural.
first thing is to try and find or choose a colour that has tones a very similar shade to your own natural skin tone, this will accentuate your skin, eyes and physical features in a subtle way. perfect balance by enhancing your skin. For a perfect makeup look, follow the tips and guide to achieve a perfect balance by enhancing your skin using great makeup tips.

Hydrate the skin
Moisturize the skin daily to improve the skin surface, texture, and to add a nourishment and repair to the top layer of the skin. This also provides protection form harsh external elements and especially important if you are prone to sensitivity, redness, pigmentation Please wear SUN PROTECTION during the day to avoid premature ageing and even skin cancers anything from a SPF 30 upwards is a great start. 

A balance of additional oil and water hydration, preferably organic will allow the skin to repair, soften dry patches and give a smoother surface for your makeup to be applied. The benefits for using a Primer are numerous and there are many skin primers that will give filter-like radiance and definition to the skin. There are gels, creams and even spray's that can be used as a primer, the products benefits may also include a longer lasting makeup throughout the day.

Natural makeup look by Cheryl Huggins for London Bride 'Melissa' 

Remove any unwanted marks, blemishes or dark circles, by using using a foundation or concealer product 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone with a carefully applied brush or blender. a great tip is to leave the concealing product to sit on the skin (to warm or 'Bake' ) to add a deeper layer of coverage and concealment.

I love to recommend with natural makeup looks, an additional SPF from 30 upwards depending upon you skin type and condition and the temperatures where you live. This additional layer of sunscreen will provide more protection for the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays than puchasing a foundation that includes one. 
For those of you that require a more dewy complexion or radiant 'no Makeup look', apply your foundation evenly for best results.  Many brands have tinted foundations that give depth and shade to the skin tone, with additional blurring effects, gold or diamond dust particles all to give your skin that desired rested, 10 years younger glow!
Finally, add a light dusting of mineral powder or translucent powder finely milled with a big fluffy brush, this will set the makeup to the skin resulting in a natural flawless finish everytime.

Best Brows
Have your brows professionally groomed, coloured and shaped to maintain the perfect arch for your features and hair. There are many hair removal options available, including waxing, threading or tweezing. On finding your best method use powders, gels or waxes to keep them in shape and to add a light definition to frame the face.

MODEL Sandra Lilley

A subtle cream, liquid water colour, or powder blush will accentuate the face shape and define the eyes, depending on your skin tone, you can choose a shade that will add a hint of colour gently buffing or blending across the cheekbones never going too close to the nose and only using a small amount of product. the less product you use the more professionally blended your makeup will look.

Choose a neutral or skin shade that matches your skin tone, this will add shades of definition as a base or transition colour. Look for muted shades of beige, deep red browns, or even apply a pearly shimmer to your under brow area, creating a more evening glamourous smokey eye. If leaving a smudgy eyeliner out of your natural look, is far too basic and natural for you, why not invest in a mid brown powder or pencil eyeliner to line and open the eyes, this will enhance the area without the makeup application look heavy.

Apply thin layers of brown or black mascara, and build the layers to add depth and fullness. A fuller lash can look flattering and open the eye, for darker skin tones why not try a coloured mascara on the tips of the lash.  To give the lashes extra protection and repair opt for a lash conditioning mascara.

What is your Go to colour? What is your favourite texture? Do you prefer a matte, Gloss or cream lipstick to complete your look. For the perfect natural soft glamour makeup look always choose a colour that is similar to your lip tone or a shade that will accentuate and flatter your makeup look. Another suggestion or favourite of many models, and celebrities when not working is to add a lip scrub treatment the day or night before application of colour for instant smoothness. To complete the look add your favourite lipstick then blend with just a lip liner. 

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