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Hello 2021 Affirmations

 Hi Everyone

What a year, I would like so send love to those families who have lost loved ones. I'm so grateful that I am here, to be able to welcome the New Year.
I send a prayer to those across the globe who have been affected by this Pandemic. x

These are my Inspiration and motivational personal aspirational goals for 2021
I wish to share them with you.

2021 Affirmations

If you leave your time to distraction and randomness, you are stealing from your personal achievement and spiritual growth. Ensure your free time does not exceed your working time..
Show gratitude and deliver generosity with a selfless act of kindness daily.
Research, prepare, plan, execute, and stay positive with your choices, make decisions, safe in the knowledge you have done your very best.
Listen, reflect, meditate allow your core belief, gut feeling, spiritual well-being, to stay morally, and ethically guided in life, health, finances and human compassion.

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From my bubble, with FAB bubbles to your family bubble,
Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay strong, Stay safe.
Here's to 2021 my beautiful friends thank you for your support.

Love Cheryl xx

Massage Relaxation Therapy

Massage Relaxation Ritual

Massage is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's ability to heal and protect itself. I love using relaxing rose oil, which provides a deep sensory touch, for each of my customers. This added luxury heightens the senses and prepares you for my luxury massage experience. Being trained in Eastern and Western cultures I have understood that the first touch to a clients skin is very important. We start with abdominal deep breathing to calm, slow down the heart rate, relax the mind and disconnect with the world.

Your olfactory and senses are awakened with beautiful natural aroma oils, FaceClay masks, aromatic bespoke serums, that are all personally blended by me to ensure effectiveness and to tailor the ritual according to the clients needs. C
ombined with a head to toe, full body massage, the treatment works to increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system.
I always aim to deliver a spiritually nourished mind and body, head to toe, full body massage that leaves you awakened and calm.

Benefits of Massage

Reduced and soothed muscle tension
  • Improved Circulation 
  • Increased stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduction and decreased levels of stress hormones 
  • Induces relaxation, aids insomnia promotes deep sleep in some clients
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improvement of skin tone 
  • Improvement of soft tissue strains or injuries

Massage therapy is beneficial to decrease tension in the neck, forehead, (including headaches) and aid muscle relaxation. This boost increases the circulation of the lymph, promotes smoother skin, a reduction in fine lines, dead skin, dryness and ultimately increases energy levels.  All dedicated to aiding natural relaxation. Always choose a licensed, recommended and experienced therapist. 

There are 4 main groups of massage movements that are linked together to alleviate a variety of aching muscles and symptoms, with simple techniques from a licensed professional you can bring fun, relaxation and home beauty at home cost effectively.

Think of Massage like a shot of powerful vitamins applied to your skin, mind and body!
Spa massage is truly here to stay, with the benefits that include improvement of sleep, stress and anxiety levels, how could you refuse. Therapist recommend starting with just 15 minutes of massage, on a regular basis you will immediately see and feel the benefits.

Take care of you, self care and mental health is so important!

Cheryl x 

For Massage bookings and dates of the new 2021 virtual massage classes, follow my Instagram link below or email the link in the biography. 

Jade Roller facial beauty routine


Over recent years we have seen a rise in cutting edge Beauty tools, whilst most of the population are at home, there has been a much welcomed return to Natural Facial Beauty. 
 At the top of the skincare Christmas wish list is the Jade roller or Rose Quartz roller. Simply put it comes in many different stones, shapes and sizes to fit comfortably in smaller areas of the face.
 Harnessing the ancient art of self-massage, face rolling, delivers the healing powers of the cool jade or the  'Stone of Heaven' incorporating the art of traditional Chinese medicine, they are known as the Imperial beauty tool 'Yushi Gunlun'. 
Using my roller after drinking my lemon water is a great way to start my day! 
This is one of the best part of my morning motivation, the serene jade stone stays naturally cool, and holds a special place in Chinese culture and in their historic dynasty museums.
Why not make skin rolling session part of your day or evening routine, the jade tool was used to draw out  'Chi' and balance your health, longevity and wealth.
   This precious beauty tool dates back to the 7th Century to sweep away toxins, instantly relieving muscle tension. 
In the evenings, when I have time to relax, I like to use my Jade roller, whilst using my FaceClays beauty mask penetrating the clay further increasing healing to gain softer, smoother skin texture.

The purity and power of the jade stone, are said to block bad energy, boost self -esteem, soothe the mind and remove negative thoughts.
Leave your roller in the fridge overnight to add to your treatment when you have special events to attend. 

Skincare, and self-care come together with positive energies for this perfect therapy, blending the traditional benefits of hands on massage with the action of drainage detoxification.
With healthy skin rolling, boosting the blood circulation, it works beneath the surface of the skin, whilst the roller gently massages the surface layer. Pressure is a key factor in encouraging the lymphatic system to get rid of waste and toxins, releasing congested puffy areas of inflammation. When using your roller, ensure your movements are directed upwards, and out towards the hairline in one direction, only. 
Some of the rollers may have one or two ends, the smaller end is for around the eye area, ears and nose wings. 

  You can easily re-create manual massage movements that aid skin cleansing. For best results start the movements at the base of the neck, to further maximize the drainage process to de-stress and de-puff. 
This ancient facial treatment can be used with your favourite beauty elixir, or nourishing serum.
I have created a bespoke blend of vitamin enriched oils to use daily with my jade roller, to release tension, relax tightened muscles, and overall improve the texture of my skin and clients and friends have remarked on my skin's glowing texture. 
The Xiuyan Jade is one of the best qualities and will be more expensive, however it delivers a gentle and smooth facial massage, and has been very popular with many beauty editors, and therapists for its toning, lifting and sculpting action.

Complete your therapy with natural herbal waters or balancing toner. 
Everyone has different skin care concerns during their beauty journey from teens blemished skin, anti-age concerns, to sensitive skin prone to allergies and breakouts.
  Regular beauty lovers are embracing Vegan and clean Beauty, to achieve an overall glowing radiance. 
 Beauty without cruelty delivers additional additives that may compromise their skin health

Do not use your face roller over facial areas, that have open blemishes. You may need to seek professional advice, if you have any skin concerns that may contraindicate or stop you having a this remedy as a regular facial. If you have any doubt always  ask your skin specialist or Esthetician prior to any service. 
This ancient remedy delivers an instant glow to the skin and is growing in popularity in the West.

Keep your beauty simple clean + eco-friendly

Minimal Beauty Guidelines 

  • Take time to rebuild and protect the skin during the day with an SPF sunscreen.
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Skin preparation Cleanser twice to double cleanse 
  • Use Moisturizer or Nourishing cream, organic based oil or vitamin packed serum daily especially in winter and whilst we are wearing face coverings.
  • Always Include a specialist treatment product such as hydration mist, be prepared with a blemish cream for breakouts, and a highly recommended weekly clay mask.
  • Monthly facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage, and support the natural detoxification process.
  • Natural supplements for hair, nails and skin, work from the inside out
Use your roller 2-3 times a week you will be hooked and love the results of your mini healing facial!
             Have you tried or love using a Jade roller let us know in the                                                                     comments below?

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