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Facebook 18th June 2020 

Meet Cheryl, this weeks #TBT... A true Ambassador for Successful Mums. An amazing lady I met nearly 5 years ago when she attended our course and we have enjoyed watching her confidence and business fly! 

Jane Knight 

Cheryl says;

"I truly cannot believe It was 4 years ago.. I had been a full time carer for over 8 years and had several health scares, but after seeing a Successful Mums flyer, I finally made a decision that has changed my life!

I joined the their 6 week Business Start-up Course, gained additional business knowledge, strategies, marketing and with fantastic support, was able to create my first ever business plan.

I remember I specifically wanted to be able to use my Beauty Industry expertise, to work part-time, whilst being a devoted Mother to my son and Carer for my amazing Mum.

I started my small business using my new found confidence, no money, but lots of ambition.

I was particularly interested in understanding how to harness my creativity and HUGE passion for the Beauty, Media and Makeup Industry. With the guidance Successful Mum's had given me, I was able to deliver a professional business focus that suited my life and my family commitments.

I am proud to say that today, I am a Brand Ambassador working in 4 of the UK most prestigious stores, a Professional Makeup and Skincare Specialist for Private + Corporate clients, and humbled to have recently Launched 'The BossWomanPodcast' on Social Media,
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My Mum is doing ok healthwise at 86, and we are awaiting University announcements..

Find your WHY, wear your CROWN, believe in yourself, have NO regrets. Take that first step, book the course and GO FOR IT!

I look forward to seeing you all soon,
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Love Cheryl xoxo

Mums Supporting Mums 💞
cherylhugginsmua Cheryl Huggins

Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

Are you missing your monthly facial? Create fabulous skin tone, glowing health with a virtual massage class in the comfort of your own home. Discover exclusive beauty tips from a  professional facialist and skincare specialist that works alongside your current skincare routine.

Watch or join an online class where you can learn targetted treatments delivering skin may need, uncover beneficial therapies with one of London's popular licensed esthetician's for that well rested glow!

Day to Night System

My vision after over 25 years in the Cosmetic Industry is to deliver Skincare and Holistic Beauty therapies as an integral part of your daily pampering, health and well-being routine. By using massage and natural products to openly share knowledge of the benefits of detoxifying, exfoliating oils that encourage brightening during the ultimate bespoke circulation massage.

Having delivered my signature complimentary Virtual skin consultation lessons recently, my clients loved the simple massage techniques, and requested recorded lessons for them to use my services with their products at home. 

Using a selection of Ancient Wellness rituals from my extensive training, culture, and remedial massage movements, you will begin to experience the benefits of refined texture, smoother complexion. The customer will receive a total service that allows a deeper level of commitment, consultation and connection evoking a wonderful experience for both the client and their personal skin specialist and practitioner. 

Physical touch cannot be replaced, applying the correct amount of pressure to the skin, with guided massage technique during this time of increased anxiety and stress, can be essential to calm the mind, body and spirit anywhere or anytime. These signature massage techniques are perfect when you are not able to take a well deserved break, visit the Salon or Spa, bringing aromatics, and nature together especially when travelling, or simply missing your luxury ritual treatment.

Introducing the latest Beauty Secret to your Skincare Routine

Benefits of Massage
Your experience starts with abdominal breathing, beautiful natural oils, face clay masks, aromatic bespoke serums, combined with daily Massage. The treatment works to increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and supports oxygen detoxification. 

Massage therapy is beneficial to decrease tension in the neck, forehead, (including headaches) and aid muscle relaxation. This boost increases the circulation of the lymph, promotes smoother skin, a reduction in fine lines and dryness and ultimately increases energy levels aiding relaxation. There are different movements that can be used to alleviate a variety of symptoms, with simple techniques from a licensed professional you can bring fun, relaxation and home beauty at home cost effectively. 

During your private home sessions, you will enjoy the hands on techniques, capture and understand the full benefits of massage, all of which can be easily incorporated into your morning or night time routine.

Think of Massage like a shot of extra vitamins applied to your skin!
Spa massage is here to stay ...Working together we will introduce gentle massage steps, for face and body, view new cleansing and beauty products that can help to 'revolutionize' dull skin for all family members. 

Virtual Beauty has arrived with fun, home facial massage techniques for all ages, with friends, Girls Night, Hen parties, Birthdays, Corporate, Zoom sessions, even 1:1,  all available in your home or office comfortably.

Use Beauty and Massage #withmecherylhuggins to see improvements in skin tone and reduction of face and body muscle tension.  At the beginning of each LIVE session you will have a list of items and products to help the movements glide smoothly across the skin.

For dates and online classes follow me here on my Blogger or on my Insta link below

Virtual Beauty has arrived with fun home facial massages for all ages that encourage you to perform treatments on your own, with friends, Girls Night, Hen nights, Birthdays, Zoom sessions, even 1:1,  all available in your home comfortably.

For more details You can always contact me
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