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How to Be your Entrepreneur

Starting your own business

Discover your Why?
What is my purpose?
What do I want to achieve or be most proud of?

The world's most successful entrepreneurs have to make important decisions that affect many, in a matter of minutes. Do you love the excitement of challenging decisions whilst growing my Makeup and Beauty Business and setting my own goals, economic structures, business plans and company guidelines, this was my light bulb moment. 
The simplest and honest ethics are my core beliefs and you will find your own goals and passion whilst developing your own personal business and brand.
  You must create the desire, the skill set, to explore every opportunity with such powerful motivation, in doing this you will harness the will to succeed above everything else. 
How do you know if you have the characteristics of courageous women who create their own wealth, and financial stability. 
Where can you learn the skills to manage the doubts, stress and fears when starting your business.

The need to focus and gain clarity is very important for all high achievers,  especially female entrepreneurs. I always recommend getting started by creating a vision board that's simple and visible in your home or office. Creating a visual and repeating personal powerful affirmations everyday, can help to focus your mind and whilst you achieve your  business potential, select the best opportunities available, whilst enjoying that important work, life journey.

 Find the right business niche for you
 Determine if you should get experience or education
Plan your business, research the market
Find your target group/audience
Sell your idea build your business slowly
Read material on the growth mindset of successful people, watch entrepreneurs and I would highly recommend TED Talks, check out the business ethics and startup of Entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezoz, the Amazon CEO worth an estimated $117 billion making him the richest man in the world according to Forbes. Take a look at Oprah Winfrey, who became a Media Mogul worth a record $4 billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index in June 2018. Oprah received ownership rights to her television programme when her talk show received national syndication.

Have faith and create your business model, you will be amazed how quickly your confidence, passion and knowledge, starting with the very first small step, will place your imprint on the business world, when you gain your first paying client, your will know that you have to capacity to increase your business acumen, structure and confidence tenfold.

 Makeup Artistry by Cheryl Huggins MUA 

We are fortunate to be living in these exciting times, there has never been a better time to be a woman to set up her own business. There are a lot of opportunities available, network like crazy whilst establishing your support framework and don't shy away from funding.

I believe everyone has the ability to shine, communicate your brand ethos with a purposeful message to every client, including potential business colleagues.

Use your presence to successfully share your brand ethics, set realistic and achievable goals, move forward and reaching for that next level of goal setting.
Move away from the fear that maybe holding you back, have faith, network take that step and fly..

Let me know if you take that leap of faith

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PODCAST Boss Woman Episode 1


Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant

My Story

Family has always come first with me, as the proud mother of two 'grown up' sons, once I knew it was my time, and they were both settled in their careers, I took flight and completely retrained.

Having always enjoyed writing, something I did back in 2003, I wrote eulogies for a small fee, I decided to train as a celebrant, focusing mainly on funerals.

Michelle Harvey In the Studio 

I am an independent celebrant, and pride myself on having a passion for finding out about the family as much as I can. My work is becoming well known, and I cover from the South coast in Folkestone, up to North London, and as far out as Clacton. 

Also, I set up the Bereavement Cafe in Orpington Kent back in Nov 2017. Together with Valentine and Turner funeral directors, we provide qualified bereavement counselling for the community.

I took over running PIB (People In Business) Network Group in January 2018.
Since then, I have built it up from 24 members to nearly 70, and I am so proud that it is steadily growing daily. We host two meetings per month, and pride ourselves on solid, and consistent support of many diverse small local businesses and sole traders.

Most of my downtime is spent with my family, when my youngest son is home from the Navy. We try to spend as much time as a family together, enjoying a meal out or a family walk. My other son has finished University, gaining a Degree in sports coaching. He currently works locally at a recruitment firm, and plays Rugby every weekend.

Michelle Harvey
Podcast Interview on the Link below 

In the Boss Woman Studio with Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant
HOST Cheryl Huggins 

If I had a motto in life, it would be to seize the moment whenever you can, because life is not promised and working in the industry, I have seen first hand how quickly it can happen.

For further details 
 Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant

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My Favourite Things

Whats the best thing about living in London?

I love that Central London is 40 minutes from my home town, being with my family and friends who because of work commitments we spend hours on Facetime...I am just on the countryside borders, so I love the lush green parks and beautiful woodlands that surround us. I have turned into a keen novice gardener and have even been known to be walking around the local allotment purchasing organic herbs and vegetables!

Favourite Concert 
I have so many I am having difficulty choosing one. I love Rythmn and Blues and all Soul, Jazz Music along with Soca.
I have been fortunate to see many of the Icons and Concert masters including Micheal and Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker and my Music man the one and only Prince, who I was fortunate to meet on four occasions.
Concerts were my mode of relaxation, I went to so many, and was always blown away by the talent and commitment by the artists, they were always outstanding.  

The best holiday ever
We visited Italy, the magical city of Rome on a sunny Easter weekend. The Vatican was amazing, so opulent, Trevi fountain, it was all so captivating, the food the architecture, culture and style so looking to another visit again soon possibly Milan.

What's my favourite food
Roti, Roti... My home cooking of traditional Trini Christmas Dinner with my special Caribbean Turkey recipe, seasoned rice, homemade stuffing, followed by crunchy apple crumble layered with vanilla ice cream.

#BossWoman tell us about your new podcast platform who is it aimed at?

I love to interview people, to find out real life stories from amazing women who provide Inspiration, Support and Mentorship to others with honesty and respect. This Podcast has been a thought in the back of my mind for a long while and now I have been so lucky and excited to bring this idea to life, 

Tune in on the link below 
BOSS WOMAN The Podcast

Beauty and Social Media 'Influencers' what are your views! Hit or Miss

I believe the Cosmetic brands are aware of the spending power that Social Media Marketing involving product placement, celebrity Makeup Artists and Stylists.
They are supposed to have a level of expertise in a particular area, or have social influence, with one swish of a pony tail, one application of mascara millions of items can be sold in a matter of hours.  With such huge numbers of followers, astronomical budgets to shift many brands will use their status for popularity to gain the trust of the influencer's tribe.
The most famous influencer's in the Social and Beauty Industry is Kim Kardashian, with sister Kylie worth over $1.2million per post, another favorite of mine is makeup artist Huda Kattan.
With over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide and a market growth of 9% yearly that's a lot of money! 

However, the public are aware of the current impact celebrity endorsements, and  collaborations have on marketing specially when millions of dollars are spent on publicity. There is a new product launch, every day and young women are using their social media platforms to receive a piece of the pie, by cultivating their followers, getting on the best Press lists to receive the latest product instantly and before anyone else. 

The future is exciting with so many Makeup and Beauty Guru's partnering with Global brands. I am particularly pleased that the public voice is being heard, we can see in stores and online every day new Cosmetic Entrepreneurs developing a strong commitment to many rising stars. These include Organic, Saving the planet, Non Toxic, Cruelty Free, Men's and the growing need for Clean ranges for teens and babies, without suspicious ingredients. 
I am so fortunate to be part of this growing Industry that encourages new makeup and beauty entrepreneurs to embrace the growth, providing an opportunity develop fantastic products using the best technology. This explosion of supply and demand in the Industry, would never have happened over 20 years ago and has to the growth of Social Media.

What are some of your favourite Makeup brands, Foods and best holiday's EVER..
Let me know in the comments below. 

Boss Woman Be The Inspiration

Women are rewriting the rules for family, business growth, entrepreneurial success, achieving a monumental increase in leadership and financial acclaim. This change has been dominated by the Beauty Industry, with the emergence of 'Influencers' 'Gurus' and brand specialists. This rise has including those women who have made their mark and become a force to be reckoned with in the Cosmetics Industry. This growth has seen given Millions of pounds sustained by the enormous growth of self made corporations on the global and economic markets.

A willingness to sustain and develop the growth, with market leaders making  large investments bringing potential for many more female entrepreneurs to support each other within the UK and abroad.

Leadership, inspiration, and dedicated motivation will empower everyone from diverse beginnings to make the journey creating successful companies that have allowed exceptional progress. 

Let's continue to lead on the global platform as entrepreneurs, build as a community to create a world that will embrace everyone, giving founders of small businesses the confidence to promote success at home, and also in the work place.

Large numbers of skilled women are joining coursed that allow all skills to be utilised, developed in a manner that that will make our alliances stronger, and more beneficial in Corporate business. If we all demand and claim higher teaching development and business support as the benchmark for everyone from teens to mature women we will enjoy a recognised position of power within the work force and in the private sectors. The question should be asked can we start this in schools, allow them to control their education by having access to strong, intelligent and inspiring female leaders, mentors who have a strong influence within the business community.

Orpington1st Kent @successfulmums Where it all began

Being totally honest with you, I discovered most of the amazing Beauty, Business and even Gardening podcasts whilst I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting for either my mother or my son. I was delighted that I could listen to all of my favourite authors, leading beauty entrepreneurs, chat show series, including my motivational Guru 'Oprah'.

There are thousands of Podcasts with a vast selection of subjects,  I really enjoyed listening to and wanted to share my new found love with you all. I was completely hooked to the growing army of new shows, innovative products and developing podcasts on Sex, Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness therapies,whilst cooking supper or during my busy day.


This is a place where you can be open to sharing important life issues with Inspirational people and listen to those who exclusively encourage you to share, your dreams,amazing personal life achievements, and timeless conversations.
BossWoman is a interview-style podcast with myself the Host and Founder meeting women from all walks of life who have achieved great success in their life journey, overcame adversity, with dignity and tenacity. 
We would love to know who truly Inspires you? Maybe a member of your family, a close friend, or an empowering work colleague? 
You may be fortunate to know a very special person, who has made great achievements at home, in business and including those who dedicate their time to motivate other women and impact many lives in the local community by hosting charitable events, organising school events and so much more...
Join us as we meet these awesome women, listen to their stories, the road they travelled as the discuss Lifestyle, Business, family and always being respectful of other peoples life views 

Be the Inspiration and lets talk Beauty, Business, we would love you to  share and invite women using the links below.

Are you Interested in being a Boss Woman ..Simply Grab your Coffee, or my favourite tipple, Herbal Tea and join us for an honest and lively chat.with Women just like YOU.
PRESS Diana Dahlia PR

BossWoman December 2019 
Interviews, Advertisement and Collaboration

Episode 1
Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant and PIB Network Founder
Episode 2
Fran Flin Firewoman and Business owner

How to Choose a Face Mask


When it comes to getting the best skincare routine, always speak to a professional to understand the body functions and what it will need to deliver that perfect balance of radiant and comfortable skin.

Understanding how your skin functions, how it works, how water loss effects the skin, and the importance of skin hydration is the science that we should be aware of. The skin cells are constantly dividing to renew themselves, to provide a dynamic barrier of protection from the environmental aggressors. As you approach your skincare, many issues including stress, drugs, can worsen the skin condition.  Use your new knowledge to exclude the trendy product jargon, and only purchase products according to your skin type, condition and climate.

Recommendations of beauty products from well meaning friends are great but what works for them may not be suitable for you. It is always better to check the ingredients to avoid irritation if you have sensitive skin.


The skin condition can range from sensitive, everything that sits on the skin feels uncomfortable even itchy and may have that tight feeling after contact with most perfumed products or even water. Are you shiny oily, acne-prone, and may have dry patches that have lost its radiance, therefore showing signs of dehydration with fine lines. Or does your skin feel and look sluggish, and even blemish prone all these factors will affect makeup application, repair and how often you will need regular facials.

The changes in the skin condition can also be affected by hormonal changes from pregnancy, medication, stress or that “time of the month”  something as simple as the weather. All of these skin conditions can change according to many external factors, you will soon become your best skincare expert by looking at which ones, are affecting your skin. 

By choosing an organised simple routine your skin may start to respond favourably, to most conditions. Those that have a more problematic skin, or skin disorder will have varying needs, they benefit from to a visit to a recommended skin specialist or dermatologist who can aid your skin, by delivering the best results possible.  

You may even decide to follow a more approach to heal the  the use of  AHA or BHA, Retinols or Glycolic preparations. Always ensure you are using a SPF Sun protection product if using any of the acids or skin peels.

Stress related skin problems can include: 
Seborrheic Dermatitis

Avoid stress where possible, and live and eat healthily drink water to stay hydrated, and minimal exposure to the sun. 

 Herbivore skincare Clean Beauty

Skincare Routine for most skin types:

Toner, Mist, 

Hydrating lotion, or glow tonic 
Serum, spot treatment, 
Eye creams

Wait for the products to dry on the skin service and to be absorbed onto the skin before applying each product, in a layering regime, wait about 2 minutes and massage lightly around the eye area on the socket line.                  
Take a look at your bathroom cabinet, decide which of your recent skincare purchase is right for your skin type and condition. Learn how to boost your routine weekly with a pampering session that is super beneficial, intensely hydrating, and infused with nourishing vitamins.

Masks and Skin Health
Each skin type is unique and has different needs to look and feel its best. I have been  blessed with my mother's beautiful skin, and my 'Beauty Treat' of the moment is to use a super mask once a week for 10 minutes to deliver a polished radiant look!
There are so many face treatment masks that are currently trending, ramp up your routine weekly with a pampering session, with a high performance LED light, It was totally weird, felt warm and prickly, but delivered an increase to my blood circulation,that left me with a calmer, less sensitive, brighter skin.

Here I am, trying an LED mask for the first time!

Face masks come in a variety of forms from thirst quenching sheet masks, to LED light that work's by emitting wavelengths of visible light that can benefit the skin in many ways. This popular therapy can fight bacteria, plump the skin smoothing wrinkles delivering the missing nutrients your skin craves. Today the are so many options are available on the market. This makes it difficult to make the correct product selection and its very tempting to forget the condition of our skin and choose what's trending and purchasing the latest celebrity release.

I love a beauty counter from budget to luxury brands, and I can be seen leaving armed with an array of masks, serums and oils treatments to satisfy my skin's daily needs. 

Enjoying the clarifying green anti-oxidant oils and mask from Tropic skincare
When you begin to use a weekly face mask alongside your night-time routine, you will love the smoothness and 'glass skin' results. As the harsher weather approaches get Mask ready..

Love this Sunday Riley oil when my skin is Dehydrated 

When you begin to use a weekly face mask alongside your night-time routine, you will love the smoothness and 'glass skin' results. As the harsher weather approaches get Mask ready..
The time is approaching for those Beauty treats to boost the complexion and nothing does it quicker and makes you feel better, than a wonderful face mask.

See you all soon...
Cheryl x Top Tips to the best Sheet masks 

Best Winter Skincare


In the UK we love to take extensive walks, fireside gatherings, brisk hikes throughout the coming Winter months. Armed with woolly hats, boots and coats we need to wear our beauty products as extra protection, against the cold winter air and harsh elements.  that cause dehydration, sluggish circulation and flaky skin on the body. 

September is the time to step up your Home Spa ritual game and invest in nourishing lotions,oils and revealing pampering body scrubs. All therapies that improve the surface of the skin will enhance your your day to day routine and make them much more effective especially waxing. All of the ingredients are ideal for dry, normal and some oilier skin types. 
Always check with your doctor or dermatologist prior to using any products if you have sensitivity, taking Retinols, Glycolic acids or prone to breakouts.

To make your skin look brighter, you need to exfoliate removing the dead skin that, if left untreated, can dull your complexion, caused by dehydration, sluggish circulation and flaky skin on the body. 
It is wise to invest in invigorating body polishes or comforting scrubs that use natural or organic ingredients, you’ll be giving your skin a full detox. Another great tip during the winter months is to avoid harmful paraben's and sulphates that can make the skin sensitive, prone to dryness and can cause irritation. Should you be prone to dry skin, leave out the extra exfoliation and nourish the skin at the first signs of winter chills using warm water and a fabulous indulgent washcloth.

Apply an Organic exfoliating scrub all over the body using a circular motion, at least twice a week throughout the summer months. This home treat will keep the skin in tip-top condition, with the vigorous massage action removing all the summer sun protection creams, that can sit on the body building a barrier on the surface. After regular buffing the new cells become healthier, this allows your serum, and creams to penetrate and really get to work. 
Take a look at popular ranges of body products that include exotic fragrances with extracts of Cherry, Sweet Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Cinnamon Leaf and even spicy Ginger that aids circulation. These herbs and plants all deliver calming and soothing effects on the skin adding that much needed layer of hydration.

Winter skincare:

  • Toning
  • Serum
  • Moisturizing
  • SPF Protection
  • Lip Balm
  • Night Oil
  • Moisturizers that contain Hyaluronic Acid 

The properties of oil and cream emulsions, cleansing fruit acids, when combined with hydrating Shea Butters are my favorite beauty rituals, they help to refine my skin texture. Rejuvenating mint and ginger extracts will thoroughly moisturize and restore elasticity, aids circulation and the scent will instantly rejuvenate you. 

For extra indulgence use a few drops of your favourite oils in the bath or apply to wet skin as soon as you get out of the shower for additional luxuriously soft radiant skin.

Hydrate and Nourish 
An added bonus would be to slough off dead skin using loofahs, body brushes onto dry skin this ancient skin cleansing works wonders especially if the hips and tops of the legs have  a sluggish appearance. A regular exfoliation routine will define the texture, by deeply cleansing dead skin cells, the skin is more likely to ensure the correct skin moisture balance aiding essential repair
During the harsh winter months your skin will require all the hydration it can get, to assist in its battle against the sun.
By quenching your skin’s thirst with moisturizer, especially after exfoliation, your skin is bathed with a natural softness. What’s more, nourishing your skin on a regular basis will have the added bonus of locking in your Summer tan for longer. An excellent Result.

To Intensify skin lubrication and increase radiance why not indulge in a few drops of blended essential oils onto damp skin, then layer with your favorite body lotion.

To avoid dry skin, my recommendation for the best creams and body oils will from drug stores to expensive prestige brands.  Moisturizer, emollient creams, and body, everyone will have a secret 'must-have' body product, that will be a non-greasy formula, the very best ingredients include Shea Butter, and luxury coconut oils which do not leave heavy a residue, working to both hydrate and protect the skin.

My favourite winter #bumbum lotion

Drink lots of water and enjoy healthy foods, exfoliate your arms and legs on a regular basis to maintain smoothness, and that all important summer glow. Don't forget to use the vitamin enriched oils on the feet, as well on legs, and thighs. I always massage oils into my bottom and stomach to remove all patches of dryness, there are so many products on the market Check out the ultra rich fast absorbing caffine rich butter from Sol De Janerio I love this cult Brazilian Guarana bum bum cream, I am so addicted! 

For those who like to tan ensure you take every precaution to guard against the damaging rays of the sun and harsh winter environmental elements. After all, nobody finds sunburn skin sexy, so make sure you slap on the sun-cream and cover up well.
Sometimes though, with all the prep in the world we can still get a little sunburn.
Don’t suffer in silence, apply cooling gels that will soothe red and inflamed skin. Products that harness the natural healing powers of aloe vera, tend to have cooling sensation with a mild fragrance that will repair chapped or burnt skins. 

Beauty Maintenance
Maintain your summer complexion especially if you were in a warm climate, or even had a stay cation and just rested to enhance your natural skin and begin to achieve a flawless skin for the coming winter months will definitely need super amounts of dedication and effort.
Deep cleansing facials are the best way to provide the skin the extra nutrients and hydration that will assist in unclogs the pores and support the repair of blemishes and finally protect from pollution and damaging aggressors. Using a recognised facial cleansing brand as part of your beauty routine.

 Foot LOVE

It’s important to keep your feet in the best shape by following up that professional pedicure with a home regime.
A great way to treat feet is to file the rough skin, then lather with a super nourishing and softening cream, before placing your feet in cotton socks overnight.
The appearance of our skin is very often a reflection of the way you treat your body. Keeping up a good diet will result in noticeably healthier skin.
Aim to drink eight glasses of water each day to maintain your body’s required moisture balance – this will help keep your skin detoxified. It’s also a good idea to load up on luscious fruit and veg that will hydrate and nourish your skin.
To love the skin you’re in this Winter, apply these top tips – you will love the results and  won’t believe the difference.

Rihanna New Generation of Fashion + Beauty

Rihanna’s Launches her high-fashion brand

The long awaited and much anticipated debut collection for is expected to show in Paris shortly.  

A tweet on her social media to her 91M followers 11 hours ago has everyone hyped for her Luxury clothing line..

"Make room in your closets. We Coming @FENTYofficial" 

A FAB video dropped with images of her new luxury line, not only did she drop her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line in the UK Boots stores, this month but this Mogul shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Rihanna's Fenty Brand being was the first contemporary brand that LVMH signed, and mogul Bernard Arnault saw the vision, the concept of the diverse beauty range at Fenty Beauty has proved to be a winning combination. The fashion industry is currently witnessing exciting times, with several innovative and talented black artists and musicians launching successful brands within the umbrella of global corporations we are now witnessing a fashion and beauty revolution.

In Conversation with Rihanna:

Rihanna shares her excitement in many interviews, to be working alongside the Luxury group LVMH, who choose to collaborate with her vision and creative fashion output as a unique artist, women of colour and innovator.  Currently social media rumours and speculation, is rife with sightings of the Bajan beauty in the UK.  We believe that Ms Fenty is living in London during the preparing for the Launch of her Luxury collection in Paris this month. Rihanna has hinted that she loves 'Jamaican market food' sending fan's crazy and her followers are on the search for this iconic singer in our London town...

I cannot wait to see the luxury fashion line along with her millions of followers .. 
Good luck and well done Rihanna 

Cheryl xoxo

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