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FaceClays Natural Beauty Mask

FACECLAYS is a skincare system that delivers optimal radiance, using ethically harvested plants, without toxicity as it is free from parabens, no animal by products and no additives that are harmful. This vegan friendly facial formulation, harnesses the power of botanical herbs. The hand created 'straight from nature range includes exciting holistic facial therapies within a spa to you at home. This popular clean beauty skincare system, was formulated in the UK using ethically sourced ingredients. 

Esthetician Cheryl Huggins understood from the age of 12, the importance of great skincare  that delivers amazing results. 
Having used plant based beauty for her whole life and following with traditional recipes from her Mother, this small delightful range is free from toxic chemicals, and looks to align followers that wish to begin their Clean Beauty journey. 

 Earth. Plant. Skin. 

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Deep cleansing with FaceClays 'radiance mask'

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In my heart I was always looking for ways to explore, the many simple ancient traditions of environmentally friendly, ethical beauty from around the globe. Many of the the skincare rituals embraced a sense of connection, to the planet, our life force. 
My research showed, that by embracing a total minimalist approach, anyone can begin their journey, by checking the ingredient in their current skin care choices. 
Her product range was created whilst harvesting ingredients, creating hand-crafted products, for herself and her clients. My tireless commitment was to to find other dedicated brands that care about its environmental responsibility, and to save the planet.

"I am so proud to have created bespoke specialist treatments and products, that combine cultural traditions with spa beauty rituals. Skincare to suit your lifestyle and provide optimum skin health for all ages and all skin types including men and teens."

                                      Cheryl Huggins Founder of FaceClays 

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FaceClays 100% Natural Pure Premium Clay

Beauty, Makeup and skincare has been my passion and life for more than 30 years.
I have been fortunate within my Career, to have had, the opportunity to train alongside the very best educators, from London, Paris and Japan.

This effortless, multi-action skincare product, is considered one of the world's most powerful facial cleanser, from the natural power of the Earth and can be found in many of the most luxurious beauty brands.  

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Why I created the FaceClays Beauty Mask?

"I created this product  deliver a beautiful premium quality, superfine clay that is perfect for all skin types. Pure Clay masks provide superior skin renewal, with gentle exfoliation. For the best results, I highly recommend to use once a week to draw out toxins and impurities especially during these difficult times of high pollution, and sensitivity.
The FaceClays mask is a non-ionized clay without preservatives, additional fragrances or colourants, that comes from isolated quarries in a wild environment. The excellent mineral content, offers a far superior experience than most clay mask.

After months of Independent testing with fantastic natural manufacturers, I am excited to announce that I will be launching my first ever 100% natural and cruelty-free facial product that contains no GMO's and suitable for Vegans." 

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What are The Benefits of FaceClays 

 During this Global Covid 19 Pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the number of people experiencing breakouts, pimples, stress, redness, and blemished skin during global lockdown. The lack of exercise, fresh air coupled with stress, 'Mask Acne' a new condition was prevalent.

It has been reported that as a direct result from the continual wearing of facemask coverings,  for many front line workers caused 'acne mechinea' a skin condition caused by prolonged wearing of the face covering. The constant moisture, collected from both heat and friction upon the skin, especially around the cheeks, nose chin and mouth cause extra humidity. This can be an ongoing source of discomfort, I would highly recommend to use a mask made of natural fibres allowing your skin to breathe.

What is Ayurveda Beauty?

The very first skincare products in ancient history, were made from CLAY, with face masks, hair and body treatments, including heated poultices, and traditionally created herbal medicines. The term Ayurveda in holistic beauty means 'balancing life'  bringing about a connection with Wellness, that will nourish the mind, body and cares for the protection of the planet. This pure white clay is 100% natural premium grade, that aids and delivers radiance, soothing and balancing healthy skin. The use of ingredients from the earth to skin, works well with Ayurveda Beauty, Aromatherapy and including Holistic therapies.


It is documented that Queens and Royal families across many continents, used clays for traditional ceremonial rituals,  harnessing its power to heal the mind and body on a daily basis.
 Using natural clay products has been a joy, especially when providing clients with the first steps to minimal beauty, clean eco-conscious skin care system. This clay is called white clay, and is one of the oldest Earth's clays, providing the most gentle, cleansing and soothing protection for everyone, including men and teens.

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Key Benefits of Pure Radiance FaceClay Mask 

  • Helps to reduce congestion, calming, deep cleanse impurities, anti-bacterial properties, effective treatment against pollutants and forms of acne.
  • Good for normal, sensitive, allergy prone, men, mature, congested dull and youthful blemish prone skin.
  • Tones, brightens, freshens, reduces redness and repairs the skin, helping to redefine natural contours.
  • Made with natural pure, fine quality grade, 100% cruelty-free kaolin clay, is vegan friendly Its healing powers were adored by many Queens including Nefertiti, Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba used some of the worlds best and natural clays  for their miracle skincare routines.
  • FaceClays Radiance Mask makes it perfect addition to your beauty routine, for calming and soothing the most sensitive, or irritated of skins.  For the best results after application rinse off and apply your favourite moisturizer or serum  

HOW to USE your FaceClays Beauty Mask 

Apply your mask mixture to freshly cleansed skin.

15 minutes for oily, congested skin

10 minutes or less for normal and combination skin

10 minutes or less for dry and mature skin

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The consistency of your clay mask on application, should resemble that of toothpaste, use two teaspoons, blend to a lump-free smooth texture. Use a small amount of spring water, or a pure balancing herbal, pure distilled water, mix to a smooth paste .
 The silky texture is then easily applied with a brush or your hands to your face and neck.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes according to your skin type and skin condition.

Wash or rinse off the mask BEFORE it is completely dry for best results.

Regular weekly use of your mask will keep the skin healthy, calm and soothe break outs, blemishes, mature skins feel nourished,  glow with radiance and  feel and look balanced. 

Makeup application will look smoother, skin will be less irritated, redness calmed and fine lines of dehydration hydrated.

 Congested pores refined, the detox action will balance the skins natural ritual of repair.

Small amounts of clay can be mixed and used as an individual spot or blemish treatment

 (back acne included)


If you are not sure, or have allergies or any sensitivities a Patch test behind the ears 24 hours before use, is highly recommended to ensure your safety, and to avoid allergic reaction on the face.  Mix a small amount of the product and apply, leave to dry on the skin. then rinse off after 24 hours

Please contact your doctor should any irritation arise wash off product do not use any creams or medicated product. 


FaceClays and Cheryl Huggins take no responsibility or liability for irritation or rashes please contact for discussion or consultation.

The results... radiant skin, smoother texture and more refined, working in harmony to achieve a natural glow, everytime.

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