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Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant

My Story

Family has always come first with me, as the proud mother of two 'grown up' sons, once I knew it was my time, and they were both settled in their careers, I took flight and completely retrained.

Having always enjoyed writing, something I did back in 2003, I wrote eulogies for a small fee, I decided to train as a celebrant, focusing mainly on funerals.

Michelle Harvey In the Studio 

I am an independent celebrant, and pride myself on having a passion for finding out about the family as much as I can. My work is becoming well known, and I cover from the South coast in Folkestone, up to North London, and as far out as Clacton. 

Also, I set up the Bereavement Cafe in Orpington Kent back in Nov 2017. Together with Valentine and Turner funeral directors, we provide qualified bereavement counselling for the community.

I took over running PIB (People In Business) Network Group in January 2018.
Since then, I have built it up from 24 members to nearly 70, and I am so proud that it is steadily growing daily. We host two meetings per month, and pride ourselves on solid, and consistent support of many diverse small local businesses and sole traders.

Most of my downtime is spent with my family, when my youngest son is home from the Navy. We try to spend as much time as a family together, enjoying a meal out or a family walk. My other son has finished University, gaining a Degree in sports coaching. He currently works locally at a recruitment firm, and plays Rugby every weekend.

Michelle Harvey
Podcast Interview on the Link below 

In the Boss Woman Studio with Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant
HOST Cheryl Huggins 

If I had a motto in life, it would be to seize the moment whenever you can, because life is not promised and working in the industry, I have seen first hand how quickly it can happen.

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 Michelle Harvey Life Celebrant

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My Favourite Things

Whats the best thing about living in London?

I love that Central London is 40 minutes from my home town, being with my family and friends who because of work commitments we spend hours on Facetime...I am just on the countryside borders, so I love the lush green parks and beautiful woodlands that surround us. I have turned into a keen novice gardener and have even been known to be walking around the local allotment purchasing organic herbs and vegetables!

Favourite Concert 
I have so many I am having difficulty choosing one. I love Rythmn and Blues and all Soul, Jazz Music along with Soca.
I have been fortunate to see many of the Icons and Concert masters including Micheal and Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker and my Music man the one and only Prince, who I was fortunate to meet on four occasions.
Concerts were my mode of relaxation, I went to so many, and was always blown away by the talent and commitment by the artists, they were always outstanding.  

The best holiday ever
We visited Italy, the magical city of Rome on a sunny Easter weekend. The Vatican was amazing, so opulent, Trevi fountain, it was all so captivating, the food the architecture, culture and style so looking to another visit again soon possibly Milan.

What's my favourite food
Roti, Roti... My home cooking of traditional Trini Christmas Dinner with my special Caribbean Turkey recipe, seasoned rice, homemade stuffing, followed by crunchy apple crumble layered with vanilla ice cream.

#BossWoman tell us about your new podcast platform who is it aimed at?

I love to interview people, to find out real life stories from amazing women who provide Inspiration, Support and Mentorship to others with honesty and respect. This Podcast has been a thought in the back of my mind for a long while and now I have been so lucky and excited to bring this idea to life, 

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Beauty and Social Media 'Influencers' what are your views! Hit or Miss

I believe the Cosmetic brands are aware of the spending power that Social Media Marketing involving product placement, celebrity Makeup Artists and Stylists.
They are supposed to have a level of expertise in a particular area, or have social influence, with one swish of a pony tail, one application of mascara millions of items can be sold in a matter of hours.  With such huge numbers of followers, astronomical budgets to shift many brands will use their status for popularity to gain the trust of the influencer's tribe.
The most famous influencer's in the Social and Beauty Industry is Kim Kardashian, with sister Kylie worth over $1.2million per post, another favorite of mine is makeup artist Huda Kattan.
With over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide and a market growth of 9% yearly that's a lot of money! 

However, the public are aware of the current impact celebrity endorsements, and  collaborations have on marketing specially when millions of dollars are spent on publicity. There is a new product launch, every day and young women are using their social media platforms to receive a piece of the pie, by cultivating their followers, getting on the best Press lists to receive the latest product instantly and before anyone else. 

The future is exciting with so many Makeup and Beauty Guru's partnering with Global brands. I am particularly pleased that the public voice is being heard, we can see in stores and online every day new Cosmetic Entrepreneurs developing a strong commitment to many rising stars. These include Organic, Saving the planet, Non Toxic, Cruelty Free, Men's and the growing need for Clean ranges for teens and babies, without suspicious ingredients. 
I am so fortunate to be part of this growing Industry that encourages new makeup and beauty entrepreneurs to embrace the growth, providing an opportunity develop fantastic products using the best technology. This explosion of supply and demand in the Industry, would never have happened over 20 years ago and has to the growth of Social Media.

What are some of your favourite Makeup brands, Foods and best holiday's EVER..
Let me know in the comments below. 

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