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FaceClays Wellness Wednesday


FACECLAYS is a gentle yet effective facial system that delivers optimal skin radiance naturally and gently. Leaving the complexion beautifully soft with brightening results for all skin types and all ages. Results show clients agree they had smoother skin, keeping the skin, balanced and glowing!

100% Natural 
Not tested on animals Cruelty Free 
Gluten Free

This Clay mask is bespoke specialist facial treatment, that allows you to tailoring your beauty rituals. By using natural ingredients they can work together, to suit your lifestyle and your skin health.

Why should we use a Clay Mask within our weekly skincare ritual, how can we be sure of the purity of the clay?

 Clay is a popular beauty ingredient that's used in many luxury skincare products, and as a vital ingredient to cleanse, smooth, brighten the tone and texture of the skin, nails and hair.

Great results are easily achieved with regular use, especially for those concerned with normal, sensitive skin, and those suffering from hormonal breakouts. The benefits are vast for teenage acne-prone,  oily and blemish types. A more refreshed, hydrated skin can be seen with dry and dull more mature types notice a smoother texture immediately after use. This premium quality clay, delivers a great cleanse whilst being cost effective.

What are the Benefits of FaceClays Pure Radiance Face Mask?

  • Helps to reduce congestion, calming, deep cleanse impurities, anti-bacterial properties, effective treatment against pollutants and forms of acne, with the very best mineral content.
  • Great  for normal, sensitive, allergy prone, men, mature, congested dull and youthful blemish prone skin, by delivering clean minerals the clays absorb the skin dirt and oils revealing refined looking pores and smoother texture.
  • Made from natural premium 100% cruelty free kaolin, this clay is also vegan friendly and cruelty free with no additives. Leaves skin feeling fresh, looking brighter and more refreshed without the tightness and dryness of most clays available.
  • Draws out the excess build up of toxins and congestion on the skins surface, protecting the microbiome, balancing the natural protection provided. Suitable all ages and skin types. (Teens and Men)
  • Helps to restore and repair the skins natural balance, removing dead skin cells, offering superior properties for your weekly cleanse.

HOW to Apply your Clay Mask for brighter complexion  

Apply your mask to clean skin.

For best results wash or rinse off the mask with warm water, BEFORE it is completely dry for Remove with a natural sponge, cotton or bamboo face cloth.

Regular weekly use of your faceclays beauty mask will keep the skin healthy, calm and soothe skin leaving a comfortable feel and a smoother looking texture. 

Rose or herbal waters are best, including spring waters and try to use natural utensils to remove product, no metal spoons. 

Makeup application will look more radiant, skin will feel less irritated, redness is also calmed and fine lines of dehydration softened.

 Congested pores are deeply cleansed, the natural detox action of the clay helps to balance the skins natural state. Results are visible immediately when used on a weekly basis, with a balanced diet, rest and healthy lifestyle.

Full size 100g £12.00
Products and packaging are recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

Postage and Packing not included  (£4.00 for UK) 


This is your opportunity to use the exclusive Beauty Mask

 that delivers superior skin renewal, with mild exfoliation, to aid irritation, detox blemishes and improve skin cleansing. The purifying mask can be used once or twice a week to draw out toxins and remove environmental impurities from the surface of the skin.
Leaving the skin with a beauty miracle in the form of a pure clay mask that leaves the skin clearer, natural revitalised skin.



How often and how long do I apply the clay on my face?

Recommendations are made as general guideline consultation is always preferred.

10 - 15 minutes or less for oily, congested skin

10 minutes for normal and combination skin

5 - 10 minutes or less for dry and mature skin

5 minutes for teens or sensitive skin types

Small amounts of clay can be mixed and used as an immediate spot or blemish treatment

 (back acne included)

If you have allergies or sensitivities, we would suggest  do a small Patch test of the clay once mixed, behind the ear before use.


 24-48 hours prior to use depending on your skin type, especially if allergy or  prone to sensitive skin types .

Please contact your doctor should any irritation arise, wash off clay and do not use any creams or medicated product.

VISIT FaceClays to register or BOOK for your Complimentary 20 minute VIRTUAL discussion or beneficial face to face skin consultation.

We invite you to join the natural beauty movement with this popular home Spa facial therapy.


If you would love to purchase the mask we would love to assist you, please send a message to: 

FaceClays Summer Lift and Tone Facial Massage

Begin your skincare ritual using a natural plant based organic oil, custom-blended is best to take care of a variety of conditions. There are many face oils that have beneficial nutrients including anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and may also have amazing anti-inflammatory properties with a regenerative effect on the skin's surface. 

Relaxation of the facial muscles can help to maintain radiant skin health. The action of a facial massage can induce a reflective state and is a wonderful form of daily self-care for the skin.
After nearly two years of 'Zoom Face' working online and experiencing 'Maskne' Breakouts and blemishes caused by continual face mask wearing, its time for personal TLC and self care. 

Together, we can achieve a natural glowing complexion starting with these few simple steps.

Which oils can I use for facial massage:

Pure face oils are emollient and lock in moisture, leaving a glowing protective barrier on the skins surface.  Massage movements allow the hand or Gua Sha tool to glide over the skin gently, without micro-tears or damage, soothing and calming the muscles and jawline.  I would not recommend using pure  essential oils without  mixing with a base oil. The use of mineral oils, synthetic oils or even 'baby oil' for your facial massage, can lead to blocked pores and possibly cause sensitivity.  

My recommendation as a licensed Esthetician, is either natural with no toxic compounds or organic. For the best results, choose an ethical brand that works to protect the planet, and does not use substances or ingredients that may be considered detrimental to humans, animals or the planet. There are many ethical brands listed, who have created fabulous products using sustainable ingredients and ethical manufacturing processes.

FaceClays Revitalising Glow Drops

What is the best facial oil for your skin type?

Are you a mature skin type, or prone to breakouts, do you have teenage, or skin combination?  Your skin can be prone to sensitivity, redness or are you going through the menopause? Take these skin conditions into consideration when choosing any products for your face. 

These are some of the many benefits for a facial massage:

Improves the overall appearance of the skin

Purifies, stimulates and refreshes the texture resulting in good skin health  

Increases lymphatic drainage, removes congestion, and waste

Increases hydration makeup and skincare look and feel better on the skin, aids fine lines 

Eases muscle tension, relaxation is induced, in some cases can promote better sleep

*some skin and medical conditions will contra-indicate having a facial massage, if you have any concerns please consult with your doctor or dermatologist. 

**These massage movements are not designed for you to apply to other people, they are for self-massage only.

Faceclays Revitalising Facial Glow Drops 

I have created a revitalising Facial treatment oil that is Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly to address many skin concerns. I have used this blended at night for many years use, its texture is perfect for massaging whilst light in texture, and does not leave the skin 'greasy'.

Face Clays treatment oil has been created with you and my clients in mind, leaving the skin glowing and radiant. This facial treatment can also be used after cleansing, and either before or instead of moisturising (during Summer 1-2 drops was perfect)  I am normal to dry skin type, however you will still need to apply your sun protection.

How to massage for relaxation 

The morning after your massage, you can increase the skin's hydration levels, and regeneration by using this simple system, or adding a great plant-powered moisturising product and include a protective sunscreen. 

Following the video use any of the movements or a combination together for 3-5 minutes daily. Let's start by warming up the facial muscles, using light to medium pressure. Place the finger pads, onto the skin with gentle pressure, starting at the temples and completing the movements, firmly at the base of the ear lobe for a glowing complexion daily.

These facial massage movements are to target the specific lifting and toning muscles of the cheek and jawline area. This type of massage movement is known as lymphatic drainage, by lifting and circulating excess fluids, through this immunity pathway, aids the removal of congestion, toxins and puffiness in the skin tissues. The action of massage will channel built up waste into the lymph nodes or ducts. They are found around the body and support our natural defence system (throat, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin areas) the bacteria and toxins are naturally removed by the body.

I hope you enjoy this, and other simple massage videos, to help you increase your glow and to understand how, the skin benefits from using specialist rituals. These introductory sessions have been created for you to follow and apply to your techniques when applying moisturiser and treatment oils. 

Enjoy your products, your massage and remember to spend time on your skin and you will see the benefits of this effective therapy.

I would like to invite you to discover and enjoy a 30 minute FREE online consultation, for a healthier brighter natural skin. Start your journey with us today and follow the link below to find out how to CLAIM your free online consultation TODAY Linktree

Bosswoman Podcast in Conversation with Allison Parkinson

"The aim is to write something that can be easily understood by anyone and everyone" 

Throughout my career I have always enjoyed writing in some form, I started off as a news reporter on local papers, includingThe  South London Press, before then taking a position at Marie Curie Cancer Care. This led me to follow my passion and become a freelance writer, editor and proof reader.

How did you incorporate and expand your passion for writing, whilst you were in a full time role? What was the incentive for you to write a book, run a small business and be a full time Mum to two beautiful daughters? 

I love the variety of the role, international clients one day the next interviewing a hospital patient regarding their life saving treatment and the care that saved their life or even a scientist about 'ground-breaking research'.

Sometimes I can write the words to a picture book in a day, whilst my chapter books can take from six months to a year, to complete because I have to plan the story and do some historical research. I also plan and draw the illustrations myself, which can take up to a few months to complete. 

Allison Parkinson Recording  at BossWoman Studio

You have written a total of four books, which is amazing! Can you tell us, what sets them apart from the new books, you are working on and who are they aimed at? 

TigersTale:  Zarif the tiger meets a cat loving lady!

Tick Tock:   About a little girl called Layla, its a story to help children tell the time.

Laurella Swift and the Keys of Time: Laurella who is based on my daughters, travels through time to ancient Persia. 

Laurella Swift and Voyage of Discovery: Laurella is transported to New Zealand.

Yes I have written four books so far and I'm just about to publish a sequel to the Tiger's Tale called Tiger's Eye which is a longer and much louder that the first story, I'm also writing the third Laurella adventure, where the Catford schoolgirl, goes back in time. It's going to be called:  'Laurella Swift and the Ocean of Mystery' 

Who inspired you to write the books?

My daughters are mixed race, and when they were much younger, nearly eight years ago, on the night before World Book Day, (where children are encouraged to go to school dressed as their favourite characters) my youngest daughter was cross.  She couldn't think of a story where a girl who looked like her, was the main character in a book. A few days later, out of nowhere a story idea came to me. 

The character 'Laurella Swift' was born...

Initially the stories were for my daughters, but other friends and family members suggested that I published them, after reading my drafts. I never really intended to illustrate my books. When I came up with the Tiger Tale an artist friend of mine, after seeing my rough guide drawings, which were created for potential illustrators, told me 'just go with your own illustrations' so I did!

BossWoman meets author Allison Parkinson 

Your stories are about historical fantasy, why did you choose that genre and who are some of the other authors that you admire?

I love history and leaning about different cultures, including the history right on my doorstep. I felt this was my chance to learn something new and share it with a larger audience. I love authors like Judith Kerr, (the Tiger who came to Tea, When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit)  Jan Fearnley (Mr Wolf's Pancakes) Malorie Backman (Noughts and Crosses, Pig Heart Boy) Philip Pullman, (His Dark Materials)

I have to also add, to that list, my wonderful father who has never published a book, but is such an amazing storyteller. During my childhood he would be really creative with his readings. We would imagine going to fantastic magical lands or battling sea witches on a journey to the very depths of the ocean.

You are known Internationally at schools in Gambia, and Tanzania,  I understand that as part of your role as an author, you have to take part in book signings and be really willing to collaborate with literacy schemes in the UK and abroad? How much input do you have organising and attending these events?

That's still mind-blowing to me and to my family, to think that the books are being used in literacy schemes, internationally and in UK schools where the lead character of my books looks like the children who are now reading them! 

Tigers Tale Zarif 

I was very nervous at my very first reading in front of a live audience, especially having to pretend to be a tiger in front of a hall of teachers and pupils. But now I see my books as great fun, and if one child likes them and is able to relate to my story, then it makes this life journey worthwhile, a legacy to leave behind, one that is timeless..

I plan to host many more school visits over the next few months and hope to fit many more in between my freelance work. 

Tick Tock 

Would you recommend self-publishing to anyone who has a book or story to tell? We hear so many stories, of how difficult it is to approach a book publisher. 

The beauty of the publishing world at the moment, is that you can choose, different platforms that suit you, including the traditional route of getting an agent and a publishing deal with one of the big publishing houses or you could decide to self- publish. There are so many options which again gives you the freedom and so many options, especially if you have strong family commitments.

These books need to be shared, like comment and enjoy Allison's inspirational work.

Listen to the podcast here:  In-conversation-alison-parkinson-author-episode-6

Instagram: allisonparkinsonwrites


I will be selling my books at the Corbett Community Library, Torridon Rd SE6 on July 23rd 

Catford Literary Festival on October 2nd  including a LIVE reading and book signing.

Catford Arts Trail October 8-9 

Moon Lane Books Stansted Rd London SE6 

SHOP allisonparkinsonbooks

Check out 'story time' Reading with Allison  You Tube channel=AllisonParkinson 

 BossWoman Podcast: Proof read and edited by Allison Parkinson 

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