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Boss Woman The Podcast with Fran Flin

Episode 3

"Doing our very best to protect and serve … means such a lot to me"

"Driving the fire engine is the favorite part of my job, I LOVE going on shouts on the bell, and working the fire engine through traffic. 
To me its like working out a huge jigsaw puzzle!

I also love dealing and helping with the general public." 

Fran Flin 

We celebrate with the inspirational Fran Flin as she completes her 26 years in the Fire Service. Thank you for the tireless service in Kent including motivating so many women, all of this, whilst achieving success in her fitness business. 
She has given so many women the opportunity to be confident, and to find their own journey in any career or business that makes them HAPPY. 

Fran Flin @flinsfitness

   Life journey with Fran Flin
 Fire Fighter from Kent

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Boss Woman The Podcast Episode 2

Fran Flin FireFighter - Fitness Coach

"One Life, One Chance, No Regrets" 

My Life Stories

In my 25 years service I have seen pretty much everything, including rescuing  several cats stuck up a tree next to Orpington British Rail station. We had to order a specialist turntable ladder from Battersea, which caused chaos at Orpington that day. 
Drunk guy in a mobility scooter accidentally drove into the little river cray with his Chinese takeaway, we then had to implement a full water rescue procedure, even though it was only about 4” deep.
On our way to a rubbish bin that was alight in the High Street, we came across a guy high on drugs rampaging with a knife, we stopped to help the police, unfortunately he then cut his own throat in front of us. We safely held him down, whilst putting pressure on the wound! 
To our surprise he came into the station, when he was out on bail, to thank us all at the Station for saving his life! 

Flins Fitness 

I love My Job

Driving the fire engine is the favorite part of my job, I LOVE going on shouts on the bell, and working the fire engine through traffic it’s like working out a huge jigsaw puzzle!
I also love dealing and helping with the general public.

"Doing our very best to protect and serve … means such a lot to me"
Working with my Watch is fun and I enjoy great banter every single day, it's like working with a bunch of 13 year old brothers, this experience has influenced me in so many ways, especially how I deal with people as it is mostly female in my other work life as a Fitness Instructor. I find that guys are pretty direct – sometimes brutal! But they also don’t hold onto any “beef” it’s pretty easy to just move on, if there are any work related issues.
I can be pretty tactful in my business life, I also try to be direct and honest.
As a Fire Woman, and running my own business I have learned to develop a thicker skin, especially being in a male dominated environment, which I definitely needed as I’m a delicate flower by nature!

Award for Best Fitness Instructor in Kent 2019

My business started in Fitness, as a way to stay in shape and strong for my job, but it grew and evolved into what it is today.

I’m hugely proud of it, and always appreciate the fantastic comments and reviews that people take time out to write, it truly means everything.

My Highlight of the year was being voted Best Instructor in Kent in 2019

I was nominated by a fellow instructor that I respect and admire greatly, so an even sweeter accomplishment

My social media blew up and I spent a couple of months in tears at the wonderful things people said!

An annual highlight at Flin's Fitness is our Aerobathon fundraiser, I’m always blown away by how generous people are we have such a lot of fun with a Live DJ and all the instructors doing their set with 100 people taking part in our yearly Charity Event in Kent.

No break as I work all the time, I'm not sure how to relax, but I just love everything! I buzz off of it!  I’m now trying to do more Yoga, as a participant, I now have a kindle so making an effort to read more.

Watch Box sets on Netflix with hubs as often as we can.

Beauty with Fran
I am a mum and a Nan, so I am very aware of the ageing process, I now do a little more than I have ever have before. I maintain and keep my brow’s tidy and shaded, I’ve have a little Semi-Permanent Makeup, and I use some lash growth serum. I use a Lush lash mascara and don’t go out without lashes EVER not even when I’m on duty!

Current mascara is Primark on recommendation of Kate Lawler

Love the L’Occitaine lip balm but I always have Vaseline Aloe Vera handy in every handbag, in my car, and in my cargo trousers pocket at work! When I'm going out, I use Urban Decay on my eyes, usually a Mac Cosmetics gloss stick or Urban Decay in a nude or pinkish colour.  I use their Minerals powder as a base, then it takes me about half an hour to get ready even for an event. My hair is flat and thin, so I stick to the style it’s cut in I might use straighteners to get it more sleek.

I also in LOVE with Tropic skincare and like try to use really natural based products for my skin, I use their Skin Feast, the Night Cream & Super Greens Serum.

Not tried their make up yet, but will give it a go. My Can't Live without would be mascara, Vaseline and the Tropic Skin Feast!

Ready to work out with Fran Flin?  Hit the link below for contact with this fitness guru and make your 2020 amazing!

Get Ready to Join Fran Flin on 'Boss Woman' The Podcast on 17th January 2020 

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Face Serums

How Do Face serums age proof your skin?

A good face serum is one of the most important things you can put on your skin, however never miss using your nourishing moisturizer or that all important beauty protector ...sunscreen!

Japanese technology has created some of the world's best and Iconic beauty brands, the most super flawless 'Mochi Hada'  'Rice skin' the trend now replacing Glass Skin. This skin looks plump, hydrated, flawless and takes little effort and we are able to delightfully  share the traditional methods surrounding, the once strict cultural beauty secrets and regimes.

I was so fortunate to have trained and worked as the UK National Makeup Artist and Lead Skincare specialist for the leading Japanese brand SHISEIDO, when on your next Beauty shopping trip the brands to look out for, are SK-11, SUQUU and not forgetting the no.1 selling range namely Decorte. This small bottle of Liposome enfused moisture delivers every skincare addicts hydration dream, it is pure luxury, the Best of the Best.

#1 Selling serum in Japan, for high-quality moisture to keep skin in prime condition
Regenerative Face Serums.

Serums are in fact light-weight moisturizers, with a much lighter consistency than face creams, as they often contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. The smaller molecular weight and silky textures can nourish the skin intensely and deeper than a heavier day or night cream. 
By delivering a more potent dose of skin luxury, with cocktails of active botanical, peptides and a host of fast acting ingredients,  when used on a regular basis this product can provide more anti-ageing benefits. One of the biggest differences and benefits is that they tend to leave out the petrolatum or mineral oils that keep water from evaporating, are usually water based, and may leave out the additional water found in most creams.

As with Japanese skincare they will most likely be the most costly product in many skincare lines. When do you use this jewel of a product? Immediately after cleansing and prior to that moisturizer. Too expensive for am and pm use, then add a few drops in your hand and pat lightly to the face. 

Mixing and blending of oils and botanicals in a Pharmacy that includes natural beverages

What types of serums are available?
As we age the skin naturally loses the ability to retain moisture naturally, the best skincare serums will contain some of the following ingredients, however there are so many that, I have picked a few of the most popular ones.

Vitamin A derivatives or Retinoids have exfoliating properties. They were first used topically to help acne sufferers, and became acclaimed for clearing pores, improving dull skin, users recognized how much these trendy formulas helped with fine lines, skin texture, often revealing brighter clearer skin with softer smoother wrinkles. Another favorite of mine, which I take daily is Vitamin C, normally found within the epidermis (top layer of the skin) it is a very potent anti-oxidant that works to neutralize free radicals and environmental pollutants that can progressively ultimately damage the skin. Transported through the cells from the blood vessels in the secondary layer, the Dermis, thus repairing skin injuries, and providing an increase in protection from photo-sensitivity UV damage including cell regeneration.
Hyaluronic Acid is essentially a large sugar, that appears in the connective tissue in our skin, it's job is to retain moisture by keeping the cells plump. One molecule can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and is far too large to penetrate into the dermal layer therefore, can be added to topical creams and serums to provide temporary improvement to surface lines and wrinkles. Botanical oils and extracts naturally contain some of the most nourishing and regenerative properties that we could give our precious skin.
They are packed with amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, phyto-nutrients, and essential vitamins. These are my favorite group, containing the most natural derivatives.

The Organic Pharmacy Anti-oxidant Serum

The Vitamins, Botanicals, Stem Cells, and Acid derivatives that are available to purchase in the high street, will have a much lower percentage, than professional grades. Make an appointment to see your Dermatologist to look at the best skin regime for you, especially if you are trying to  look after your complexion and wish to address specific skin issues, like Acne, Rosacea, or even Pigmentation and dark spots. Skin care products and skincare additives are kknown for their effectiveness, if using the correct serum it can be a key factor in prevention, or slowing down some of the early signs of premature skin ageing. If you could only use one or two skincare products for the rest of your life, I would highly recommend that you use a serum alongside your moisturiser and sun protection that should have been carefully chosen for your skin type and skin condition..

How do you use this wonder Serum? 
Immediately after your cleansing regime and prior to that nourishing moisturiser, take a pea size amount, if it's too expensive for am and pm use, then add a few drops in your hand and pat or massage lightly to the face. As with Japanese skincare they will most likely be the most costly product in many skincare lines. 

Next to Korean Face Masks this is the must have item for smooth, flawless skin, in 2020 Trust me you definitely will need one in your skincare routine and bedside cabinet.

Enjoy Choosing your Serum 


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