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Natural Clay Masks the benefits

During the day grime and bacteria can be left unseen on the skin and unless they are sloughed off, the congested dirt and pollution can leave your skin feeling dull and may cause irritation and sensitivity. It maybe tempting to slack off your regular skin care routine during this unprecedented time but let me share a secret, that has been used by professionals for many years...

Clay masks have been at the forefront of many ancient beauty regimes for Centuries in Greece, the Egyptians, China and traditionally Africa.

Further studies from leading Dermatologists also recommend that with additional home treatments of 10-15 minutes, using natural skin cleansing substance is not only healing but can eliminate many of the additional skin problems now prevalent today.  This wave of super charged natural formulas can assist with many of our concerns, using natural composition and anti-bacterial properties.  

Natural pure clay's contain nourishing minerals, when used with vitamin packed serums and  oils, they quickly harden to protect against breakouts, deep cleansing blocked pores, dryness, acne, sun damage, minor irritations and greatly improving the texture of dull, tired complexions. 

In many salons, and within private spa's during the last 6 months we have witnessed a huge increase in skin sensitivity, breakouts, fine lines and excessive dryness, which maybe caused by wearing face coverings for long periods of time, stress and over-use of additional chemically driven products.

Ask yourself the following questions: 
On average how long do you spend caring for your skin daily?
How many products do you use in a day, are you confident that you are using the best products for your skin type, skin condition?
Does your skin care contain, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, dyes or are they tested on animals?

A professional consultation is key to understanding how to achieve great results using a basic skincare routine that is effective, whilst maximizing the ability to create a natural radiance with beautiful glowing skin. 
Today clay masks are one of the easiest ways to give your skin a treatment, and one of the best kept secret therapies. Masks remove some of the current sensitivities, including those unfortunate breakouts that can occur at times of stress and heightened anxiety. The earth provides properties that are extremely powerful, and I would highly recommend you experiment with the original mask formulas in your routine. The versatility is amazing and many can be used for the body, hair and nails, including as a localized spot treatment for those troubled areas, or all over for a full face and body deeper cleanse. These organic healers are 100% natural, vegan, containing essential phyto-nutrients, that protect and nourish the skin, add to the list cruelty-free, and highly prized item known for its high grade. Personally I adore using ultra pure and clean facial products, which is so important today if you have sensitive skin,  any skin ailments, allergies or if you are a teenager. 

Take a brief look at the traditional history of clay beauty and cleanses, and how they are essential in many cultures. We are fortunate, that today we can enjoy the researched and tested ingredients in our brand driven skincare, hair care, toiletries, medicines and even skin calming products for adults and children. 

Top Tips to apply your perfect facial mask
Natural Face masks are inexpensive and an easy way to pamper your skin, clean blocked pores, whilst gently removing skin debris. Due to its ancient origins clay's most important feature, it naturally adheres to the skin, removing toxins and build up that cause dullness, fine lines and ageing skin. 
When you use your mask as a regular weekly ritual, you will see immediate results, due to the absorption benefits from the minerals. 

Recommendations and guidelines for usage  
Oily/breakouts, congested, excess shine, pimples, acne, combination Use twice a week

If your skin, is normal, sensitive, or mature use once a week

If you wish to seek additional advice a FREE Virtual Consultation is available with Cheryl Huggins 

Benefits of Clay Face Mask
Relaxation of the face, and facial muscles, help to relieve the skin from day to day stress, pollution and irritation, balance natural ph, improve complexion, nourish and maintain skin health.
Delivers deeper cleansing than your daily skincare routine by removing excess oil, balancing skin PH, aiding a brighter clearer more even complexion due to its absorption properties

Natural compounds with medical grade clay's to protect, remove toxins, detoxify, and hydrate your complexion naturally.

Men and Teens are able to use clay masks to control the build up of excess oil and unclog the pores, whilst deeply cleansing the skins surface avoiding breakout, pimples and uneven texture.

The mask can be applied once a week after shaving and before toning the skin.

How To Use 
Apply the mask to a clean face, as using on a unclean skin (makeup buildup) is a trap for dead skin cells, pollution, dirt, bacteria and excess oils, which will need to be removed first, prior to mask application. Cleanse with warm water and your usual face cleanser removing all residue and all traces of makeup.
Apply your Mask with a brush or with clean hands, mix 1 tablespoon of clay into a paste with water or any organic scented water ..rosewater is my favourite. Create a smooth application, the thickness of toothpaste, spread evenly over the face. Take care to avoid the eyes, hairline, brows and lip line. Pay attention to areas that may have more congestion i.e nose, chin, jawline and forehead, the consistency can be the thickness of a banana skin, if thinner, a second application can be applied, ensure the neck is included to receive the best results.

The mask can be removed after 10 - 15 minutes dependent upon your skin type and skin condition, take into consideration recommendations from a professional skin care specialist. During this time I usually rub the mask gently with my index fingers gently around the congested areas, this will help to remove the extra build up of skin debris, absorb oils, and act as a mild exfoliation treatment sucking out all the impurities .. BLISS  

The mask removal is completed with warm water, and can be completed with sponges, warm towels or hands, do not scrub the face, rinse off gently taking care not to damage the delicate skin, pat dry and lightly spritz with a balancing mist or rosewater, orange blossom, or another favourite of mine, calming lavender to complete the experience and normalize the skins natural PH balance without drying out the skin. 

Use your moisturizer to complete the nourishment, I love to use natural oils to deliver a boost of additional essential vitamins and enhance the benefits even further.

Nothing beats a great clay mask, and with over 25 years experience in the Beauty industry, I have taken great care of my skin,  and will always use a clay mask in my skincare regime for myself and also my wonderful clients 

If you wish to seek additional advice a FREE Virtual Consultation is available with Cheryl Huggins on a one to one or group consultation. 

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I have seen many of the A list Celebrity clients enjoying a fabulous pamper sessions that includes a luxurious natural clay mask to enhance that dreamy radiant glow, days before hitting many Red Carpet events and even using great brands that have clay ingredients in them! 

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