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How to look your best on Zoom

Thank you to everyone that has requested for a few tips on looking great on camera. I’ve been watching many video and face time calls this week, and chosen the best professional tips just for you. With this pandemic we have all been globally quarantined, this means having to work from home where possible. As a makeup artist and fashion stylist I have been asked by many clients for help and tips, how to look their best on camera. From face to face to virtual meetings can be a shock, especially when we are working from home or remotely. Suddenly we have to connect on video conferencing, using a digital camera or lap top technology in our homes, with no space, family and pets running around, pretty much until further until further notice.

Natural eye makeup looks 
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In my role as a skincare specialist and makeup artist I often work with many photographers, TV  and cameramen, assisting clients on business head shots, fashion and media images. I have been fortunate to have learned from the best and love to share that knowledge when asked for tips and tricks by my clients. If you are unsure of the your best angles, which area in the home delivers the most flattering lighting, and how to make you skin look smooth and radiant... men included with or without makeup quickly and  professionally. 

One of the best pieces of advice I was given, was to spend 15 minutes getting your camera angles organised, and your surroundings cleared first, then will you be on your way to getting camera-ready for your conference calls.
Over recent weeks, I’ve been walking around my home looking for the best place for my own video chat setup area. Here are my top tips and tricks for the best and most professional looking video calls every time.

Set up + Lighting 

One of the main adjustments to your office space at home, will be to find and check the most natural and flattering lighting, using your the phone or laptop. This is important especially if you are taking a call with little or no natural daylight. Any light that is too bright can easily have the opposite effect by erasing  your facial features. 
When trying to find your chosen area, the best position for Face Time or Zoom, try and be in front or near a window. Walk around your home with your phone or laptop, testing the light in all suitable rooms, try to stay away from any areas in the home that cast dark shadows on either side of the face. Areas where there are overhead lighting, or behind you, will not deliver a flattering image, look for a space in the home with front facing or natural sunlight.
This would mean that the BACK of your laptop or phone screen should be towards the light, so the light is on your face. Eye level is the best position for the phone or laptop camera, if the laptop or phone is positioned underneath the chin area, the image will be unflattering. Your camera needs to be positioned at a slightly higher angle to eye level to be the most flattering. I would always recommend balancing your camera on a set of books, or a higher table to ensure that you are always looking, just above eye level. A quick check in the mirror, before going live will make your business and family calls simply amazing!

If you choose to use any additional lighting or lamps, place them facing you, so again the light will reflect onto your face giving it a soft filter look. When you are in the meeting try to look into the camera lenses, positive and confident. Do not keeping look down, no flicking your hair, or rustling of papers or looking bored and distracted, every nuance is visible.
Once you are happy with your work station, check that the space directly behind you is  also camera ready, clean and tidy. Do let your family know you have chosen your designated area, and enlist their help in keeping that space clear at all times, you may have to host an impromptu meeting.

Try and be flexible, especially if you have a family, create a rota, so they have an idea of your meeting times i'm sure they will help to keep the noise levels, all background movement  and disruptions to a minimum
Dress for Success / Tips for grooming

During the work from home, most of us are relaxing and that can include grooming or our mode of dress, we really need to attend all meetings camera and business dress ready. Both Zoom and Facebook Live have an option for previewing your personal image on video prior to your call starting and a filter to illuminate your skin, and enhancing your features. 
Minimal makeup that has been blended accurately, a little powder or foundation will give the skin more glow and vibrant. If you do not have clean hair put it up and gentleman a five day stubble is not necessary if you go into work clean shaven. If your Company or work requires you to wear a suit maybe a shirt with no tie maybe deemed presentable, if its acceptable to be casual go with the flow.  Ladies if you are not a makeup wearer at the office or place of work, maybe a touch of mascara, foundation, or skin matching skin tint, with gloss or nude lipstick will work wonders. However if you normally wear full makeup, take time to check your application looks good in the mirror
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How to Zoom / Skype
As a courtesy to others, please try to keep your microphone muted unless you are talking, this is the biggest complaint, from those who are professionals at using Zoom, about the camera-shy Zoom and Live stream newbies
Sitting on your bed is great if you are comfortable working there, but be aware of your surroundings when going live with your work colleagues,  Do you really want your business associates see your bedroom? 
Keep all distractions to a minimum, the best place to have your video call will be where the best light is and the most comfortable for you to work or make notes. Please make sure that your laptop or phone is fully charged as the meeting could possibly continue much longer than expected, preparation is key and you do not want to be rushing around to find a charger lead and risk losing the important connection, especially if you have that important call from overseas, think etiquette and protocols
I also always have a drink close at hand and tissues being a Hayfever sufferer just in case.. that tickly cough or sneezing fit appears.

Above all embrace this new technology, Smile and you will be inwardly glowing, during the experience of live meetings,you will  be a PRO in no time at all! 

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COVORAVIRUS How to care for your hands

Hand Hygiene

During the current CORONAVIRUS pandemic it is vital to wash your hands frequently.

Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water after touching outside surfaces, that members of the public may have come into contact with. 

Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands. Hand washing also known as hand hygiene, is the basic act of cleaning one's hands for the purpose of removing soil, grease, micro-organisms or other unwanted substances.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Why? Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you very sick.

Those of you that are nail biters, now would be the time to break this habit.
As the Corona virus that continues to spread the deadly virus Covid 19 the World Health Organisation have recommended regular and frequent hand washing to prevent the further spread of the disease and infection. The use of alcohol based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol can be used to rid your hand s of germs but not as effective as soap and water.
Whilst frequent hand washing is a much safer way to ward off germs, it can also help activate dry skin issues, especially with those who suffer from dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions. Choose your hand care safely and ensuring use at regular intervals will help skin recover from flaking, and even splitting.
Massage will also help to protect, ease pain, reduce feeling of stress, anxiety, and even boost blood circulation. An important firm massage at night before, will  compliment your bedtime routine.  A qualified therapist can assist in the repair, by providing essential acupressure massage to the main trigger points in the hands and wrist. Improved circulation, extra lubrication and properties in the products can be customized to provide purity for additional skin conditioning. Once the creams have been applied at night you can also purchase cotton gloves to wear after applying the creams for extra nourishment, these must be washed after each use at this time. 

My Favourite handcream for ultra dry hands:
O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream is a highly effective moisturzer for severely dry skin, especially skin that is prone to frequent cracks and splits. The odourless, concentrated formula naturally conditions the skin with a high concentration of glycerin, creating a barrier and a comfortable difference you feel within days.There are many hand creams that are amazing, source sensibly according to your skin type and if you have any allergies or sensitive skin, you may have to check all of the ingredients or patch test in store or online for listings where possible, prior to purchase and use.

Drug store brands include:
Aveeno, Nivea Vitamin E, Body Shop, Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, Vaseline Intensive, Eucerin, Dove, Garnier, E45, 

Luxury Specialist handcreams
Margret Dabbs, Aesop, Loccitane, Cera Ve, Ultra bee health, Neom, Lavera, Shiseido medicated, Bulldog, great for men, Tisserand, Cowshed, Clarins, Rituals, Neal's yard Eucerin, 
Green people, The Organic Pharmacy, Peter Lamas, Ahava, CrabTree + Evelyn, Aesop, Tropics. 

Can I add natural oils to my hand cream to receive a much more nourishing, and resilient care for my hands?
Look for a more high quality ingredient list, with beneficial oils, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil which contains essential fatty acids, tea tree oils which are natural safe anti-bacterial, aloe vera to soothe irritated skin. 
What should I avoid? products that contain, parabens, synthetic humectants, and stay away from highly scented brands that may have a fantastic aroma, however can have ingredients which may irritate sensitive skins.  
However if the dryness is causing concern see a dermatologist or doctors for specialist advice.

The products listed above are some of my favourites... I have not included any medicated brands.

I am a qualified and licensed Skin Care specialist, Beauty Therapist, and Aromatherapist. 

I love the richness of this hand saviour!

Mini Manicure Hand protection 

Step 1: Clean your nails with suitable  polish remover
Step 2: Clip any ragged edges then gently, file and buff
Step 3: Apply cuticle oil or cream to soften and condition nail and cuticles, push back your cuticles gently to ensure no damage or tears occur on the delicate skin. 
Step 4: Moisturize your hands and cuticles use a luxurious cream at night and one that will protect and contain ingredients to aid the chapped and excessive dryness caused by health regulations during the current Covid 19 Pandemic.
Step 5: Apply a base protect the nail plate from discolouration and damage.
Step 6: Apply your first coat of color, allow to dry then apply second coat of colour         remembering to tip the free edge to seal the polish and allow longer lasting colour.
Step 7 Apply High shine or matt top coat for extra protection.

Thank you to WHO World health Organisation who have set guidelines on Hand Hygiene 

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