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Join us for our TEEN MakeUp MasterClass, with a professionally recognized makeup artist, and qualified Lecturer. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques, get creative with personalized teaching in a group session or with friends for a special makeup party.
You will need an interest in all things beauty whilst following step by step segments, your class is mentored by a London based Professional makeup artist and beauty specialist.

Your Makeup Masterclass for Teens will begin with a mini skincare journey, then followed by a glamour or natural makeup application. The session is 2 hours for ages 14 – 18 years old, you will learn how to look after your skin before your apply makeup, including night-time makeup removal.
This session is aimed at the beginner, and those who would like to dive into the fun world of makeup and fashionable styles.
This class would also appeal to those who are interested in becoming Professional  Makeup Artists or a career in Beauty and those teens, who are lovers of all things makeup and especially fan's of You Tube, Social media Beauty Gurus and Instagram Beauty. 

Who is this course for
This class is designed to help you take the first steps into the Beauty Industry with a professional specialist. The class is also a great session for those teens or students who are keen to improve their image, Prom, special family occasions, important interviews and for social media. If you are ready to start wearing makeup, my signature step by step guide, will outline the importance of a great skincare routine. 

The Teen class includes blending, how to choose the correct colour's and products for your skin type and condition.Learn how to blend pigments and textures for fab foundation bases. How to conceal dark circles, create natural arched brows and so much more....

For 14 years - 18

Teen Classes 
Cheryl Huggins will start you on your Beauty and Makeup journey, showing you how to apply your newly acquired makeup skills. Cheryl has a vast number of years as an Industry expert, providing beauty guidance every step of the way.
This class will begin with practical skills whilst applying creative and fashion makeup. you will be able to apply your makeup with added confidence and camera ready for all your celebrations and events. 

 Makeup Focus 

All Makeup tutorials include a full-complexion class with sessions ranging from quickie everyday essential tips to full-face tutorials, learn to to create a smokey eye, apply amazing lips, cheek contour, or even how to apply lashes... or how to achieve the latest beauty trends. 

This workshop is ideal for teenagers aged 14 – 18 years old.

Learn new techniques through LIVE workshops or Beauty Birthday Parties with friends.

Learn How to Apply
* Foundation
* Concealer
* Powder
* Eye shadow application
* Mascara
* Eyeliner
* Blusher

* Lipsticks + Lip Liner

Teenage makeup lessons make a wonderful gift, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions and all my services are available as gift vouchers

Venue : Hayes + Chiselhurst and surrounding areas.

Kindly provide your email and mobile contact details including student name, age and any allergies when making your booking.
All details are private and confidential and comply with current GDPR legislation.

Best tips for FAB Brows

How to Have FAB Brows
Signature Definition Brows

This technique is a unique signature procedure which beautifully sculpts your eyebrows into their perfect shape, enhancing your facial features naturally. The treatment involves a combination of short procedures including tinting, waxing and final tweezing with gentle massaging to soothe the area with a natural oil. This method is slightly longer and intensive process than the usual brow treatment. Your brows will be measured, then gently tly brushed to remove loose hairs, any residue or makeup grease.
To complete the final stages, you will then be colour matched, tinted, then waxed, and tweezed. Your Signature brow can last for 3 to 4 weeks depending on your skin type, hair growth and your beauty routine.


Tinting the brows is a great option for anyone with fair eyebrows, sparse, thin or those who prefer a darker richer more balanced look. With guidance from your therapist they will be able to properly assess and create a defined natural look to your brows suitable for your face shape, and hair pattern. 
Using both waxing and gentle tweezing will create a bespoke shape with your preferences as a guide. The final stage uses tweezing to remove any stray hairs from above or below the browline that may affect the overall shape. 

This Definitive brow technique creates a fuller more natural looking brow with an arched lift to bring out and define those beautiful eyes.

BROW BEAUTY Hollywood Style

Brow fashion went from over plucked and thinly drawn on in the 20's by the Hollywood Makeup artists, using pencils, waxes and powders.
in the 30's Greta Garbo gave beautiful brows new meaning with curves and thin accentuated lines. Lauryn Bacall, Grace Kelly and had the most perfect brows, with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dominating the natural glamour beauty looks of the 50's with full arched brow styling.

Brooke Shields

Elizabeth Taylor who portrayed the stunning queen of the Nile in Movie classic 'Antony and Cleopatra' will always be remembered for her immaculate and fabulous brows. 

Fast forward to the 70's - 80's we saw beauty queens either tweezer happy thin or natural  but brows were still a big feature especially if you look at..Twiggy, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson. 90's Brow icons included Brooke Shields, Madonna and Cindy Crawford all gave great full natural brows which were my favourite looks.
Brows today are on trend today and with the use of social media and hashtags we can choose to style our brows in so many ways.There are many great specialist brands, take a look at the brow stylists today who are famed for their naturally thicker brow shape inlcuding Cara Delevigne, Kylie Jenner to the ultimate Queen of the Brow Kim Kardashian whose favourite brow guru is Anastasia Beverley Hills with her stylish brow products to whip those brows into shape.

Create and find your own brow style and claim it as your own, and make a stnad for your individuality, age and confidence. 
Book your Definition Brow FREE Consultation on the link below

Cheryl Huggins 
Tinting Policy
As a responsible user of tinting products, I regularly update with manufacturers safety recommendations to ensure that my treatments adhere to guidelines. 
This is to protect the safety of my customers.
Recent changes to EU legislation and manufacturer’s guidelines of use for tinting  means that I am are unable to offer tinting services unless the following, patch tests have taken place within a minimum of 24 hours for brows and 48 hours for lashes.
  • Clients under 16 years of age
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding clients
As a company, with the best interests of our customers at the top of our agenda, I must adhere to and teach these guidelines, ensuring the safe practice of Definition Brow treatments with Cheryl Huggins

Book your Masterclass in Glades Bromley

Networking Cupper Business Expo 29th-30th March 2019 
Masterclass Demonstrations 
FREE Makeup Consultations 

Have you always wanted to learn to develop and update your makeup application with a Professional artist and skincare specialist. 

Within your 2 hour session makeup artist and skin care specialist Cheryl Huggins will show you how to achieve the best techniques, and improve your makeup and skincare style with short demonstrations and discussion. 

Learn how to prepare the skin and the correct way to use professional cosmetics that will ensure you are achieving the best look for you.

The aim of the LIVE workshop and FREE consultation at The Glades Bromley is to share registration information on the classes that will be launching in Bromley Kent May 2019.


As a professional make-up artist, beauty coach and qualified tutor, Cheryl Huggins provides a wide range of Make up + Skincare lessons and the amazing Master Classes for all ages.

You can create stunning looks with my personalized guidance in either a one to one session, or chose to enjoy small sized classes where you can learn tried and tested, specialist tips and tricks that will give your makeup application, radiant results every time. 

Your makeup application will last much longer for every special event or daytime look.
The core benefit of the lesson is to allow you to develop the skills you need to achieve best look, ideal for all business and social media images.  
 You can learn to master the perfect sexy smoky eye, or how to shade and contour like a
 All classed are tailored to your suit your personal skills and requirements from beginner or Professional levels. 

 Start your makeup journey today by registering for a professional and personalized makeup session, that will leave you more confident with your product choices. 
  Prime and perfect your complexion, look less tired with a fresh faced glow.

 BOOKINGS are now available for private and group classes



Beginners or Professional 

Take your personal beauty style to camera-ready chic, or why not update your fashion image to a natural flawless day makeup. With a few step by step lessons you can benefit from simple professional tips and tricks, that will allow you to gain a valuable insight to life long lessons and skill sets that will ensure your makeup to last upon every application. 
I hold a number of specialist qualifications, and awards during my Career and also for my role as the National Makeup Artist for Shiseido and Guerlain Cosmetics. 

Working as a Makeup Lecturer at South East London College of Further Education, I was also fortunate to learn many amazing 'professional techniques' that help with application and flawless looks for the eyes and skin.
Over the years I am so proud to have gained this vast wealth of experience and I am especially excited to share my makeup knowledge, with you. 
Having worked with exceptionally skilled International Makeup + Beauty experts, in London, USA and Paris I am able to share my signature techniques in classes commencing May 2019.
I hope to see you there.. kisses 

cheryl xoxo

Makeup application for Beauty Blogger and stylist Edona

Join me at my Makeup Masterclass Live, BOOK a session in London or Kent where you can update your looks, achieving a flawless complexion with stunning radiance created and designed by you ...for you.

Early bird Registration available at the Networking Cupper EXPO

Makeup Application by Cheryl Huggins
Smokey Eyes £30.00
Daytime makeover from £55.00
Glamour makeup application from £70.00
Eyelash Application from £5.00

Glamour Makeup Party Adults 
Teenage Birthday Makeup or Beauty Sessions
Beginners Makeup Classes
Evening Glam + Go from £55.00
Teens 14 - 16 Perfect for those starting out and wish to experiment with makeup £45.00

Business Makeup look £75.00 
Skincare and Beauty Class from £75.00
My Makeup Bag 
Makeup Shopping

PRO Makeup Tutorial An Introduction for aspiring Artists
Learn how to recreate the perfect look, choosing the correct bases for radiant skin.
How to create a look for day /night including smokey eyes. 
Eyeliner liquid / liner 
Lash application
Hi-light and Contour
From £125.00   90 mins - 2 hours

Express Makeup  Looks £25.00
Perfect Full lip 
Eyeliner Cat eye flick
Strip Lash application
Hi-light and Contour

Join me on 29 + 30th March 2019 at the Glades Bromley, for the Networking Cupper Business Exhibition.
Meet the artist 
I will be available to discuss your Makeup and Beauty requirements or to registration for Makeup Lessons.
For more details: Contact  events@networking  #NCExpo19 #cherylhMUA
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