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Online Skin Consultation with FACECLAYS

Custom made Skin CLASS 

Want the ultimate online skin consultation, why not book a bespoke appointment to update your beauty routine in an instant, book our concierge beauty services for you to enjoy supercharged skin. 

Learn professional tips and tricks with an experienced skincare 

Licensed. Qualified. Verified.


Enjoy Summer #glowup 2021 with natural and carefully chosen bespoke therapies according to your personal beauty needs. An analysis of your skin, looking at your product usage, prescription suitable for your skin and your skin goals. 

FaceClays glowing radiance face mask

FACECLAYS Skincare consultation 30 minutes 

The facial consultation is on Zoom or Face to Face and will work to target your skin concerns, including environmental damage, areas of sensitivity, and your product usage.

Consultation is available for all skin types and including Teens and Men. 

*check your skincare routine and discuss skin goals

*best practise

*how to upgrade your skincare

*product recommendations + anti-aging

*group workshops or classes are available


All facials include ancient massage techniques from Japan and Paris for radiance.

Luxury FaceClays Anti-age Facial  90 minutes

Natural Facial oils + Gua Sha massage for sculpting and de-puffing

Clarifying skins surface, tone and brighten with moisture rich oils and bamboo lavender soaked, hot towels. In just a few sessions you will notice a clearer more balanced skin. Using the innovative premium 'china clay' FaceClays beauty mask to lift impurities, brighten skin, and relieve congestion, soft and smooth. To aid the skin's natural barrier, this therapy will focus on targeting fine lines of dehydration and dryness, includes a relaxation foot and head massage.

Great therapy for total relaxation and stress relief.

Signature FaceClays Facial 60 - 40 minutes / Men and Teens

Created to deliver instant hydration, soothe the signs of irritation or congestion  and to improve the general health of the skin. Guided treatment for deep action, mineral packed facial and skin repair. 

Cleanse, Brighten, anti-bacterial, nourish and repair.

Your chosen skin boost includes ancient massage techniques from Japan and Paris, including cleansing, exfoliating, gentle extractions and anti-aging lymphatic massage a unique combination to maintain youthful complexion and defined facial contours.

Mineral and intensive purity provides additional cleansing, to soothe and calm irritated and skin needing protection from environment and mask wearing.

All facials are bespoke and suitable for all skin types, oils and products are chosen according to skin type and skin condition.

For more details on booking your on demand FACECLAYS facial consultation or facial massage 

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

"Grooming must have for stylish gents! "

A 100% natural formulation for brighter and clearer, fresh healthy skin.

Used for centuries to remove excess oil, congestion, blocked pores, including clarifying and smoothing uneven texture.

This clay mask is perfect for gentle detoxification, calming and restoring skin that has been damaged by acne, breakouts and redness caused by sensitivity.

Works in synergy with any skincare routine and comes in a stylish black zip lock pouch in two sizes.

With Fathers day approaching why not treat the one you love to a skincare package, that is mineral enriched, cruelty-free, and a natural healing skin cleanser.

Chemical and toxin free, this vegan friendly easy to use cleansing ritual delivers amazing results, as a mask and can also be used as a face wash for daily use. 

Order Here faceclayslondon

Mini £5.00 Full size £10.00

FACECLAYS  Facial cleanser 

Book your FREE consultation HERE 

How to use your Clay Mask for the ultimate Grooming 

Apply your mask to clean skin.

15 minutes for oily, congested skin

10 minutes or less for normal and combination skin

10 minutes or less for dry and mature skin

Please book in for a consultation if you are not sure of the time you would need, to leave it on the skin.

The consistency of your clay mask on application, should resemble that of almost toothpaste, with a lump-free smooth texture. Use a small amount of spring water, or a pure balancing herbal, pure water to mix and make your clay mask.
 Make a wonderful paste texture that is easily applied with a brush or your hands to your face and neck.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes

Wash or rinse off the mask BEFORE it is completely hard for best results.

Regular weekly use of your mask will keep the skin healthy, calm and soothed, 

Makeup application will look smoother easier, skin will be less irritated, redness calmed and fine lines of dehydration smoothed.

 Congested pores refined, the detox action will balance the skins natural ritual of repair if used, on a weekly basis.

 Take 2 fingers and gently rub in areas of concern to aid lifting blocked pores use a few days after or before shaving!

Small amounts of clay can be mixed and used as a spot or blemish treatment

 (back acne included)


If you are not sure, or have allergies or any sensitivities a Patch test behind the ears 24 hours before use, is highly recommended to ensure your safety, and to avoid allergic reaction on the face.  Mix a small amount of the product and apply, leave to dry on the skin. then rinse off after 24 hours

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