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BossWoman Podcast 'In Conversation' with Denise Meade-Hill

Founder Denise Meade Hill 


 "If you do nothing there will be no results" Mahatma Ghandi

As a highly sought after Career Coach, this business women is masterly in her extensive business roles,  confidently assessing your opportunities. Exploring career and business opportunities, requires a special talent, innovation and determination  and within the 'Coaching' Industry Denise Meade-Hill provides high standards, and dedicated professional personal progression. 

Meet the London Entrepreneur known as DMH, who is the founder of Career Transitions Management. Her contribution as an organised professional coach, is demonstrated by her ability to reassure and support your next steps, by defining the current situation and visualising the outcome.

In the past, during my Makeup and Skincare Career I have always been very resistant to booking coaching sessions, with a career or business coach. 
There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this Industry what myths would you like to dispel?

  Firstly Coaches are licensed to support individuals who wish to move forward in their career goals, and during this challenging time I am able to provide a holistic method of evaluating the way to start your new adventure or new job. Many of my clients succeed in their chosen path, in relation to employment or entrepreneurship, outplacement or private practice. With a background in Education Health, Banking, Learning and Development  over the past 10 years, my skills are in assessing client strengths, bringing a professional unbiased approach, to each employer, whilst building Coachee confidence in numerous areas.  In networking, job searching, performance leadership, salary negotiation, developing interview skills, including long term dream goal planning. When seeking a Coach I would always strongly advise that you check the Career Development Institute Professional Register,  especially when you are looking to require knowledge and life skills to support your decision to make huge career and life decisions. 
I am contactable and available to all my clients.

Transitions Career Management DMH

You  have worked within the Coaching and Career management Industry, for more than 10 years, what made you consider a Career within this field?

 "I believe coaching is all about getting results, and a firm believer in trying to gain significant results by taking action in the face of extraordinary opposition."

With a solid background in Education Health, Banking, Learning and Development over the past 15 years, I have discovered that the main elements of career transitioning, needn't be painful. My approach includes evaluating client strengths, whilst building confidence, it is vital to use a range of coaching styles, motivational and learning techniques. Essentially by defining your personal brand, leverages your career capital and true marketability. This can take place in one-to-one or in small focus group settings.  Once the groundwork has been laid, you will require a strong communicator to provide the knowledge to support your decision, and navigate a more effective career and life decisions. 

DMH offering advice at the
Start up Bromley Business open day

How does your Company provide support for people who are facing redundancy,  what types of strategy do you implement to reducing stress and effectively supporting people from first contact? 

During times of crisis, it is important to provide clients with methods that facilitate personal and professional planning.  Coachees will wish to perform their best, I provide them with the skills to support their journey. This may include ongoing delivery of career coaching, moving from 'stuck' to career success. 

My business portfolio provides evidence of my work in recruitment, outplacement, workshops, personal effectiveness in the workplace, supporting  early  and mid-career professionals, to confidently taking the next step in achieving their professional goals.  I specialise working with candidates, who are considering a career change, and need that extra professional support with evaluating their fit, with the job of choice or moving into self employment.

Can you tell us of a prominent memorable moment, when you have directed a client  'out of their comfort zone' and had an exceptional outcome.

After agreeing to coaching and completing my initial interview, we looked at the mind-set of the Coachee, whilst looking at the challenges we needed to overcome. After several years of feeling undervalued in their current position, we discussed their aspirations and completed a Strengths Profile Assessment. This assessment identified the areas of potential, supporting them with job search plans, CV revision, culminating in also provided Interview Skills. 

After the very first job application for an interview in a new Industry, confirmation was sent and they received the position, they could not believe it!  

Career Transitions with Denise Meade-Hill 

As an experienced Career coach,  You have many tips and advice on your Management Website, what positive channels and expectations, would you give to a perspective client who needs reassurance to begin their development journey? 

I would recommend that all Coachees are very clear, on why they have decided to engage a coach, it is a very personal experience. I would work to create a development plan, to allow them to  approach career change confidently. What are the expectations of the Coachee?  What do they wish to achieve, this information helps to pinpoint the best aspects of your professional experience, improving efficiency and focus on the key areas. 

Within my Management Company we discuss the 'Change Transition Curve' which is a method designed to assess their approach to change, additionally creating a strengths profile. Both of these assessments allow me to appropriately market to potential employers, corporate and not-for profit sectors can become aware of the Coachee strengths. With a more flexible connection, knowledge of their skills,  and an open understanding of the things that they are passionate about, we can then continue to develop a programme to help them access future opportunities.

Recording with Denise Meade-Hill 

Your unique coaching style and business journey has led you to support individuals, during challenging times. Especially during the previous two years of economic fallout due to Covid19
How does it make you feel, when your client excels in their area of expertise, after your Career Management coaching sessions? 

The assessment programmes we have,  allow me to appropriately market to potential employers, corporate and not-for profit sectors, they can be aware of the Coachee strengths. With a more flexible connection, knowledge of their skills, and abilities, including the things that they are passionate about, we can then continue to offer engaging developmental solutions to meet individual and business needs.

"Our goal is to inspire individuals to achieve their SMART goals for success in their chosen career field, we provide them with the support to access future opportunities for their desirable outcome." Denise Meade-Hill 

Services provided by Transitions Career Management
Career Development Coaching
Interview Preparation
Life coaching 
Repositioning after redundancy
Resume writing
Life Coaching

Within your business roles, I understand that you host and co-ordinate a local network group 'Bromley Ladies who Latte.' Can you tell us about this group and how do we join?

This group is held once a month, and is a growing supportive networking group, we share what's going on for women-owned businesses in the local area.
Its a great event on a monthly basis with a simple concept. we offer over 30 Free Networking meeting every month, where you simply grab yourself a coffee and network locally. We have no speakers and no agenda. The Bromley Ladies who Latte are a very inspirational group covering the Bromley borough. we welcome all types of businesses from those who are just starting their business journey to those who have been operating for some time. 
Our intention is to learn from and support each other, building collaborations it is enjoyable to be among supportive, ambitious women.  The events are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month in Bromley.

In Conversation 'Studio time'

During September Denise will be offering half-day Strength Profiles and Career Planning sessions,  Dates and locations will be announced shortly including registration on the website.

Join and follow Denise at Career Transitions Management and sign up for her motivational newsletter that contains her events and plans for the future!


Bridal Wedding Makeup + Skincare Top tips


Nicola + James Bashford 

Photo Image 
Makeup artist cherylhugginsmua

Let's begin by talking about achieving the most flawless wedding makeup and skincare. How can you evoke that feeling of complete radiance, to boost your special day, for that a classic wedding look, super glamorous, themed or natural  glowing complexion.
Whatever you choose for your look, the goal is to create your 'fairytale' wedding experience, just for you. 

I always encourage Brides to plan on booking your favourite stylist or start searching for a professional makeup artist and hairdresser, several months in advance, this ensures that you are not disappointed.

Planning your skincare and beauty   

The key to radiant makeup, is with the correct skincare, avoid doing anything experimental near your wedding, no additional chemical peels, or trendy facial. You can always use an organic or specialist range, I have created a bespoke therapy service with FaceClays skincare, to delivers deep cleansing with a premium clay mask and nightly treatment oil to give the skin extra glow and protection daily. Prepping the skin with high performance beauty  products, that are cruelty free, ethically created, and also deliver results, are the best way to enhance the skin health and protect the environment. Relaxing spa facial treatments are a a favourite way to alleviate tension, clear skin blemishes, leaving you stress-free and glowing in the months prior to the Wedding.


When working with brides, I will always book a consultation, to discuss her skin type and condition, beauty routine, including likes and dislikes.  Attention to detail is vital when creating  a flawless complexion for one of the most important days in your life. You will need the perfect base, that is primed and ready for a makeup application and for those cameras!
Regulate your skincare routine, keep the introduction of a new skincare or beauty products to a minimum. Visit your doctor or dermatologist if you have a skin condition, they will give you the best professional advice.
Hands and lips also need to be protected from harsh elements and dehydration, massage and manicure them weekly with deeply nourishing organic balms and conditioners. Gently exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis, alleviate any signs of ageing with luxurious moisturisers, don't forget to use a suitable SPF everyday to protect from the sun and avoid pigmentation problems.

If you are booking a makeup artist plan ahead early, so they are available, look for a licensed professional to create your makeup look. As a verified and licensed professional, my role is to ensure that your makeup stays in place, you are confident and feel your beautiful best, these are some of my key elements when working with a bride, I want to ensure that she is looking radiant day and night!

Christy Wedding 2021
Makeup Cheryl Huggins 

What kind of look should you have, glamour or natural?

During the consultation, discuss your makeup look, your personal style, and the theme of the wedding. Let your artist know if you will be wearing contact lenses, or glasses, will your hair be worn in an 'updo'?  Will you be wearing a veil?. Have you chosen to have full glamour makeup with lashes, or would you prefer softer minimal colour palette, or a dewy  bronzed sun-kissed complexion? Start with a skin-enhancing primer to prep and maintain your makeup look, and to hi-light your most beautiful feature.

Makeup 'must haves' for beautiful 'forever' photographs.

To avoid touching up your makeup, choose a natural foundation, and a pore-minimising, finely milled setting  powder that delivers the smoothest, flawless base. 
Follow suggestions from your artist or in-store makeup assistants, they will be willing to help you to choose the best products. Practise your Bridal look at home, if you are travelling abroad for your nuptials.

Always remember your eyes will be an important feature, use neutral colours like opals, pearls, soft bronzes or rich copper tones, with dark brown eyeliner, this colour palette, will suit all ages and all skin tones, whilst accentuating the eyes.
Apply a waterproof mascara, to create stunning leashes, apply a few layers on the top and bottom lashes, for fullness and volume, and to avoid panda eyes if you get teary. For those wearing lash extensions try them out, get a feel for them, everyone has different eye shapes they may need trimming. 
Bronzer can double as a blush to hi-light and compliment the cheeks, create a stunning complexion. Minimise the contour for a stunning bridal look, choose shades according to your skin tone, lightly dust onto temples and blend into hairline for a softer finished look. 
Many brides choose to use their favourite lipstick colour or gloss for the day, liner is important. Choose one that blends seamlessly with your natural skin lip tone.
For the best look, choose a nude or natural high-shine lip colour, reds are also popular for that ultra glam look. 

Cheryl Huggins Google Makeup reviews

To complete and set your Bridal look,  I always recommend the use a professional finishing fixative or makeup sealant, this will increase the longevity of the makeup application, there are many excellent brands, in store or online my favourite ones include the urbandecay-allnighter ben-nye at Guru Emporium, fixative, maccosmetic -prep +primers always test behind the ear for sensitivity or allergy.

By using a primer first and a finishing spray as the final touch, you can be sure, that you will be looking radiant from the moment you leave your home or venue, to the end of your perfect Wedding Day.

My most important recommendation is to keep your makeup, skincare and beauty simple, your photographs and aura will exude your confidence, beauty and happiness.

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