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How to look your best for all Business and Corporate Images

                "Most of us are happy to Zoom or conference call, in sweats its time for that to change and bring back Glamour" 

Cheryl Huggins MUA

The power of a well posed, confident image should never be underestimated. A great company business head-shot should last . All of your images should be well lit, with a great welcoming smile that will still capture your clients social media platforms and if you are using Zooms or conference calls.
You must decide if your corporate image will be used for still or moving images. Will they be head-shots only. Will  you require a full length photo, for example if you are a service business, think gardener, personal fitness trainer, chef, or florist.
The best looks for photographic purposes especially corporate and small businesses would be that of a newsreader, weatherman or TV host or anchor woman. The image on screen is then classic, and easily available to be posted on any platform at a moments notice. Wrinkles, or ill fitting and damaged clothing can be a distraction to your online image. Always keep everything groomed and classic according to your industry, website, and the social media platform you will be featured on. 
Men take a look at Barack Obama, and David Beckham.. for stylish corporate business looks! Maybe a dressed down approach would be more suited to your services. A valuable and easy objective for you to achieve, would be to ensure your photographic session captures images, that share your company ethos and brand style. This will emphasize the great service your provide for your company and your customers on a daily basis.
In today's fast paced society and most people hosting zoom and LIVE tutorials in many different setting most corporate businesses have moved online and financial pressure will insist on having that perfectly organized online presence. 

Just look at the television, most hosts are recording from home and will portray a version of their TV persona. If you are a small business owner, now is the perfect time to remove Homer Simpson and your family holiday sunbathing photos, from your corporate profile and create a online image for you and your brand.

Each platform will have specific audiences, be aware and check that you are sending the correct images and presence to all of your social media audience.  

Your personal choices for style and image should be flattering, plan ahead to ensure you look great for every online business meeting from head to toe, I still insist clients do this even if they are working from home.
This rule also applies to looking happy, successful and positive, exuding a high level of confidence on camera will greatly improve your business. Why not create an album of well poised corporate photographs that can be used at a moments notice.

Lorraine Gill Holistic Therapist IIHHT/MFHT

Make contact with a recommended photographer, look at their work and book your session, to ensure great industry related images.  Another important area would be to enlist the assistance of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. This option can be expensive however, in this ever changing competitive world image  is everything, this will be one of the best investments for your career and business.
Book a telephone consultation with your team prior to your shoot, complete with a follow up email for confirmation to ensure your feel confident and have they have answered all of your questions.
Here are some questions they should be able to answer for a great session!
How many outfits? What colour's should I avoid wearing?
What type of lighting, are you using? 
Venue? or home?  The predicted weather for the day?
How long will be needed for the shoot, what time should I book makeup and hair? 

I never wear makeup will it be ok to go natural on camera?

I will be taking the photos on my phone, how can I look professional?


A professional photographer, makeup artist or stylist can answer these questions before your session giving you complete confidence for your day. 
If you decide to shoot your photo-session with your own camera or phone, the same questions will apply. Don't forget to work as near as possible to the natural light and check the stand and height of your camera placement, so that you are in clear vision. Always check your background, which will be visible on camera.  
Makeup + Beauty on camera
When it comes to makeup, it would be best to speak with a pro-makeup artist to understand the effects of lighting on your skin, lighting can create shadows this can age or hi-light areas be wish to disguise. Learn how will it effect the colour's, tones and look of your makeup application and hair style.
A light application is always best! This will help to reduce the natural shine on the skin, delivering a radiant and flawless look. This also applies to men, clean shaven or groomed beard, just look clean and fresh. Organize your hair make sure that it’s clean and tidy, regular Spa or home facials will keep the skin clear, treat any blemishes, ensure you keep yourself hydrated daily for natural beauty.

I provide a full consultation free prior to any booking to discuss your needs, clients can then have a clear vision and achievable outcomes for the session. Makeup lessons are the best way to have complete understanding on appearing on camera with additional guidance on flattering colour's and lighting. If you are applying the makeup for your professional 'selfie' a trial run is always recommended.

Fashion Influencer Bubrrece


Most photographers will use a flash or include additional digital lighting, this is to ensure that they can get the most flattering image of you when transferring the images to a high resolution digital format. However one of the disadvantages of harsh studio and digital photography lighting, is that it will emphasize every imperfection. 
You may find that you naturally have a shiny forehead or cheek area, especially in summer or warmer climates, so I would recommend that your face is beautifully cleansed and lightly moisturized with oil-free products.  Men should try and deep cleanse the skin, a day before. Use a Clay mask to remove dark pores, groom brows, trim nose hairs and treat dry hands with moisturizer at night if your hands are in close up for your photographs. 
Spending long hours in front of a PC, late nights and poor diet, can lead to looking tired, especially those who are prone to dark circles. Increase your liquid intake, and get some fresh air and rest to achieve the best images. If you have darker under eye area then applying a light concealer under the eyes (blending patting a small amount) that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, will help to diminish those dark shadows.

Business Headshot. Beauty Image Makeup Services 


A fantastic tip, for wearers of glasses, when you’re having your photo taken, make sure you push your glasses back as far as they will go. Often glasses just slip slightly down the nose and tend to cover your eyes slightly. In profile photos, it’s really important to see your eyes, once the glasses are pushed back it will show off your eyes perfectly. 

Ruth Clark from Oasis Accountants  


Don't wear white as your main block colour, you can easily wear white under a suit but ask advice from your photographer. Try a mixture of contrast colour's or flattering muted tones, as an extra precaution, take a couple of images in natural light, photograph yourself in the mirror on your phone, and see what looks good for you. Patterns that are too busy can be distracting, however, pastels and soft muted patterns look fabulous. If you are not confident enlist an accredited fashion stylist to achieve your desired look my favourite is clarisciagillcouture who always ensures her clients look amazing on camera, live or for any corporate or private event.
Allison Halliday from Halliday Communications 

Naturally groom your eyebrows, tweeze or wax as you would on a daily basis, prepare your skin with nourishing moisturizers and hydrating sprays.
Makeup looks much better when your skin is healthy and clear. Use professional makeup products, ethically these are better for your skin, but with additional long lasting makeup, you can easily maintain your look to stay in place perfectly.
Keep it simple Keep it natural – less product is so much more flattering, especially when it comes to a business makeup.   
Your face is your best canvas, apply a sheer dusting of loose powder, to set your makeup and make it last. Matte finish is always more appropriate for that business headshot, as it removes that shine. Finish your look with a pop of peach toned blush to the apples of your cheeks, lashings of mascara, natural lipstick or balm for the lip and you already look more confident, fresh and ready for Camera action. 

I offer a virtual makeup service, this specialized service is available for any skin tone, all ages. The benefits to using a makeup artist is that you will
 look radiant, in every photo or online giving you the confidence to wear makeup, or use natural makeup techniques without overpowering your business look.
Working my magic with clients!

Take a deep breath and relax, feel confident in the knowledge that you have practiced, booked professional guidance and looking your best. 

Business Headshots 
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Further reading on style + fashion Michelle Obama Inauguration-fashion-and.html


Michelle Obama Inauguration Fashion and Beauty

Former first lady Michelle Obama is a huge fan of stylish and comfortable looks from head to toe. For the attendance of the Biden-Harris Inauguration, long time Personal stylist Meredith Koop worked with her brilliant team to create this standout look.

This was the look that shook the globe, it comprised of beautiful separates, jacket, pants, sweater and that stunning belt all created by American designer Sergio Hudson.

The inspirational 'wineberry plum' coloured ensemble had everyone searching on the net within hours for a more modern sleek style, adding a layer of sophistication to their personal winter wardrobe. With so many standout styles at the event, Mrs Obama modern classic with a modern look was my favourite.

This powerful look truly delivered a Couture 'co-ordinated freedom' of style and movement, instantly becoming one of the most talked about outfits of the day in the press and across the globe. Her fashion choices continue to influence, bringing an awareness to many exemplary black owned businesses, artists, creators and talented designers.

Former first lady Michelle Obama is a huge fan of diverse makeup ranges, her beautiful Inauguration look was created by her favourite celebrity makeup artist Guru Carl Ray MUA. Fenty Beauty and Pat MacGrath Cosmetic ranges were also chosen to provide a winning combination for this deep plum jewel tone, perfect makeup creation. 


"Discarding the usual, and setting trends Michelle Obama continues to Inspire the fashion world without missing a step."

MakeUp carlraymakeupartist

Full Fashion Glam  sergiohudson

Styling by meredithkoop

Facial Massage Routine for Relaxation and Beauty

Facial Massage Routine  

Daily massage for the skin, has been proven to promote excellent circulatory benefits.

Whilst assisting to lower your heart rate, it steadily increases the body temperature, relaxes muscles and releases endorphines which are hormones.

These hormones or 'happy hormones' reduce stress levels, evokes feelings of calm and relaxation. The oils that i have recommended are cruelty-free providing slip and glide during the massage. Coupled with hand pressure, working together they synergistically provide repair and nourishment for the skin's epidermal outer protective layer. 

During this Pandemic we need to protect the skin from the harsh winter elements, environmental damage, central heating, anxiety and the continual wearing of facemasks.

Facial massage at night also helps to promote sleep, soothing tension in the neck and facial muscles. By design the sensory action of touch, reduces stress, and relaxes muscle tightness. This ancient technique can also provide some mild pain relief, especially for headaches, as it works to stimulate the intricate nervous system. 

There are lots of ancient systems, techniques and methods used to deliver great massages and I trust you will enjoy my simple movements by following my daily  massage tips below.

How to Massage for Relaxation

The slow movements have been chosen as a beginners guide for your facial journey. Apply your plant based oils, warming in the hand to begin your daily therapy. Massage the skin gently for 2 minutes, using light to medium pressure, not too firm as this will bruise the delicate skin.  

During Winter the harsh elements play havoc with our skin, by performing a regular facial massage we can begin to combat any additional breakouts, fine lines of dehydration or excessive sedum and oil production. These skin conditions are being caused by wearing our facial coverings and fabric masks on a daily basis. Leading Dermatologists are now using the phrase Mask Acne or 'Maskne' and recommending facials and treatments to aid this problem. 

When can I massage?

The best time to massage is after double cleansing, and mask application, only perform your massage movements on clean skin.

Daytime is good but adding to your Night-time routine is perfect for that extra boost of relaxation and nourishment. Include these massage movements into part of your daily skincare routine for increased anti-age benefits, radiance and beautiful skin health.

For more beauty and Holistic skincare tips follow and subscribe  

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What do I need? 

Check with specialist if you have skin concerns

Clean skin, nails and hands

Plant based oil (organic is preferred)

2 mins quiet time

Loose top

Light to medium pressure

Have fun and enjoy your beginners massage tips.


The A-Z of Beauty and Wellbeing trends

Beauty News 

The A-Z of Beauty and Wellbeing delivers an easy to read glossary that celebrates individuality, not perfection. 

When it comes to Beauty and Skincare Knowledge, we are constantly inspired by the endless minefield of ingredients buzz-words and Chemistry. 

Lets Brush up on terminology, guided by essential research,  
from trusted professionals and specialists.

One of my greatest passions in Life 
Dedicated to you. 

Edited by Cheryl Huggins 

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How to Grow your Business during COVID19

"Another busy week for our business mum's and looking forward to introducing them to one of Successful Mums biggest advocates"

"Cheryl will be joining the group via Zoom to share her business start-up knowledge, how social media has helped grow her successful brand and explain how she has had to adapt in the current climate. So much to talk about...we can't wait"

Looking to develop your skill and passion into a business, find your niche, have you always dreamt of starting a small business, Now is a great time to listen to your inner voice and develop your brand. Do you wish to return to work, or move forward in your Career?
The Successful Mums Academy excels in Supporting women back to work through confidence, business start up and Digital Training Courses.
I started at Successful Mums business course almost 4 years ago, and at that time I had an idea, but no confidence, no money and needed advice. the team where amazing and provided support and business guidance with group and personal classes to ensure you understand the implications, time constraints and including how to survive whilst coping with so many family responsibilities. 

 Makeup and Skincare classes 

How do I run or start a small business and juggle that work life balance, it can be done with lots of tears, determination, and courage..
  • We all have many skills and often forget them once we leave the workforce but our skills are transferable and now more than ever the economy needs us. 
I am a busy Mum, and Carer running a small business, during this time I have enjoyed creating my skincare Brand.
I'm so excited to be asked to return to the group as a Guest speaker, sharing my journey and experience is an awesome testament. 
  • I recommend that you use your creativity to start your business, harness that talent, research especially if you wish to return to work, I hope I have planted that seed of interest. 
  • Remember JK Rowling created Harry Potter as a single mum, now worth an estimated $670 million ....
  • Small steps create a solid foundation.
  • #ThisMumCan #successfulmums

Good Luck Everyone 
Cheryl xoxo

Cheryl Huggins 

  • 2021 Business ideas 

  • Create bespoke items
  • Become a consultant
  • Cooking classes
  • Freelance
  • Write a blog
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Monetise your hobby

Lockdown Beauty at Home


The importance of cleansing the mind and body mentally and spiritually has been the main priority for the New Year, 2021.
Maybe we have over indulged in our diets, and relaxed on our skincare routine, but now is the time to focus on keeping the skin clean and free from a build up of toxins with simple products. 
Recently, I have been asked to share a guide personal beauty secrets from clients. Here is my guide to naturally beautiful skin as a therapist and professional skincare specialist.


I began with a return to natural and clean beauty after the birth of my son and recently started experimenting using a mask on a weekly basis as an additional treatment, within my normal skincare routine. This natural face mask, conditioned my skin's surface, without the drying effects of most clay masks.  I had noticed that where I had a few breakouts, ( forehead and chin) my skin was so much softer, clearer pores and calmer.  I was also pleasantly surprised, that it kept my complexion clear, clarified clogged pores, and left me with radiant looking skin. 
To aid my detox I begin with a herbal tea, or water and lemon drink, with fresh mint to taste.

Benefits of using a Face Mask 

A clay mask my favourite is suitable for natural beauty lovers, all skin types. 
I am so pleased that my beauty mask is cruelty-free, contains no gluten, and is also suitable for vegans. This radiance beauty mask will be available very soon and pre-launch orders are being delivered.. I am so excited to share this fabulous product with you.

This premium beauty mask has many benefits, simple to use, gentle for all skin types, also known as the 'Porcelain or China clay for its creamy white appearance, clarity and purity.
When using this clay for facial therapies, I was amazed at how quickly it absorbs excess oil, removing skin impurities gently when using on a regular basis. Recommended use is weekly for most skin types, this  one of the most mildest of all the natural earth clays and can be used twice a week for more congested, breakout prone skin.

FaceClays Beauty Mask

Reduces and calms skin surface by cleansing oily congested skin types,  especially those concerned with breakouts, inflammation, and irritation. This makes it an effective weekly acne treatment. (Teens and Men)
  • Purifies and deeply cleansing properties by removing skin dirt, makeup residue, grime, absorbs  excess oil, impurities and pollution. 

  • The pure clay is an excellent facial cleanser that can be added to any skincare routine and complexion.
  • Use a few drops of an essential or natural base oil to enhance the benefits of your clay, and make your spa beauty journey beneficial for your skin. The use of  jade rollers, and a beautiful massage will add to the relaxation and beauty ritual for you and your family at home.


  • Perfect for skin types that are mature, irritated and stressed skins that have been exposed to sun, calming those prone to redness, and sensitive skin. as it cleanses in a non-drying way, making it an excellent choice for exfoliation. Removing the dead skin cells gently, weekly use helps to give the skin, a more toned radiant and refined appearance.  


FaceClays Beauty Mask RECIPE  

  • Simply add 2 teaspoons or 1 large tablespoon with pure water,  to clean or dry skin, mix your mask to a thick paste, apply to face and neck, avoiding eyes, brows and hairline. Leave for your FaceClay to work its magic for approximately 10 minutes depending on your skin type or condition, then rinse off and apply your favourite moisturizer. 

If you wish to register or make an order for the Launch of FaceClay  

Peace + Love Cheryl 

ORDER YOUR CLAY beauty mask at pre-Launch price of £10.00  HERE

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Thank you to our client Susannah for her beautiful photo after her bespoke Pure Radiance Facial 

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