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THE BENEFITS OF Lemon + Hot Water for skin and health

What are the benefits of Drinking Lemon Water?

The benefits of drinking warm water are immeasurable, most importantly it protects the body against deficiencies in the immune system whilst serving as a really powerful anti-bacterial agent for the digestive system.

Having a refreshing glass of warm lemon water at the start of your day can aid the flushing of toxins due to pectin a high fibre that is contained in the lemon peel. 
The best time to drink this cocktail of goodness, is first thing in the morning and some research has shown that the effects in the evening are just as powerful.

Lemons  contain many other beneficial plant compounds and are a great benefit the skin, due to the natural source of vitamin c, citric acid, and potassium. For a simple detox try drinking Lemon water instead of coffee, reducing your chances of having a stroke or potential heart disease. 
Mild chest and bronchial problems, are relieved, the natural ph system in the body is boosted with this simple yet effective cleansing drink. 

I have friends who swear by lemon water for aiding weight loss, lowering high blood pressure as well as assisting with the relief from stress and tension. Many of my massage clients have noticed a difference to their skin, hair and nails in a short time. Those who suffer from bloating can also experience relief by drinking lemon water on a regular basis. 

Follow the simple details below for a wonderful, natural detox, for the whole body, with a digestive system cleanse that works well alongside a healthy eating plan. 
Take 1/2 a lemon squeeze the juice into a glass of warm water, stir adding 2/3 lemon slices, let them infuse in the water, add mint to taste.

This is a great substitute to carbonated drinks with, far greater benefits to keep the body hydrated, skin softened and visibly energized on a daily basis.

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