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HOW TO choose a great Nude Lipstick

Do you love the colour and fullness the Nude lipsticks create? This look can be seen on the Celebrity Red Carpets Globally. Why not create the perfect signature Nude look to be your own makeup guru and create your own nude lip collection.

What is the Best Nude lipcolour?

NUDE “a colour resembling that of the wearer’s skin”

The best nude lip color is not too hard to find, however with the huge number on the beauty department shelves you can get lost in the process. 
The best and one that has recently had been my most popular with all my clients, I love with the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizers from Rihanna's Cosmetic Line Fenty Beauty. These luscious nude yes nude can be worn by ony shade or skin tone to give the lip a natural nude shine these stunning lip glossies coat the lips and leave a natural shine and fullness that is simply heavenly, add your favourite lipliner for a full dramatic effect. 

Fenty Beauty 

How do I choose a colour that suits me?
 NUDE “a colour resembling that of the wearer’s skin”
Cosmetic brands have a large number on the market to swatch, remember hygiene at all times and ask a counter staff to clean the product do not apply directly to your lips or you could transfer any number of bacteria to your skin. Shop and research online to try and select a beautiful shade with either pink or blue undertones that replicates a neutral shade similar to the color of your natural lip when it is applied.
The best nude lipstick should match the colour and tone your lip complexion, enhancing your natural radiance by adding a warmth to your natural lip skin colour. If this balance of shade is correct your colour choice will always will flatter any eyeshadow, or skin makeup and allow your natural beauty to shine. 

Charlotte Tilbury 

Does the shape or fullness of your lip make a difference to the colour choice?

Your lip shape will determine if you prefer a fuller mouth, or a more natural look. A clear  lipgloss that adds maximum shine will always make the lips look fuller if the gloss is positioned in the centre of the lips near the top of the cupids bow. 
Texture is also important too, Do you prefer a matte or cream or glossy nude lipstick? why not have a selection for those different fashion statement looks. To ensure great lip fashion, the new beauty tools are lip scrubs, these are a great addition to your skincare regime and can be used to remove any dry, dead or flaky skin from the surface. The addition of a nourishing lip balm under your  lipstick will nourish the texture of the skin, leaving them kissably soft. To complete your look, deliver the power that beauty and timeless lip couture style bring back more classic Bridgette Bardot and Diana Ross inspired nude lipsticks!

What is one of the most popular Nude lipsticks? 

The bosses at MAC have gone through the makeup archives to find the discontinued products fans are still moaning about, and yes, they have answered our prayers and some of the best colours coming back! We have instant heartache when our favourite lipsticks are removed and Shrimpton is the perfect soft '60s beige and works perfectly as an Iconic hue of natural lip colour, for women of colour team and blend with your favourite lip liner, lots of gloss and your nude is created.

What is the best all time nude lipstick

Shrimpton @maccosmetics

Go neutral and stay ahead of the game for those early morning breakfast meetings with a rose hued creamy matte lipstick or add a enhanced shimmer gloss for high drama later in the evening, pair this with the all important super sexy smokey eye for the best radiant look without harsh lip lines.

My favorite all time nude lip liner for my clients has to be Spice at M.A.C Cosmetics, and for darker skin tones Chestnut. Selected makeup brands that are always included in my 'must haves'  include Daniel Sandler, Urban Decay, Mac Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Nars, Huda Beauty and so many more...

Look for a colour that matches your lip shade and match with a slightly darker hue of liner and smudge into the lip with your finger or lip brush and blend. The blurring and blending out of the lip line can define and give the illusion of a fuller lip shape, sharpen your liner and fill in to give the 3D illusion. Using a hint of rose, creamy browns to plump your pout add a high sheen. To ensure your lipstick stays on layer with foundation and blot with powder, this adds staying power working like a primer, if you need to lighten, darken or even out your lip shade so that they are the same colour, try blending some concealer over your lips before lipstick application. This neutralizes the uneven colour tones, leaving an even and similar shade canvas to work with.

Model Claire 

The best time to try a nude lip is when you are totally makeup-free so ensure that you choose the correct tone for your skin. A pink, taupe or a neutral rose shade will suit most skin tones and complexions. A nude lip is easy to apply, choosing the best selection of nude lip tones in your bathroom cabinet, throwaway the makeup rule book and design your best natural lip.The shade of the Lip product can often be difficult to view in the container, it can be difficult to choose your perfect shade from an on line swatch, always look for a tone that matches your lip and not the colour of the skin on the back of your hand. 

Have fun choosing your perfect nude lipstick share your looks Subscribe like or comment on your best nude lipstick combinations. 

Have fun choosing your perfect nude and creating your own signature iconic lip look. 

Cheryl xoxo

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