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    Diary Date: 11th July 2016 7pm-9pm KENT 

Makeup Artiste Cheryl Huggins will be sharing her knowledge, experience and training to women who are looking to create the most radiant looks for home, business and special occasions in Kent, at a Masterclass Makeup presentation.

This 2 hour demonstration will unveil the techniques, secrets, and products that Professional artistes use, to achieve the best looks for your skin type, condition and age. By following and integrating a few professional application skills you can achieve a more flawless and radiant makeup look.

The event is open to those who have a great interest in makeup, those who would like to update their current makeup closet, and those who would like to gain a deeper insight into the Makeup Industry. Learn the secret tricks used for many celebrity makeovers, allowing them to be 'Red Carpet' ready. 

Follow her step-by-step guide to answer beauty secrets and makeup questions with simple customised instructions. Learn simple tips for beginners, and makeup lovers, on the techniques used to expertly apply your primer, how to make great colour choices for base, applying contour and shading to create the best looks for you and defining those beautiful eyes.

From making your makeup product purchase, choosing the best skincare suitable for you, may lead to costly mistakes, in stores or on the internet if given incorrect advice. Learn from one of the experienced, qualified and passionate makeup artistes who is aiming to deliver the most natural glamorous makeup for all women.

"I provide red Carpet glamour to enhance the natural beauty in all women, creating confidence one brush stroke at a time"   Cheryl Huggins MUA

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The Shoe Consultant Susannah Davda

The Shoe Consultant

Susannah Davda has spent most of her life surrounded by shoes, from the very first fashionably bespoke shoes during her early school years, fast forward to her becoming a professional ambassador, who travelled around the globe on exotic shoe buying trips. After completing and achieving a BA Honours degree in Footwear Design, Susannah embarked upon a career that changed her life. Her knowledge as a professional shoe specialist, enabled her to combine all of her skills gained within her extensive 16 year career in the footwear Industry, and her unique passion for creative design. Armed with her extensive knowledge, and recognition of her  achievements she is a consultant on a mission, her aim is to assist all women to make better and more informed decisions regarding their shoes and footwear.

The author of two EBooks, Susannah can be found guiding, HR departments, shoe buyers, and new footwear brands with specialist training to create great commercial products and also gain a reputation in excellence for customer service. Running a successful consulting service and making decisions for corporate women on the art of shoe aesthetics, Susannah Davda professionally delivers the optimum specialist footwear advice for your core brand or personal shoe shopping needs. 



                                               "Wins are so much bigger"

Susannah is the advocate for beautiful comfortable shoes, her mission statement is to assist women and shoe brands to make better decisions about footwear.

CH. Who do you believe has been the most influential shoe designer who
 embodies your creativity and passion!

SD. I think that Sophia Webster has had a big impact, on the Shoe Industry by making luxury items, fun and quirky, especially as luxury has always been previously known for a more conservative style and look. Her exceptional catwalk designs have now, filtered to the High Street. I tend to look for someone to do something creative and outside the box rather than contemporary shoe design. I would also love to mention the shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and her creativity, I love women designing for women, such an inspirational shoe designer take a look at her fabulous creations.

CH. When choosing a pair of evening heels, what should we look for to ensure that 
we make a great choice especially as different brands have several different sizes, that are supposed to be the same size...

SD. I am very picky about shoes, so finding something that I like, to reflect my signature  
style and personality can be difficult. It would also depend on the venue and event,   getting into a taxi, sitting for a meal and not having to worry about dancing. I would   recommend not too high, and always look for a well balanced heel position when shoe shopping.Make sure that the shape of the shoe resembles the shape of your foot, leather lined are best for foot hygiene and comfort. Look beyond black as a shoe color choice, but match your footwear with your wardrobe so it can match with everything. Cushioning under the ball of the foot is important for protection, and ease when walking. A non-slip sole is very important, so ensure that you examine the resistance when choosing shoes.

CH. What were your Inspiration, goals and visions when you started your
 Shoe Consultancy. 

SD.  I'm quite an independent person, and I always wanted to work for myself. The career that I had been doing for several years, did not enable me to help people directly, which is something I really wanted to do. Creating a great work life and family balance was also really important. I had a passion to  strong driving force to my business to me as well. 

CH. What would you say are the most important features of shoe construction and can you outline what are the most important characteristics we 
should AVOID at all costs.

SD. It's all about comfort, if its not comfortable in the shop it will never be comfortable. It will not have any extra give, if it doesn't fit on first trial, its never going to. Being in pain effects your mood so much, it can really ruin your day. Shoes are something that you will wear over and over, try and make choices that will last more than just one season. I believe it doesn't have to be classic and boring to really last through the years, but it should suit your personality and style.The main points to look for are that they are well balanced, look for a great heel position. Try and ensure that the shoes are leather lined, with great cushioning under the heel. If you are a shoe shopper who always  buys black try not to match everything and look beyond black with brights, patterns, patent, metallics have fun and change it up! Finally for safety check that you soles are non-slip to avoid falls, and trips. 

CH. The Global shoe industry has expanded over the years, with styles, shapes and sizes not always reflecting the best designs for comfort or foot and back posture. Damage to feet can often lead to back pain and other foot related problems. 
Can wearing ill-fitting shoes present damage to clients over a long period of time.

SD. Great question, there are so many things, that can affect and cause serious damage over a long period of time. The most common issues are back and knee problems, corns, heel pain, leading to arch pain with a tendency to bunions, and Plantar fasciitis. Foot problems are also a direct correlation with pain and mood, so ensure you choose and wear your shoes wisely. The best advice is to invest in comfort over style, this can help to ensure fewer foot related problems. Take a look at my 'Shoe Shopping Kit' for ideas and tips for great shoe investments.

CH. How should women store their shoes to keep them in a great condition, what are your favourite pair of shoes at the moment.

SD  Once you have worn shoes for a day, place them on an open rack, for 24 hours to let the air circulate, when the shoes have aired out, put them back into the box with extra stuffing. Invest in fashionable shoe boxes and trendy shoe bags, both are a fantastic idea for travelling and protecting your best pairs. My favorite shoe of the moment...
I'm wearing a selection of tomboyish comfortable walking shoes, and love my recent purchase from Clark's.


The new fashion trends for Summer 2016 and Winter 2017 bring a great transition of colour and styles why not step into the new season with intricate bows, intricate dressing and brogue walking shoes..

For a complete professional and personal guide, with recommendations, and invaluable tips on how to plan and what to look for, when shopping for beautiful and comfortable shoes, follow The Shoe Consultant. 

Susannah Davda




DIARY of a Makeup Artiste 

I am enjoying my pot of refreshing spiced apple organic tea whilst confirming events and appointments with Brides and their Wedding party. I am following all the latest news, and collections from Graduate Fashion week, in particular Central St Martins and the College I was trained at the London College of Fashion. 

The first ever Makeup Artistes Trade show IMATS was held over the weekend, at London Kensington Olympia from 3-5th June 2016. The professional Makeup Artistes show was presented by the prestigious Makeup Artiste Magazine, and is held 6 times a year Globally. London provided the backdrop for professional, students  and members of the Makeup and Cosmetic Industry with designated education, talks, artistry workshops, competitions and the must see demonstration classes. Since 2002 the event has seen an increase in the number of dedicated, creative and talented makeup artistes, body glamour creators and FX specialists.

Industry professionals gave insightful talks and seminars including the uber talented Hannah Martin the highly sought after artiste who was trained and works for Bobbi Brown, Body Painting champion Madelyn Greco, also attended the Trade show. The International and UK hair and makeup artistes from Oscar, BAFTA, TV and films also provided a glimpse of their rewarding and creative profession. 

The event was an exhibition of fast paced seminars with talks, demonstration and educated makeup workshops. This year the visitors had an opportunity to view a tour of the Makeup museum and watch the outstanding work demonstrated at the Battle of the Brushes student makeup competition.
The cast of the Revenant Oscar award winning hair, makeup and prosthetics team, took to the stage to enlighten the audience on their behind-the-scenes stories and classes at IMATS.

If you believe you have the determination talent and creativity, make sure you book next year, a must visit for those who wish to have a career in Film, Theater, Prosthetics or character design makeup, I would recommend that this is the show for you. 

Enjoy this Summer afternoon, I am off on appointments! 

Cheryl Xx


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