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How to Do a Facial at Home


Facials are simply one of the most relaxing things you can do to alleviate stress.
By relaxing the facial muscles, you are working the systems to alleviate shoulder tension, and even begin to soothe headaches. Now is the time to enjoy a luxurious pamper. During this period of isolation and self-protection I will show you how to give yourself a spa-quality facial in the privacy of your home.
C L A S S   C O N T E N T

1.You will learn simple tricks that add value to your current skincare routine
 How to prepare for a Home Beauty luxurious self-care pamper session

2.Facial Beauty Routine 

3. Learn how Natural Radiance FaceClay masks, reveal a calmer, smoother, brighter complexion

B E N E F I T S 

To spread a little relaxation Joy and Fun for all the family 

Cleanse face and skin thoroughly 

Improve skin condition

What tools do I need?


bowl of warm water + face cloth 

facemask or oats + water 

natural face mist or toner 

Apply your favourite face oil or moisturizer or serum    

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FREE Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

LIVE Natural Massage Tutorial

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Facial Massage Relaxation virtual classes from 5th August 20

The art of massage, is to improve the blood and energy circulation, and to promote the elimination of toxins by releasing tension in the face, neck, shoulders and the back. This ancient ritual is an essential indulgence for your skin, soothing pressure and firm touch provides anti-aging and relaxation techniques to consistently energize and visibly smooth dull looking, skin.

Enjoy that extended summer glow!

A truly amazing facial massage, can transport you to another place of comfort, increase the feeling of well-being using 'finger pressure' to relax, calm the mind and detox the stressors in the body.  providing instant relaxation to release muscles, tension and stress maximizing the use of your skincare products. 
the better the skin the more radiant your makeup will be, enjoy that extended summer glow.

With over 40 muscles in the face, applying firm pressure on the surface of the skin, using specific warming techniques at the start of the day, you can immediately feel the effect on the skin's system. Working with great oils is key, the natural balance and harmony to the nervous system is restored.


Organic oils are great to use, as we age the skin loses moisture and fine lines and wrinkles appear, we need oils, creams and serums that provide hydration, by using an anti-aging oil you will be slowing down natural oil production and balancing the skin. . There are numerous brands whose ingredients are derived from the best plant extracts, barks, flowers or even stems, not tested on animals or contain any toxic chemicals. As a professional I will always recommend this type of oil first however use what you have in your bathroom to start. 

The more blood that is pumped to the surface of the skin by the action of the massage, increases 
A light self massage is a great way to relax increase your mind and body in times of anxiety and stress, whilst having those regular visits to the salon or therapist should not be missed.

The top celebrity facialists recommend Marula, Rosehip oil, Chamomile, and Argan oil all have essential vitamins and minerals for the skin and can be added with the application of your moisturizer, or cleanser, especially at nighttime. 

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How often should I massage? 

A light 2-5 minute massage daily is a wonderful way to relax, after a stressful day use the oils in the evening and mix with a few drops of a nourishing vitamin enriched oil, 


If you are concerned at ALL for any health or skin conditions check with your medical practitioner,  watch the LIVE massage session and you can join the massage at a later date as it will be saved on a social media platforms.

Who is it for 
Massage is for everyone without any pre-exsisting conditions, any age, men, women all family members. providing all health and safety guidelines are adhered to.

Prepare to massage for health and safety
Wash your hands and pay particular attention to nails, especially acrylic shellac and any other covering of the natural nail plate. Use the COVID 19 rules and method leaving no soap product on the surface of the skin, any residue will be transferred and the chemicals could be too harsh for the skin on the face. Keep natural nails to a short smooth length so avoid scratches. 
Once you are ready I will guide you, to use the traditional massage techniques to help with application of serums and oils on a daily basis. It is an amazing holistic practice, with a small amount of pressure you can feel that tension and stress slipping away. Keep the hair off the face, with a hairband or turban keeping the forehead and ears free. 

What are the best oils to use 
Choose a natural oil, or Serum that will provide slip and not drag the skin, or you can use your face moisturizer, softening those fine lines and smoothing out those memorable expression lines of dehydration.

A strappy top,vest or off the shoulder teeshirt will be fabulous for your session, ensure that you drink plenty of water after your therapy to rehydrate the body and aid the flushing of toxins, waste and congestion.

This therapeutic massage class can be very relaxing, so find a comfy seat, warm room for your on your own or with family and group of friends!  
Enjoy 40 minutes of gentle fun and essential anti-age skin pampering with natural oils, creams and love. 

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Cheryl Huggins is a professional and licensed Esthetician, Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist and noted Educator with over 30 years in the Beauty Fashion and Media  Industry.
Cheryl does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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