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Best Winter Skincare


In the UK we love to take extensive walks, fireside gatherings, brisk hikes throughout the coming Winter months. Armed with woolly hats, boots and coats we need to wear our beauty products as extra protection, against the cold winter air and harsh elements.  that cause dehydration, sluggish circulation and flaky skin on the body. 

September is the time to step up your Home Spa ritual game and invest in nourishing lotions,oils and revealing pampering body scrubs. All therapies that improve the surface of the skin will enhance your your day to day routine and make them much more effective especially waxing. All of the ingredients are ideal for dry, normal and some oilier skin types. 
Always check with your doctor or dermatologist prior to using any products if you have sensitivity, taking Retinols, Glycolic acids or prone to breakouts.

To make your skin look brighter, you need to exfoliate removing the dead skin that, if left untreated, can dull your complexion, caused by dehydration, sluggish circulation and flaky skin on the body. 
It is wise to invest in invigorating body polishes or comforting scrubs that use natural or organic ingredients, you’ll be giving your skin a full detox. Another great tip during the winter months is to avoid harmful paraben's and sulphates that can make the skin sensitive, prone to dryness and can cause irritation. Should you be prone to dry skin, leave out the extra exfoliation and nourish the skin at the first signs of winter chills using warm water and a fabulous indulgent washcloth.

Apply an Organic exfoliating scrub all over the body using a circular motion, at least twice a week throughout the summer months. This home treat will keep the skin in tip-top condition, with the vigorous massage action removing all the summer sun protection creams, that can sit on the body building a barrier on the surface. After regular buffing the new cells become healthier, this allows your serum, and creams to penetrate and really get to work. 
Take a look at popular ranges of body products that include exotic fragrances with extracts of Cherry, Sweet Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Cinnamon Leaf and even spicy Ginger that aids circulation. These herbs and plants all deliver calming and soothing effects on the skin adding that much needed layer of hydration.

Winter skincare:

  • Toning
  • Serum
  • Moisturizing
  • SPF Protection
  • Lip Balm
  • Night Oil
  • Moisturizers that contain Hyaluronic Acid 

The properties of oil and cream emulsions, cleansing fruit acids, when combined with hydrating Shea Butters are my favorite beauty rituals, they help to refine my skin texture. Rejuvenating mint and ginger extracts will thoroughly moisturize and restore elasticity, aids circulation and the scent will instantly rejuvenate you. 

For extra indulgence use a few drops of your favourite oils in the bath or apply to wet skin as soon as you get out of the shower for additional luxuriously soft radiant skin.

Hydrate and Nourish 
An added bonus would be to slough off dead skin using loofahs, body brushes onto dry skin this ancient skin cleansing works wonders especially if the hips and tops of the legs have  a sluggish appearance. A regular exfoliation routine will define the texture, by deeply cleansing dead skin cells, the skin is more likely to ensure the correct skin moisture balance aiding essential repair
During the harsh winter months your skin will require all the hydration it can get, to assist in its battle against the sun.
By quenching your skin’s thirst with moisturizer, especially after exfoliation, your skin is bathed with a natural softness. What’s more, nourishing your skin on a regular basis will have the added bonus of locking in your Summer tan for longer. An excellent Result.

To Intensify skin lubrication and increase radiance why not indulge in a few drops of blended essential oils onto damp skin, then layer with your favorite body lotion.

To avoid dry skin, my recommendation for the best creams and body oils will from drug stores to expensive prestige brands.  Moisturizer, emollient creams, and body, everyone will have a secret 'must-have' body product, that will be a non-greasy formula, the very best ingredients include Shea Butter, and luxury coconut oils which do not leave heavy a residue, working to both hydrate and protect the skin.

My favourite winter #bumbum lotion

Drink lots of water and enjoy healthy foods, exfoliate your arms and legs on a regular basis to maintain smoothness, and that all important summer glow. Don't forget to use the vitamin enriched oils on the feet, as well on legs, and thighs. I always massage oils into my bottom and stomach to remove all patches of dryness, there are so many products on the market Check out the ultra rich fast absorbing caffine rich butter from Sol De Janerio I love this cult Brazilian Guarana bum bum cream, I am so addicted! 

For those who like to tan ensure you take every precaution to guard against the damaging rays of the sun and harsh winter environmental elements. After all, nobody finds sunburn skin sexy, so make sure you slap on the sun-cream and cover up well.
Sometimes though, with all the prep in the world we can still get a little sunburn.
Don’t suffer in silence, apply cooling gels that will soothe red and inflamed skin. Products that harness the natural healing powers of aloe vera, tend to have cooling sensation with a mild fragrance that will repair chapped or burnt skins. 

Beauty Maintenance
Maintain your summer complexion especially if you were in a warm climate, or even had a stay cation and just rested to enhance your natural skin and begin to achieve a flawless skin for the coming winter months will definitely need super amounts of dedication and effort.
Deep cleansing facials are the best way to provide the skin the extra nutrients and hydration that will assist in unclogs the pores and support the repair of blemishes and finally protect from pollution and damaging aggressors. Using a recognised facial cleansing brand as part of your beauty routine.

 Foot LOVE

It’s important to keep your feet in the best shape by following up that professional pedicure with a home regime.
A great way to treat feet is to file the rough skin, then lather with a super nourishing and softening cream, before placing your feet in cotton socks overnight.
The appearance of our skin is very often a reflection of the way you treat your body. Keeping up a good diet will result in noticeably healthier skin.
Aim to drink eight glasses of water each day to maintain your body’s required moisture balance – this will help keep your skin detoxified. It’s also a good idea to load up on luscious fruit and veg that will hydrate and nourish your skin.
To love the skin you’re in this Winter, apply these top tips – you will love the results and  won’t believe the difference.
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