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Makeup Masterclass for Business and Social Media 2023


Watch and attend Beauty EVENTS 2023 
Makeup Masterclasses for Business,
Special occasion Glam and Social Media 

Enjoy a LIVE demonstration and Q+ A  with Professional Makeup Artist Cheryl Huggins.

This artistic makeup class will help you learn the tips, and essential beauty secrets to longer lasting makeup and radiant skin. Always wanted to know how to get the best from your products, then this is the class for you. Using specialist techniques learn the best application methods for applying simple, yet glamorous makeup looks. Take your makeup skills, and product knowledge to a new level, ensuring you will feel and look confident for any business event, including social media photos or special celebratory events. 

What does the class cover?

Radiant beauty for every special event, social media, Zoom and those professional headshots, the main focus is to look like you with a bit more glam!

Do I have to remove my makeup or bring any makeup with me? 

If you have a specific makeup product that you wish to know how to use, feel free to book a more personalised one to one session.

Who is the class for? 

From beginners to more proficient makeup lovers who would love more knowledge and artistry tips, all ages, all genders and skin tones are welcome,  

                                               Skincare for Natural radiant beauty 

Primers applying + choosing the perfect base

How to choose the correct flawless foundation

Concealer to brighten the eye area

Brow Grooming 

Makeup Trends 2023 

Create a natural smoky eye for all skin tones 

Hi-lighter, blush and Contour for special occasions

Complete your look with stunning lip colour

The importance of natural lighting

Makeup Shopping

Finishing Touches

Bridal Pics courtesy Christy 
Bridal Makeup Natural Glam 

Just bring a note pad, any makeup or skin care items you may have questions about,
 and most important your beautiful self 

Cheryl xx 


Bosswoman Podcast In Conversation with Wellbeing and Mindset Coach Zeenat Noorani

Zeenat Noorani 

"Find the courage within to deliver your greatest potential"

Zeenat Noorani is a professional and authentic advocate of wellbeing and positive affirmations, with a past career as a professional figure skater and having worked as Primary school teacher, her wealth of knowledge and experience has given her the fortitude and skills to win accolades for her work. 

She has surpassed her original life goals. and has broken numerous traditional barriers to become one of Kent's most powerful radio hosts alongside, her personal coaching business. 
Motivated by your individual successes, her career has a strong sense of purpose, with Zeenat to inspire your life journey, many clients witness improvements, after just a few sessions.
 This remarkable young lady, pays attention to every details, working together you will find the strength, to become the best that you can be, with her wellbeing and personal coaching systems. 

 Her popular radio show 'Mindset Matters' is dedicated to offering support and guidance, encompassing all related topics around mental health, and well-being. Zeenat works tirelessly as a public speaker, philanthropist and radio show host. Her mission, is to bring an awareness through her platform, to change the narrative with a new perspective, whilst hi-lighting the importance of breaking through long-standing negative stigmas.

Talking about mental health can be incredibly daunting, bringing up fears, judgements, assumptions and those hidden insecurities that can come into play. 
Her coaching business Vida de la Mariposa, caters to professional women, men and organisations whose staff may experience stress and anxiety, at the work place, her business also delivers courses for one to one  based sessions, providing each individual a personalised bespoke, based session.

Her talk show, that gives a voice to holistic and wellbeing issues, also covers a vast range of topics. Featuring great conversations with guest experts, professionals and more importantly, in depth topics with brave and inspiring people, who are willing to share their personal journey, with her audience.

You initially trained as a teacher,  and now the Founder of a successful coaching company, 'Vida de la Mariposa' which is growing at an astounding pace. 
 Was it an easy transition for you, from celebrity skater to teaching and coaching to creating and recording your own radio show?

Talking about mental health can be incredibly daunting, bringing up fears, judgements assumptions and insecurities may come into play. My show covers a range of topics by featuring guest experts, professionals, and importantly having brave and inspiring people sharing their personal journey. Self-realization and self-care, deeper levels of understanding of your personal momentum, starts the road to improvement, ownership is needed, with time for full personal investment and accountability starting with a discovery call and bespoke programmes that are tailored to your specific needs.
Zeenat you are a also host for a collaborative local podcast, and Radio shows, Bromley Buzz and Mindset matters. What is the main objective behind the format and ethos of your shows? They are both very powerful and inspiring platforms!

Mindset Matters was founded in 2021, foremost to coach people to become fearless, deliver messages of hope and take guided steps to make positive changes. The show is aimed at people who are struggling, with being their most authentic self, whilst breaking down social stigmas with Mental Health and Wellness. Zeenat believes that by creating more flexible lifestyle choices, working alongside people, she can deliver a range of tools to achieve, a more positive Mindset, with personal resilience. 
We all need some form of help to unravel the anxieties, stress and mental health issues that cloud our minds. It's about people taking charge of their own overall 
well-being, alongside participating in personal coaching.
Talking about mental health can be incredibly daunting, bringing up fears, judgements assumptions and insecurities can come into play. The show covers a range of themes by featuring guest experts professionals and importantly having brave and inspiring people sharing their personal journey, I am so proud of all my clients and their amazing achievements.

Bromley Buzz is presented and delivered with my co-host Darren Weale, but it also began with Sarah Marsh Collings, today we have Tim Dawson of Zoo Designs. 
The show is aimed at the amazing community, who are primarily, the heart of The London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas. We spend a lot of time interviewing small businesses, charity events, including memorable recognitions of outstanding achievements. from local residents. As a team we love to hear discoveries of the history of the local area and aim to bring back the buzz to the area. 
Bromley is a great place to live visit and work, as the Mayor of Bromley
 Councillor Hannah Grey says "proudofbromley"

How do you keep people motivated within their career, balancing work and family life  and on a more personal level, during these unchartered difficult times?

The courses and tools that I use are holistic and self-realisation can only begin to be truly realised, if the client knows their purpose. I always start with their Why? Are they willing to be accountable for their own actions with the support and guidance of their coach?
Within her coaching process she breaks down the barrier of limiting beliefs, delivers an attainable balance, with clarity of goals which serves her clients to deliver their most powerful and amazing self. 
Imposter syndrome is far more common than many of us might believe.  

With the current climate in the press and media, are you seeing a rise in low self-esteem, with clients having difficulty in visualizing successful outcomes, especially when setting Career and Life goals for the future? 

Absolutely! Firstly, try to remember that self-esteem is not fixed. 
It is malleable and measurable, meaning we can test for and improve upon. The key thing is to take small steps each day towards that plan. Talk to people around you, utilise the knowledge of experts to share what is going on, often an outside perspective can be much clearer than the one you see.
  Limit viewing time for press and social media and outside news, know your limits, and seek out a coach, therapist etc… to help guide you. 

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help!

Do you have any tips for people who are in business or starting a business, who are struggling with increasing their visibility when marketing, on public platforms. or even when face to face with networking, what are your trade secrets, when speaking in public? 

There are a few strategies, and techniques I would use to assist my clients to stay motivated 
Visualize your goals. Positive imagery is a powerful way to remain inspired to advance. Be realistic with time constraints and your capabilities, don't overload.
Create a setback plan, learn positive self-talk. Develop a routine, whilst creating a competitive environment, 

Many clients have expressed or experienced a euphoric change in their life, I can say from personal experience, there is an aura and sense of calm, and understanding of yourself, if you are able to embark on a session with her.


"Zeenat provided a safe space for me, I felt that my life was out of Control"


Zeenat is the recipient of the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards in 2021, for her dedication to Mental Health and Coaching services.

When speaking as a host at public events, or online it can be daunting, for most people, are there business guidelines that you can share with our listeners, to help them prepare for speaking in front of an audience. This is a necessity especially with the continual growth, of social media platforms and Live recordings.

Put yourself out there, try to use KISS ( Keep it Simple) when creating systems, or when choosing how to deliver your message, stay away from complexities. Listen to your authentic self, remember what your message is, and deliver it succinctly to the audience or networking group. It is vital to understand the way you work, above all practise, think and act, most importantly trust and believe in yourself. Look out for toast master sessions, seek a coach and be open to receive, honest criticism, from professional sources that will move your confidence forward in a positive manner.

Thank you so much Zeenat Noorani, for sharing your work ethic and business journey, we really appreciate your time today in the studio, and look forward to hearing from you with more exciting news in 2023!

Tune into the Bosswoman Podcast Episode 9 with Zeenat Noorani LIVE on Soundcloud  
Monday 4th December 2022 for the full interview, you will not want to miss this on the link BELOW 

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