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Boss Woman Podcast 'In Conversation' with Liam Carlton Founder of Pit Pro


Liam and Sophie  Pit Pro BBQ

I'm Liam, the Founder of Pit Pro before the Pandemic in 2020, I worked for a large insurance company looking after the co-ordinating delivery of their internal communications within the corporate world.

Inspiration behind the Brand
In 2020 my Father-in-law Terry Bridgland was diagnosed with Terminal cancer, this coincided with us going into lockdown. Because of the strict restrictions that year, the only time we could come together as a family, was around the BBQ fire, cooking and enjoying moments outside. My memories of those afternoons are some of my fondest. 

After having two of the most difficult things happen to your family, in such a short space of time, how did you motivate yourself to start the BBQ company?

Fast forward to March 2020 Terry passed away and at the age of 31, only 12 hours later I was made redundant. Terry had worked his whole life for the same company and was diagnosed a few months before retirement. I could see that I was on the same course as my Father-in-law, so I decided to go into business and work for myself. I didn't want that to happen to me and my family so decided working for myself was best way to move forward with our lives..

I knew I wanted to do something with BBQ's, as a tribute to our family, but didn't have much start up capital, so that ruled out buying £50k's stock as start up costs. I got onto the idea of seasonings, then it was about monetising that idea, so the subscription service was born. 
Liam set up his subscription business named Pit Pro in loving memory of this father-in-law, to bring great affordable food and family times available to everyone.

Pit Pro Information and recipe cards 

Do you need a BBQ set up, with a combination grill or can anyone join your 'BBQ cooking movement' If you are new to BBQ scene what would we need to start cooking your fabulous recipes, can the rubs be used for a conventional oven? 

No fancy BBQ grill is needed at all, your BBQ needs is to have a lid, and you can cook all of our delicious recipes. You can also cook all our recipes indoors, or outdoors during the Winter months!

Studio time for Pit Pro

Your packaging is clean, informative, and yet rustic with a natural edge, how did you source and choose your logo, and sustainable packaging for your brand. Do you have any top tips for budding food or business Start Ups!

The first you should have a general idea of what vibe you want, for your brand to use as its company ethos. 
I picked my company colour palette and font which is the basis for everything I do. I actually started with the logo, I had some contacts from my co- workers during my communication days and one of them created a bunch of logos, which I am always wearing on my uniform and apron.
The packaging was just the next steps with the evolution for the brand. We concentrated on a bunch research on Google, I'm talking days, to find the right suppliers and Ingredients.

My top tips: 
*Pick your colour and font first
*Choose a logo
*Get logo printed shirts, you are your brand so wear it and own it!
*Don't forget to ask suppliers for free testers, get as many testers as you can, make your display     and build your brand.

What have been your experience running the business, how do you plan for the highs and name one of the lows of running a business?

This Spring was a high for me, we had created a fabulous launch, and it was exciting to see loads of customers through the door it was amazing.
However this cost of living crisis is hitting people hard, and my customer numbers have reflected that. Luckily I've built a lot of resilience over the last few years and forward planning is so important.

Liam Carlton winner Start up Bromley
Business pitch 2021
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In March 2021 you were a winner of a prestigious award in your local area, what made you enter this competition? Has it defined your professionalism and drive for your business.

I saw it in an email from Start Up Bromley, and thought would just enter, to be honest I thought it'd be fun. I wasn't expecting to win it, but what an amazing feeling that was when I had to go onto the podium to receive my prize!
I wouldn't say my business is super professional, coming  from the communications world in a FTSE100 company, that was professional. I would say now I have a more laid back approach, which I hope came through in the Bromley Business Pitch Competition.

Start Up Bromley Business Pitch Competition
March 2021

You have created a unique marketing strategy to add to your retail business, and one that's quite unique, how difficult was it to create a subscription package and what was the award that you won for your subscription package? 

Yes it isn't the normal way to retail BBQ rubs, creating it was difficult, you have to understand the cost of everything in the pack, so lots of spreadsheets! creating the user software is easier as there are so many out of the box solutions!
Marketing my brand was the interesting bit, one off purchases are subconsciously thought of as a gimmick or a punt. Subscriptions boxes are seen as more of a commitment, and I can create an ongoing connection with my customers. I was proud to also be chosen as a winner at the Subscription Spot as a new business. 

Do you take part in Farmers markets? Will you be showcasing your Pit Pro BBQ range at any events over the lead up to Christmas?

Oh yes! I will be doing some Christmas markets. How else will you get those special Christmas gifts for the BBQ lover in your life?

If you are new to the BBQ scene what, do I need to start, can the rubs be used for different types of meat or ovens? 
Honestly, join spice club if your new, we send detailed guides to set up your BBQ, for different types of cooking, rubbing and marinating guides and we have created in depth recipe cards. This is designed for people who want to learn and grow with us, and has proven a fantastic way for beginners to love BBQ cooking as much as we do!

How and where can we buy Pit Pro, and is there a discount code available on your site for first time BBQ buyers? and you can use the code 'Bosswoman Podcast' for 50% off your first box and a free thermometer!

What are your plans for expansion or growth, what can we can  expect from Pit Pro team for 2023!

2023 Wow!
Well I'm still working on refining the product so next year I hope you'll see a sleeker more streamlined box offering even better value to customers, and many more recipes!

Liam's Business Tips
If you're starting a small business, you need to be very resilient. the ups and downs are 10 times what you will have experienced before, during an employed career, and it will take time getting used to managing them. 

Start slow, get your branding on point, documentation in place, and plan plan plan. In fact, I'm doing some consulting work, specifically designed for day one businesses. 

If you do need some direction drop me a line,

Pit Pro founder Liam Carlton 
 BossWoman Host Cheryl Huggins 

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