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How to make your Beauty routine more Sustainable in 2022

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During many years of using Cosmetics and Beauty products, I realised the enormous amount of damage that has been caused to the planet, by plastics.

I made a conscious effort to switch my contribution to this waste, by using more sustainable products. On a regular basis, I try to gently encourage my family, friends and clients to live a more minimal and ethically responsible life. I always get asked what is the difference? How can I start to make this journey and support the environment? What's the difference, and how do I choose safe ingredients?

"With so many types of 'clean beauty products' How do you know if you are truly aiding the planet?"

Organic Beauty

An 'organic' beauty product, is one that contains safe ingredients, that have been grown on an organic environment, use exceptional farm methods, production and manufacturing, all use and contain no harmful pesticides or processes, that harm or pollute the air. They do not use or contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to animal or humans, they do not use genetically modified practices. The use of recycled and bio-degradeable packaging, is preferred where possible, it immediately slows down the widespread pollution of the land and seas or by placing huge fines to companies, that allowing their wasteful plastic, to impact on the carbon footprint.

All methods and practices that are used by Organic methods, will do no harm to wildlife, the environment, the land or the people. Whenever you see the COSMOS or Soil Association logos on your products, you can be safe in the knowledge that your product has been checked by independent regulated specialists.

How does this affect your beauty or skincare routine in 2022?

Being passionate about your current beauty routine and taking time to understand, why we need to transition to a more sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle, can be difficult to follow and sometimes unclear. The choices are made even more challenging with 'greenwashing'.  This dirty business practice is adopted by corporate companies whose marketing implies that the products are environmentally friendly. However when looking deeper it is unveiled that they mislead consumers. The guidelines are constantly changing, and more research is being carried out around the Globe. A recent article in Forbes  by James Ellsmoor in 2020, suggested there is a huge rise in people looking for ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

What are the differences between Natural and Organic?

The use of the word 'Natural' in skincare and cosmetics has been open to misuse, and is not always as safe as we are led to believe. Technologies and manufacturing methods used in the Cosmetic or Beauty Industry, has allowed a small amount of the ingredients, to be originally derived from natural resources, plants or minerals, then use the word 'clean beauty' however Ingredients and compounds can be added to these products, that may include man-made or synthetic products or by-products.

 'Organic' however has a much safer level of scrutiny and specific farming methods. The plants, soil and harvesting including distribution, will follow stringent legal system of specific 'guidelines'. You can be sure that your cosmetics were made with no harm to animals, wildlife, and are without toxic chemicals. The guidelines state they will contain fewer harmful pesticides, from richly cultivated organic soil, enabling the production of safe, premium skin and bodycare. 

The earth's oceans cover over 70% of the planet, recorded data shows that billions of units of skincare, toiletry items are filling the seas and evidence has found traces of skincare products, in marine life and coral which is damaging the environment.
I was shocked to read that high levels of toxic substances, are far more prevalent in areas with high usage of SPF products, especially coastal regions, and those near beaches. 

There is still a substantial amount of damage taking place to our planet, we can embrace our roles as individuals, to personally commit to maintaining a safe environment at home and within our local communities.

 How can we help our planet and environment to be a safer? 

Many of us are learning that good skin health is vital, increase  radiance and confidence, in 2022 we are seeing that the focus within the Cosmetic Industry and Social Media is slowly moving away from trending concerns, such as wrinkles, looking really young forever, and fine lines. More attention is growing for articles and products that provide protection from pollution, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, beneficial ingredients and high value skincare.

Start your Journey with one product 

Now is the time to have fun and search for better alternatives, we all love to scroll through socials, looking for that popular celebrity endorsed beauty brand, with lots of publicity and beautiful packaging. 

Gradually upgrade to a more eco-friendly practises. Ask lots questions when shopping online or instore. You should ask does the company brand align with sustainable beauty? Do they have a recycle or have Organic items? With new makeup and skincare launches being created daily, maybe even look for a smaller hand made, local hybrid skincare company.

Skincare brands are now looking at their innovative role, producing organic, natural and cleaner beauty, rituals for all ages. Several brands are actively working with customers to discover new ways to safely create new and exciting sustainable products..

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It has been recorded that billions of units of skincare, toiletry, hair-care items are not recyclable or bio-degradeable. Traces of products, have been found in marine life and centuries old coral, which is depleting the environment. Unfortunately, high levels of toxic substances are more prevalent in areas with high usage of SPF products on the beaches. Significant changes have been made to minimise this risk, however there is still a substantial amount of damage taking place to our planet, on land, air and sea and we can all play our part to fight and maintain the health of our environment for us and our families.

One of the most important roles our health and skin health has to deliver, is the support for our systems and functions, during times of stress, illness protection from calming sensitivity, pollution, micro-biome skincare, and not forgetting damage caused from consistently wearing masks. Brands are working diligently to discover new ways to amplify results. Recommendations in many stores openly reward  reusing ocean plastic, sustainable glass there are so many ways for you to commence your crash course, together  we can be more responsible, with small steps for an easy transition. 

FaceClays Glow Oil launching soon!

TOP TIPS to embrace Green Beauty and update your Skincare 

  • Refill Refill
  • Use every last ounce of your product, scoop any remaining product with spatulas, turn empty bottles upside down, this helps to get out every last drop of that cream!
  • Do not purchase anymore cosmetic, or toiletry items, until you have finished using the products you have in your closet.
  • Purchasing double use products, is a great way to minimise your beauty products, cuts down on clutter and time.
  • Opt for Eco-friendly brands, that use environmental practices, many have great deodorants, toothpaste, hair products and even 'green' shower gels all are a fabulous start. 
  • Recycle or offer to a friend who loves to try receive your unused products, especially if a product is not your colour, or even unopened. During Covid19 sanitary guidelines, always check dates, and hygiene safety with all items.

  • Try to switch and shop products where packaging is recyclable, bio-degradeable, and ethically made, or glass or even without packaging is the best. Become familiar with ingredients, check where items are sourced, look out for symbols that give validation to many ethical resources.
  • Lip tints, blush stain pigments are great.. bio-degradeable glitter, check expiration dates of all your cosmetic products.
  • Stop using makeup wipes and maybe try a hot cloth steam and cleanse, use reusable makeup cloths and bamboo makeup pads. 
  • Reuse and refill pouches, new skincare brands @faceclays beauty mask comes in a refillable pouch that you use once a week for gentle exfoliation. 
  • Use waterless beauty, dry shampoos, shampoo bars and innovative razors that do not require water.
  • Smarter beauty hacks that take a matter of minutes to use with better results less effort and less money, fewer products.

This move to implement more research and education has been well received, and rather than constantly launching lots of items throughout the year, many companies have scaled back production.

The most important role our health and skin health has to deliver, is to provide support during times of stress, illness, sensitivity, pollution, and protecting the micro-biome. 'Maskne' is the new kid on the block, causing skin blemishes, dryness and breakouts, this has caused many dermatologists to speak out. 

Let us know how has your skin suffered, from consistently wearing face coverings masks for long periods of time? Have you started your Sustainability journey? 

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