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Cheryl Huggins 'Start up Bromley' Award winning Finalist

Cheryl Huggins Founder Faceclays 'business pitch' 
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I experienced one of the most difficult times in my life, during this time I was thrown a difficult curveball. Whilst recovering from serious health issues and still suffering aftermath of the Pandemic, my friends and family convinced me to enter into
 'The Start-up Bromley Business Pitch Competition' 
Setting up a small business comes with lots of personal challenges, my small company had to submit a business plan. This was shared with a presentation to business judges online, who listened to my business plan, that I had to create for my skincare brand FaceClays and Makeup Masterclasses.

The final part of the event, we had to pitch our business to a panel and public audience on a live stage. I was so proud to take part in this 'Competition', which was hosted by Sasha Qadri presenter from Bloomberg Live.

FaceClays Beauty Mask 

Six start up Start Up Bromley Business owners pitched to three 'dragons'  to win £2000, £1000 and £500 investments for their business.  
Congratulations to winner and founder Liam Carlton who won £2000 for PitPro BBQ cooking, second place of £1000 Lauretta Wright the Founder of the Publishing lifeinmagazines and third place went to Buki Lami who creates Africian jewellry and toiletry bags won £500.

I am so proud to have taken part in this competition and have really enjoyed the tough competition, and met some amazing people. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me with special thanks to Loretta-Awuah and the team at Start up Bromley giving me my award in the photo below. 

Go for your dreams and believe in yourself, sometimes the most difficult and when things get hard go that extra mile, I feel on top of the world, I stepped out of my comfort zone, by working hard to deliver a fabulous outcome for my brand!

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Cheryl Huggins Joins 'Mindset Matters' host Zeenat Noorani


I am so proud to be a guest this week on Mindset Matters Live to hear guest cheryl huggins Professional Makeup Artist with show host, Zeenat Noorani on Friday 8th April.

"Cheryl Huggins will be sharing her beauty journey with the high's and lows from #Fashion to Beauty and her personal challenges. 

We will also be talking about the impact #image and #beauty can have on people's mental wellbeing.

With over 30 years of experience in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry, Cheryl sure does have a lot to share... she simply loves making everyone who arrives for a makeover, or holistic treatment look and feel beautiful, relaxed, and energised." 

Zeenat Noorani 

I would love you to Tweet your questions, thoughts and comments during the show. You can also email the shows host Zeenat Noorani prior to the show with all your beauty and skincare questions


About Mindset Matters Host Zeenat Noorani 

Zeenat Noorani is a Workplace wellbeing coach for Corporates, Directors, CEO's & Employees who are looking to alleviate their stress & anxiety, whilst creating a positive Mindset to enable increased productivity for your life journey and your career.

 A certified Mental Health First Aider| Life Coach| NLP | EFT | Mindfulness | Kinetic Shift | Rapid Hypnotist, giving clients a range of tools and strategies to help support them with stress, anxiety, fears, clarity & mindset thus enabling them to feel more confident and focused.

Imagine if you had the right tools and strategies to help you make positive transformational results? What amazing things would you achieve if you achieved what you dream of, full of positivity & energy? I know from my own experiences & those of my clients, the relief of being free from self-limiting beliefs and the right mindset is immeasurable.

My mission is “Helping you achieve the life you desire - helping you find and forge your path.”

Special Thank you to show sponsor Darren-Weale 


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Cheryl Huggins Founder and Creator Makeup Masterclass + FaceClays skincare 

Faceclays Skincare 

Join us on Friday 8th at 10.30am - 12 noon on the link below:

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