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How to look professional for your Business Headshots + Zoom

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Makeup Tips for Business and Zoom in 2021

1.  Great skin is the foundation to any  look.
Ensure your skin is shown in the best, light and condition it can possibly be with lots of rest, by staying hydrated. You will find that if you use natural hydrating spritzers, and radiance boosting moisturizers prior to your photo shoot the results are fantastic on camera.

Now is the time to keep your skin routine in check. Keep it simple and avoid changing your skin care products, or using a multitude of different brands within your usual beauty routine. Maintenance and consistency is the best remedy if you are prone to breakouts, especially in the days leading up to your photo-session.

There are many quick fix spot remedies on the market to immediately to combat dry patches or reduce breakouts caused by excess surface oil. Look out for natural brands to safely repair those unsightly blemishes that always appear, and under no circumstance pick or break the skin surface, as it may lead unfortunately to surface damage and even scarring.

2. Begin with a primer to create a smooth base.
Plan to prep and prime any unwanted skin textures, by smoothing surfaces, healing marks and blemishes, to refine your complexion. Groom and pluck any stray brow hairs naturally, brush hairs upwards and neaten your browline to show the natural shape. A 'tidy up' will lift the eye area. If you wish to darken the brows or hide any grey including disguising sparse areas, use a brow product, or have them professionally tinted.
Now is not the time to have that fabulous micro-blading session, save that for after your planned photo shoot. This will ensure that you have no unavoidable puffiness or redness in the area, the brows are the frame for your face, try to keep it natural. A 'sheer or glowy' natural complexion will keep your brand image as professional,  one that reflects your Industry.

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Colour Match 
Does your skin become red and easily flushed? Are you prone to uneven texture or high colour, there are some fixes and products available to calm the skin, camouflage and conceal high colour. Do you have acne scars or any distinguishing marks, that you would like less visible, speak with the Photographer or Makeup Artiste and let them know your skincare and image concerns.

3. Camera
To avoid having a tired look on camera, create shade and definition by lightly dusting your best features with a light, warm toned highlighter, this will allow your natural radiance  to shine.  When using illuminating sticks, powders and blushers, always remember, don't overdo it! A little, perfectly placed product is more flattering, remember to hi-light the features you like.

Pay attention to colour washes and flashback which can occur from using products that reflect colour pay off, if possible seek advice from a professional makeup artist prior to your shoot or on the day. and always check your skin and neck shade, several times in the mirror and through the camera lens. This technique will ensure the  application and positioning of your skin base colour, is not too heavy for the digital video or photo image. Your confidence will be evident on film when you view your image through the eyes of the photographer. 

By using flattering colours, simple images you can let your confidence and your business branding take the lead, without the need for heavy makeup.

4. Practise makes great branding
 Perfect that smile, and check your poses with the camera crew, ask where your eyeline focus should be.  This will give you the best shots especially if you have created 3or 4 poses to look your very best. Use your phone to practise your best looks, and facial expression. If your daily makeup routine includes heavy eyeliner, lots of bronzer, lashes and blush, we would recommend that you check how it looks on camera, does it flatter, try and take a selfie to view and check that all looks great. Trying different angles and positions always helps!

Does your desired makeup look depict your business, or your brand. If you don't wear or like lipstick you can try a nude lip liner, or  natural balm, one that is similar to the colour of your lips, gently outline top and bottom lip, and blend into the lip using a great nourishing gloss. This avoids any dryness becoming evident and gives a natural look to the final photos.

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5. Dress to impress
Choose an outfit that makes you feel and look confident, everything is important, as you are about to project an image that will be used for all social media and business platforms. Take into consideration colour, season and weather, look at other headshots or video images for the platforms you intend to use your image on. 

If you are speaking on Camera, practise and practise again, take a look at some of the worlds leading Entrepreneurs, and learn, delivery, clear speech, remember to breathe and speak slowly.
If a pose or position feels uncomfortable for you, it probably will look uncomfortable on camera. Use props that signify your brand image.
Try having the photographer shoot from the chest angle, this way it elongates the body, makes you look taller, confident and more powerful.

Above all Relax, and enjoy! you got this...

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