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FaceClays Summer Sale

 Are you ready for brighter glowing skin?

Diary DATE  20th July FACECLAYS Skincare 


London Makeup Artiste and Beauty finalist, Cheryl Huggins will be collaborating with some of the best Entrepreneurs in the UK 

WHERE: at the I Do HandMadePop Up Shop at the Iconic London Victoria Train Station SW1 where they will be selling their brands products, on the station concourse in this iconic location from 8th - 21st July. 

I am really looking forward to sharing my beauty and makeup tips, with you, as well as demonstrating the popular items from my 'natural holistic beauty', as well as The Home SPA Facial kits.

Why did I create the FaceClays skincare brand?

Having sensitive skin, hayfever allergies always left me itching with irritated skin, especially in the Summer months. My skincare routine had to be easy, soothing and contain no perfume or toxic additives, my mother and I blended a few creams and potions that contains few ingredients and uses simple formulas that are as pure and without lots of hidden ingredients and additives. The routine I have been using was of a holistic nature and adapted plant based history, and included the use of basic oils and mixtures of creams. A Caribbean mantra handed down from my mother and many grandmothers. 

The main thing I learnt was to keep the routine SIMPLE, and don't pick at your blemishes, my mum is now 90 years old with the most amazing skin, she still has her weekly manicure, with a Rosemist spritz to complete the ritual.

With a sensitive skin type, I am prone to allergies, dryness and irritation, this includes all of my family, especially my son.  I have always loved the feel on my skin of non-toxic textures, non- perfumed products, that are cruelty free. I grew up mixing and blending oils, using the best flower based ingredients, watched my Mum using including Botanicals and plant goodness, just like the ancient queens, Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

All the products in the capsule range are hand-crafted, organically derived, cruelty free, and housed in sustainable and recyclable packaging. I created my essential spa kit to give yourself time to enjoy those special moments of relaxation. We must take time to indulge in a weekly clay mask, a rejuvenating  foot or bath - soak, or a moment of spa bliss to uplift and inspire your holistic journey.Once you have experienced a deep treatment cleanse with clay masks, refreshed and rehydrated the skin with a pure Rose mist to calm soothe your complexion  you will understand the power of botanicals. Listen to your skin, start with the basics and use your rituals to balance and define your skin health. 


It is a combination of using natural earth clays that have kept their healing ions, harvested from the purest mountain quarries in a eco-friendly system to cleanse, detox and heal the body. I created them to use with the gentlest organic oils that are sourced for their concentrations of vitamins and minerals. 

The pureness, of natural elements, smooth, balance and improve skin texture, it is perfect for those who wish to begin a cruelty free, vegan friendly, skin health journey. Using essences, natural vitamins, anti-oxidants, and nourishing ingredients you can begin to repair the skin's microbiome, skin barrier with minimal additional chemicals or toxic additives. 

I am so proud to use products and ingredients that are aligned with the ecocert, leaping bunny and vegan friendly suppliers, this makes the product suitable for most skin types, all ages, men, even those with beards and teenagers.


If you are prone to breakouts and blemishes we GOT you...dryness, flaky or sensitive skin types, menopause, mix the green detox clay or the white radiant clay, apply and leave for 10 will control the oil content, take down the irritation and soothe the skin gently, no dry skin with these 100% natural clays.

Are you a lover of facial massage, our clients love to relax with the intention of wellness, and indulgent beautiful treatment oil, coupled with a clarifying foot soak and self massage, using the healing Bath Salts the perfect end your day! 

I cannot wait to SHARE my Beauty Secrets and the purest of botanical ingredients with you  ALL, visit the stand to sample the holistic delights of natural skincare.

If you cannot make it on that day, I would love you to go online to find out more about the clean formulations that I enjoyed creating.

Visit me @cherylhugginsmua on instagram or visit my Website

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Kisses and Hugs 

Cheryl x

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