M.A.C cosmetics and Taraji P. Henson Makeup collaboration Launch

The M.A.C cosmetics collaboration just continues to grow with its latest signing, the beautiful academy award nominated actress Taraji P. Henderson. The makeup collection will launch online on 6th September, and be available in select M.A.C stores on September 8th. The range is a 7 piece powerhouse of extensive vibrant and glamourous colors and includes mascara, liners and importantly the 'bosslady' lipsticks. To get your Taraji glam, try the shimmers in the Mineralize skinfinish range, or get your 'TarajiGlow' on with the flawless powders which I am sure will sell-out at the selected M.A.C cosmetics stores.

As the tough and fearless outstanding Cookie Lyon on Fox's hit music drama 'Empire' bright red lipsticks are the order of the day creating a powerful no-nonsense image. Taraji gives us the confidence to stand tall, to embrace new makeup trends by wearing the similar flame red lip colour off screen. Cookie's dedicated You Tube fan's also tuned in to watch the show, to check out her style and re-create the diva's signature makeup trends online. Ashunta Sheriff, created both of the looks for Taraji and also Cookie delivering a fearless 'best beauty' attitude. The M.A.C makeup collaboration has captured the real Taraji P. Henson in this diverse range for all women, all skintones, all races!

With 'Empire' and 'Cookie Lyons' returning to our screens on September 21st, we look forward to Taraji P. Henson dynamic character and visually stunning persona.

The cosmetics industry, has in previous years overlooked women of colour, its empowering to see continuous diversity across the brand, offering transferable solutions within their cosmetic line. Recent collaborations from M.A.C cosmetics, have included Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige and RuPaul. 

I look forward to the collection, and await the queues at the M.A.C counter in London. 
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Image courtesy M.A.C Cosmetics

Images courtesy M.A.C Cosmetics


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the news! I love all the cosmetics specially eye-liner


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