How to Create a Natural Makeup look

A natural makeup look is flattering, it can be used to hi-light your perfections, and enhance your natural beauty for work, special celebrations or Wedding day Beauty.To create the best base for natural makeup, start with a moisturized and protected skin using a sun protection (SPF) that is balanced for your skin type, age and skin condition.
Apply a light texture concealer that is almost the same color or lighter that your natural skin tone, apply a light coverage. this will aid in disguising any unwanted blemishes, and pigmentation. Using a small firm brush, or clean fingers, pat a small amount of product onto your face, paying particular attention to dark circles, and uneven skin tone. Take time to create a flawless skin base without masking the face or giving heavy coverage. To set your look, dust a small amount of a mineral based powder, lightly all over the face, especially forehead, nose and cheeks, this will create a natural base finish, that will radiate a smooth glow!

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Gently brush brows with a brow wax powder product, fill in any gaps lightly, I love using Benefits Browzings duo color palette, for my clients and for my personal use. This kit is ideal to shape and arch brows, adding definition to the eyes and to frame the whole face. Add a warm glow to the apple of the cheeks by smoothing a pop of color, Daniel Sandler liquid Water Color blush gives a great look to all ages and skin tones.
Finally, ensure that you blend, and blend again leaving no harsh edges to your application.To complete the look, curl your lashes with a super lash curler for a minimum of 20 seconds, the uniquely designed Shu Uemera lash curler provides a great angled easy to use curler. Coat the lashes with a jet black or dark brown lengthening and thickening mascara, this will depend on your eye color and skin complexion. Natural lashes will give the illusion of big wide eyes and lush lashes without the full makeup look of individual or strip lashes. Lancome Cosmetics have created a wonderful range of nourishing and conditioning mascaras, that are long-lasting.
There are wide variety of fabulous neutral colors for the lips that are available to complete the natural look, take a look at the fantastic choices at Charlotte Tilbury, M.A.C. Bobbi Brown, Stila, and the popular Huda Beauty. Ditch the defining lip pencil and use a perfect nude gloss to create shine, or add a conditioning balm, in a nude and matte texture lipstick to warm and complete your natural makeup look.
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