The Best Lash Extensions in 30 minutes

Glamorous Lash Extensions in 30 minutes

Lash Perfect Express Lashes transform your lashes into fuller and longer lashes, and are available in a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses. this choice this allows your technician to create a subtle, natural or glamorous finish.

Lash Perfect Express Lashes are individual lashes that your lash technician will apply in Express time of 30 minutes, this treatment if popular with Celebrities, and clients, these lashes must be removed professionally. The Lash Perfect Express Lashes can last up to two weeks, great for special occasions, weddings, festivals, events and the holiday season. 
After this time the lashes will need to be removed professionally and a new set applied.

Normal skin care routine can be followed, just avoid applying oil based products directly onto the eye lash extensions, all eye creams must be used with extreme caution. Lash Perfect extensions do not damage the natural lash, with the correct aftercare the natural lash should remain unaffected.

AFTERCARE for your Lash Extensions 
It is normal to experience the loss of a few lashes during the first 24 hours whilst the adhesive is setting, great care must be taken during this time, the life of your lashes will depend on your care during this period.

Do Not pick, rub or pull your lashes, it is not necessary to wear mascara however, if you choose to do so please use Lash Perfect Black Mascara, which has been specially formulated for use with the Lash Perfect Eyelash Extension and make your lashes look more FAB!

Eyelash curlers should not be used.
Eyelash extensions cannot be permed or tinted.
Avoid using any oil based products.
If you experience any irritation contact your lash technician immediately.

Aftercare products are available for you to purchase and can be an important addition to your makeup routine following with your choice of natural or glamorous look.
All products can be ordered by your lash technician for your specific requirements.

Cheryl Huggins your Lash Perfect Express Lash Technician.

I look forward to bringing you your desired Lash style...

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Beautiful Eyelash Model Lorraine Gill who had glamour lash extensions 

Eyelash Model Georgia May 

                                Eyelash Model Georgia May after having her stunning Lash Perfect Express lashes!

Glamorous Georgia May with Lash Perfect Express Lash

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