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Why not indulge in a luxurious foot treatment, created by the 'Foot Fetiche' International Guru ..Bastien Gonzalez. Known for his passionate levels of foot perfection, this podiatry specialist, offers a bespoke innovative therapy to transform your feet remarkable perfection.

I delivered a relaxing and soothing pedicure, to one of my recent clients, this consisted of 4 cosmetic 'Foot Fetishe' products that are enriched in active ingredients. The 'Scrub Sensation' exfoliator contains minerals of volcanic black sand, and combined with the healing properties of thyme and sage essential oils, left her feet feeling silky smooth, removing hard dead skin cells and callouses. 
A Ritual of the senses followed with the moisturizing 'Baume Bliss' massage, and I lavishly applied a generous layer of product to her aching feet and lower leg muscles.  I further combined the muscular stimulation of the feet and heels by applying a gentle yet firm vibration massage, with the 'Vibro Toes'. 

My client LOVED THIS! I placed the massager between her toes, and the arches of her feet, allowing her to enjoy an excellent conclusion to a revitalizing luxury pedicure.

The Bastien Gonzalez offers the Ultimate in Foot care that aids and improves circulation, elegantly energizing and visibly transforming your feet whilst offering the best in Pedicure Pleasure. BLISS for those who love High Heels... 
 'Foot Fetiche' The treatment from the Star of French Podiatry 'Bastien Gonzalez'

                 "Foot Virtuoso" by VOGUE U.S  and "Mr Happy Feet" by Harper's Bazaar.

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