How To look after your Makeup Brushes


The cleansing and storing of your makeup tools is vital to ensure that you are promoting clean skin and safe application of makeup pigments, with precision. Makeup Brushes are able to absorb skin debris, powders, cream and gel based products.  If you give your makeup brushes a deep clean and regular care they will last a long time and prevent you from spending more money to replace them.

As a professional makeup artist, I would suggest buying a professional alcohol anti-bacterial based brush cleanser to get rid of daily bacteria, and residue that will clog the hairs and in time ruin your beautiful makeup tools! If you are a beauty or makeup student or considering embarking on a career in the cosmetics Industry, clean tools and professionally kept equipment will bring a confidence to the the client and keep you prepared for that important booking!

How do I Cleanse My Brushes

When working on photo-sessions, makeover or bridal makeup work, I always like to cleanse my brushes, after each client. Using a gentle shampoo, place the bristles only in the water, if this is maintained after every client application it ensures that you are not cross contaminating or spreading germs to clients. 
When you are cleaning your personal brushes I would recommend a weekly deep clean and daily spritz using the professional brush cleanser for best results. Wash your brushes using gentle manipulation of the hair with your warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly in cool water. Ensure you have removed all the excess water from the bristles by squeezing them over the sink or bowl. 
Place the clean brushes on a dry towel or flat surface and leave them to air dry overnight night. Let them dry naturally, with out any heat, near the ferrule (metal covering over the brush hairs)  this barrel is protecting the hairs. By using hair dryers or hot radiators you will be encouraging softening of the glue that holds the natural brush hairs in place. 


Always try and place your brushes similar to the images below. 
Always store your clean brushes with the brush hair facing towards the ceiling, this prevents any damage to their shape.
Use a professional alcohol based product to clean on a regular basis.
Look after your brushes, they are your tools to successful makeup application with every brush stroke.
There are lots of really great brush shampoos and cleansers on the market.
Brushes will need a few hours to dry after using any professional products on them.


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