The Benefits of Ritual Massage

The Benefit of Massage therapy at home

Moroccan Relaxation Therapy Massage

Many people enjoy the benefits of massage because it produces feelings of comfort and deep relaxation of the muscles. Many studies have proven the benefits of massage include the reductions of stress, muscle pain and tension. 

My most popular form of therapy is the deep tissue massage, blended with shiatsu (finger pressure) massage this allows the therapist to apply rhythmic pressure on specific tight areas especially the neck, head, back and shoulder area. This type of treatment will use much firmer strokes, to target the underlying connective tissue. the traditional Swedish massage can be a much lighter, more soothing treatment with calming stoking movements, delivering more relaxation benefits for the client. Hot Stone massage can be quite beneficial for aching joints, as the stones transfer heat deep into the body.
Using organic and aromatherapy oils fused with ancient therapeutic massage techniques, is one of the best ways to ease the stress and tension of a busy day! 

Ensure that your therapist is fully qualified and carries out a detailed consultation prior to your appointment. This procedure is carried out to ensure, no medical conditions, or allergies contraindicate or prevent treatment. An omission of this stage can put you and your therapist at risk.
Relax and enjoy this comfortable bodywork treatment that promotes the use of carrier oils to lubricate the skin, creating a feeling of well-being and positivity. 

I personally enjoy treating my clients to a combination of Eve Taylor treatment oils with Mandarin, Orange, Thyme, Lavender. This blend of oils collectively aid clients with insomnia, muscle tension, headaches. I always add to the treatment the nourishing blends of the rich Moroccan Shea butter from the luxury Spa brand La Sultane Du Saba to ease any muscle stiffness and aching within the legs, softening the skin and relaxing tired feet.

Ensure a CALM BODY and CALM MIND with Advanced Beauty Services from a professional therapist.


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