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Working around the clock, does not always allow for the best dietary choices, and can lead to a multitude of health issues.

I am learning to indulge in a modified balance of fruit, vegetables, and proteins in my diet and cutting down on the dreaded carbs.. which I adore! I find it difficult to cut out the Junk Food especially when working late.

I recently purchased weighing scales, something which I have said I would never do! I hope to achieve and maintain a natural and effective food menu, whilst I am out and about with Brides and Makeup clients and My Makeup masterclass lessons. I know that portion size is my issue, and look forward to my healthier lifestyle by eating nutritious snacks and on the go.

My food intake this week has been varied as I have juggled, with appointments, intense heat in the car, and arriving immaculate for my clients. Freelance makeup artistes, beauty therapists, hairdressers need to make the best choices to keep us alert, creative and energized to deliver the best services for our makeup clients.

Always choosing an organic option is really the best decision for me, and I am making a consious effort to include lots of fresh fruit, a box of healthy snacks and re-organise my meals by pre-cooking them in the morning for later in the evening. 

I have taken the first step, and look forward to my healthy and new improved lifestyle with some good home cooking ..and dropping a dress size in the process!

Thank you all for your continued support!

 Cheryl x


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