Tips to Create Glamorous BROW!

BROW Solutions in Kent

Brows have truly played their role in defining one’s personality and beauty regime, groomed and coiffured to perfection the Makeup Masters are sending a "bigger is better" bold statement to the cosmetic world.
Gone are the over-sized bold and stenciled brows that needed a science degree to master the art of achievement. No more over-painted exaggerated and bold, Nefertiti  ‘Queen of the Nile’ brows, this stylish over drawn trend is gracefully leaving the catwalks and high streets, leaving us glistening with under brow hi-lighter.

Previously on the Catwalks of London, New York, Milan and Paris, we saw a progression to a dark yet, skinny brow shape, straighter, and leaner, decorated with ornate jewelry, bright colour's including diamante cut rhinestones.
The new brash and bold BROW statement, delivers a youthful signature beauty 'must have', the 'BROW GURU's have unveiled the fuller natural arched brow. Most high street chemists and department stores sell, step by step brow palettes containing, water resistant powders, brushes and styling waxes to keep your perfectly manicured brow in it's youthful looking place.

Pencil's, gels can define and lift your arch and ensure your brows standout. Look for a more modest, sensual and softer shape befitting an 80's ‘supermodel’. Taper the brow shape at the ends, creating a natural high arch, delivering a lift to the face, giving a youthful appearance. If your brows are thin and sparse, there are fantastic brow extensions readily available for application, with proficient and qualified therapists ready to indulge your desired shape, colour and fullness.


Why not take a visit and have your brows magically transformed at the Benefit Counters latest gizmo's, Brow Mapping, and popular 3 step products, their staff are ready to tackle the most unruly, sparse, mis-shapen and unkempt brows, they are transforming and providing brow solutions for all.... one Eyebrow at a time!

With their Goof Proof brow pencils, Ka-Brow creme gel colour and the infamous Brow-zings shaping kit, you can tweeze, sculpt, tint and go creating the most perfect arch in a short space of time. If you are truly proud of your Brows, you can even upload a perfect brow selfie to show all the Benefit beauties your fantastic Benefit Brow solutions at #WowBrows.

The natural brow look has arrived and with the fantastic array of products, leave no stray hair standing, ensuring that you are in step with the current signature BROW beauty trend.



 BROWZINGS at Benefit in Kent


If you have tried any of the Benefit Instant BROW solutions, please let us know...Drop me a line we would love to hear about your experience in store or at home.

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